Author Topic: Anti-Antimagic: How to Cast in an Area Where Magic Won't Normally Function!  (Read 5582 times)

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Anti-Antimagic: How to Cast in an Area Where Magic Won't Normally Function!

Discussion Thread
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Intro: Casting in a No-Magic Zone
A Dead Magic Zone is meant to stop magic.  As a caster, I want to ignore the "Dead" part of that phrase and be able to at least escape the place where   I can't use magic normally.  If escaping the Dead Magic Zone were easy, I'd do that instead.  That isn't the problem.

Let's assume I'm already stuck in an antimagic field, a Dead Magic Zone, or some place   where magic normally doesn't function.  I want to be able to cast my spiffy spells.  Here's how!

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Invoke Magic (Sor/Wiz9, Lords of Madness 212)
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Iron Heart Surge (Iron Heart3, Tome of  Battle 68)
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Shadow Jaunt (Shadow Hand2, Tome of  Battle 79)
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Intro: Deterring a No-Magic Zone
Sometimes, you can prepare, and set up a defense so the No-Magic Zone doesn't affect you.  If this preparation fails, you're stuck relying on tactics in the  first section.

In this section, I assume you start in an area where magic functions normally, but eventually move into a No Magic Zone.

Indigo Veil - Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil6 (Complete Arcane 46)
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Tinfoil Hat / Cone Head - Shrink Item on a Durable Hat
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