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Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« on: Yesterday at 05:49:15 PM »
Some goddamn fool is looking at porn on the work phones again.
Please tell me you did not discover this when his pants were down...

Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« on: August 11, 2018, 10:39:38 AM »
I'm a computer guy and can remotely diagnose things with the magic of the internet if need be.

What can I do for you in exchange for such a huge favor?

Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« on: August 10, 2018, 07:15:28 PM »
Do those games crash at random to desktop, is it a bluescreen, or what?

I've been having a similar problem, always games, pretty much every time they're Steam-installed. I've had no issues with (most) pirated games, anything on, or Japanese RPG Maker style games...

Super Robot Wars d20 / Re: Great General Discussion and Suggestions II-Z
« on: August 04, 2018, 12:35:47 AM »
So what you're ultimately saying is that it pays more to be a guy who outruns range of any weapon than it pays to be able to withstand that guy's attack, gotcha.  :P

I'm saying that both are viable builds in normal D&D.   :P

In normal D&D, inordinate amounts of HP is SO not a viable strategy, man... Even Diehard+Persisted Revivify beats it.  :P

Super Robot Wars d20 / Re: Great General Discussion and Suggestions II-Z
« on: August 03, 2018, 01:36:48 PM »
So what you're ultimately saying is that it pays more to be a guy who outruns range of any weapon than it pays to be able to withstand that guy's attack, gotcha.  :P

Super Robot Wars d20 / Re: Great General Discussion and Suggestions II-Z
« on: August 02, 2018, 11:32:12 PM »
Don't they make up for it by having a lot more hardpoints and Arsenal space?

My point is kind of, building things specifically to be beefy still doesn't seem to overcome how many different ways there are to mince that beef into tiny pieces.

Off Topic Fun / Re: Awesome stuff you have to share, V4
« on: July 25, 2018, 04:59:03 PM »

Is is jsut a section of my book that i'd like some feedback on please
Minor typo here:
They had divorced when I was little and form what my mom had told me it was for the better.

Double quotes here:
““Mmm, this is good,” she said, taking a bite of the salmon.

Minor typo here:
“I always have a plan, you should get use to it.”

And here:
It looked like we [were?] going to what everyone called “make out point.” It was a good size hill that

And here:
It looked like there [were?] already a number of cars parked there.

Also here:
She answered looking into my face searching for a sign that that I might be angry climbing off the hood to stand in front of me.

Aside from these, I find your style of writing interesting, if a bit crisp. It's probably just me, but I felt like your text could use more commas. It's a light read, easy on the eyes and it was actually kind of cute in what it described, left more room for us to imagine what the characters were feeling. First person narratives are nice in that they don't give you details that the character him/herself may have missed, and in that your writing fits like a glove to me.

I hope this feedback is useful to you.

In the other hand I point you to wizards with their puny 1d4 HD (only 1/3 of a barbarian's 1d12 HD) yet being considered one of the top classes on the game. There are ways to work around low HP.

The way wizards work around low hp is because of practically being the next best thing to outright God if not better.

That is a bad comparison to make considering the hoops mechas have gotta jump thru to get spells. Mechas have so far shown themselves to not synergize well with spellcasting, regardless of being able to acquire it at no where near the viability of a wizard.

And that's fine, mechs don't need spellcasting, much less having it on par with wizards; but that does mean that any mech taking that 1/2 hp loss seriously needs to actually be given something worth having no hp just like wizards.

Right now I have basically quantum level 1-5th spells and I'm still squishy as a bug, too, so that should be telling of why HP is supposed to be important again...

I get that half is easier to calculate Osle, but as proportions go, it is exceedingly harsh on some stats and not so much on others (again, Great Plating comes to mind).

Being able to go nova on your opponents is a lot more useful if you can ensure that A) you go first and B) they die either during said nova or shortly after. If either condition is broken, then the drawbacks become untenable - you can't go nova if you're dead, and you can't finish them off if you're spent. Given that there is pretty much no way to manipulate initiative within this homebrew system (that I can see anyway), then as a build choice, it becomes a lot less valid.

I imagine that the reduction applies on top of your "current" totals, rather than atop the totals at the time you pick the option (which would make said options a lot more attractive at lower levels), but it might be a good idea to add a note for the sake of clarification. Cthulhu knows us min-maxers hunt for technicalities like they're the last dodo bird.  :P

My suggestion for Tek Reactor, if you MUST apply a reduction to Spirits (I personally dislike the idea of permanent changes to stuff you can only gain through levels... but I get where the design comes from) is to apply a 20% or 1/5 reduction instead. It's severe enough to matter without completely inutilizing higher-level spirits usage (it only delays them). Similarly for Tek Soul, apply a 20% reduction to max HP. Which again, is pretty nasty, but a lot more survivable than 50%.

But Hyperdimensional Storage already forbids Nanomachines and Mysterious Reactor. As it is, you can take Tek Storage AND Hyperdimensional if you want to cram more weapons into your tiny robot (which brings this to mind)...

Now, HS can be taken multiple times, but Tek Storage only once. If you lift the restriction for Tek Storage alone, you provide an alternative for smaller Supers to have a little more arsenal space while also having more staying power. At the same time, if they want MORE DAKKA they'll have to sacrifice staying power for it, which would balance it out. Hyperdimensional Storage still wins out in the cost-benefit department though.

For the sake of expediency, assume I broke like four disks to buff and reposition myself. I'll pick the exact spells later.

As an aside, why is it not any more difficult to disarm a weapon physically built into a mecha than it is to regular disarm a weapon that is merely held in hand? I mean, imo, if disarming a built-in weapon is possible, its kind of akin to trying to disarm a weapon from a locked gauntlet or something, no?

A not-in-built weapon isn't "merely held in hand", it's tightly clamped by metal manipulators that were designed specifically for that purpose. If you can pull a weapon from that, pulling a weapon physically built into a mecha isn't really harder.

In mecha battles "disarming" should be taken to the literal sense that a limb's been chopped off. As talked previously it's a staple of mecha shows, giant robots get bits chopped off left, right and center. Luckily mechas don't bleed off and even a chopped limb can be quickly fixed in a base or even jury-rig something on the scene (move action to "pick up" disarmed weapon).

Also again rule of cool, mechas holding weapons in hand should be as viable as leg missiles and shoulder cannons and whatnot.

Well, to a degree it makes sense because mecha have a tendency to lose arms and everything else.

But then it goes back to 3.X being all about size for combat manoeuvres and the best way to deal with them is to be big. And if you throw enough attempts in, eventually there's a fail... which is a pretty big deal when it comes to how limited weapon replacement is.

Cough Tek Knight cough. Also Gun Maniac and Martial Machine have some maneuvers to help make up for size differences plus some T.O.U.H.O.U. stuff.

And that is, in point of fact, the only REALLY good option for Tek Knight...

No, seriously, it has the least hideous drawbacks. If you're looking to maximize combat maneuvers as a tiny mecha you're probably getting up close and personal anyways, so arsenal halving is just *shrug*. Point for point some of that stuff is just not worth it. Great Plating and whatnot is a really nice option, why? Because when your Dodge bonus is 0, then you don't care that it gets cut in half. By contrast, consider Tek Reactor, which gives you +40 energy but halves your spirit points, at a whoopin' 4 point cost. In order to make full use of size benefits, you'd have to invest 8 points in it for a total of +75 max energy. By contrast, for 5 points, you could have Reactor 2, which would get you an average 11 points of energy each round with no drawbacks and spare you three upgrade points. Taking Tek Reactor effectively makes certain higher-level Super spirits unusable. Tek Soul, by contrast, makes some low-level spirits spammable (sort of), but max HP in half is... yeesh. Better hope no one gets through your every-single-round Alert, buddy. Tek Storage is... okay, I guess? Sort of? I mean, if you want to be a tiny, tiny kinetic weapons platform, then the energy halving isn't so bad. I honestly don't understand why you can't have Nanomachines along with it (Mysterious Power makes sense though, since less energy is less of a problem if every round regen is making up for it).

Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« on: July 22, 2018, 11:20:37 AM »
I was barred from participating in a public medieval-themed event because of that shit where I got kicked out of a LARP a year ago.

In a public Facebook post, I was called out for "agressive behavior during swordplay" and "behaving inappropriately towards women".

Someone is SO getting sued.

Can I even get access to Missile Massacre as a Super Pilot? I have no idea how access to these new schools work, and SP only lists Burning Justice and Into the Danger Zone.

EDIT: Reading over Tek Knight the options have too severe drawbacks for my tastes, but Missile Massacre seems like a really good school.

I'll just have to look for anti-countermeasures countermeasures then, probably yet another upgrade to my systems, just like undetectable for Super Robots.

(Also, if we had some more options for optimizing smaller Super Robots, that'd be great)

Other Games / Re: Videogame Discussion III - Snake Eater
« on: July 19, 2018, 04:58:21 PM »
Hey, that beats the heck out of riding a Decarabia in Megami Tensei Imagine.

For reference since I couldn't find a gif of video, imagine a giant starfish opening a big mouth at the center of its body, closing it around neck-height and flying about by spinning continuously.

Not a problem with not counting bundles as single objects.

Also not a problem with them being subject to interception by point defense. I'll just apply Invisible Spell to the giant sized variety.  :P

EDIT: Any word on a to-hit mod for the launcher?

Hey, I could have just as easily picked Leadership or something and handwaved away the secret base stuff much in the same fashion Baha has her own organization. I'd just call them my subordinates.  :P

You could've just asked me to roll those, you know. They lasted all of a single round. And either way, just because that's only half my character concept doesn't mean you have to diss it.

I'll recalculate the damage then. I was confused by your wording in your post assuming it somehow tore through the AT Field too.

As for the Disk Launcher...

-I don't mind it costing an upgrade point. Hey, while we're at it, we can think of extra upgrade options for it.
-That range is... pretty atrocious. For a weapon that's supposed to be specialized at doing one thing (it's not even damage!), treating it as an improvised throw is pretty bad... I'm sure we can do better. (It's not like there's good reason to ever "throw" a disk into melee either. even by using maneuvers with it...)
-OK with scatter rules.That actually makes it even more useful for area of effect stuff.
-I get the idea of trying to limit the number of disks thrown per round, but you'll remember Hugo tends to use predetermined "configurations" (I'm the one who ends up picking them on the run). So let's say he could save up to Int mod in "configurations" (this is a mage weapon after all and Int is related to remembering stuff) with up to four disks per configuration (later upgrades could increase that amount), or up to his Dex mod for on-the-fly stuff.
-The existence of the Disk Launcher does not preclude the ability to draw disks by themselves (which benefits from the Quick Draw feat). This should still allow Hugo to use the quickdraw+Telekinesis combo (it takes him a full round to set up, plus it's a fairly limited range, so it shouldn't be an issue, right?).

I mean... ignoring miss chances and rending is something I've been doing since the beginning of the campaign. Not that my survival has been much better.

Spirits and counters seem like the only actually functional defence in the system, short of stacking every ablative defence the damage is too high otherwise. Just seems to be how things have worked out the whole time.
My point exactly.

An attack that's supposed to 'just scratch' my ride deals a little over 21% of its total, after regeneration. And I actually made it a point to stack ALMOST every ablative possible (the only thing I DIDN'T do was make it as ginormous as possible, which would add DR but reduce AC to a point that's undesirable). Unless of course AT Field works, in which case it deals a little over 8% after regen.

To reiterate: this is supposed to be practically a stray shot at something that I built to be as beefy as possible within the confines of a class and it still takes a not-insignificant amount of damage.

It feels almost like I should have picked Alertness as a bonus feat.


Osle, I have to say it is becoming increasingly frustrating to try any kind of defensive measure in this campaign. I try miss chances, people bypass it by ignoring them with whatever, or by pulling Force damage out of their asses. I try AT Fields, NOPE! Rending damage. I try to do something meaningful with spells, and not only do you tell me "nope, because that ruins the flavor of the campaign", you tell me TO MY FACE WITH A MEME that my character concept is worthless in your eyes.

It feels like the only way to do anything truly meaningful in this campaign is to use your increasingly convoluted homebrew to become an apocalyptic monstrosity (and praying that you don't spot the combination and later nerf it). Dude, throw me a freaking bone here.

OK, I'm gonna take that as "nanomachines rebuild it from scratch".

If we're running on rule of cool, then I get to teleport into my own mecha even if you won't let me teleport things into other mecha. Because Hugo is too cool to board his mecha normally. He'd rather go Grahf-style if he can help it.

I have no idea how much damage Murakumo actually took on that last round because I have no clue whether he had to deploy his AT field or if it's a "by default it's on and you can switch it on and off" kinda thing. After 33 DR, that leaves... 89 damage, which the AT Field cuts by 40%, so that's less 35 damage or less 36 damage if you round up. Then add regeneration, which I rolled for already, that's 27 healed, leaving Murakumo at... 270 or 269/295 damage if AT Fields on, or 233/295 if not.

EDIT: Keep in mind "aiming at the cockpit from orbit" is a perfectly usable strategy and is also profoundly uncool. I'd just be making her cockpit slimy and water-filled.
EDIT2: Also, since funnels consume 0 energy to deploy or keep in place, from now on assume Hugo ALWAYS DEPLOYS HIS FUNNELS AS SOON AS HE TAKES OFF because there is absolutely no reason why he would want to give the enemy a chance to get a free shot in.

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