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Oh we looked at that, but overall it doesn't give much compared to similar Prestige Classes. that being said, if I did a overhaul of it, It might save the DM some work.

DM asked what I wanted out of that and it was the capstone. but other than that there was not much I was going to be able to use.

He did say he was going to work on a custom template for me that added up to a +2 LA.

okay, did some research on Spirit shaman, overall good class. while the abilities are nice, might not be used a lot. Class feats are very few, even tracked down the ones in Dragon.

Lots of spells per day is a good thing, but the spells retrieved is a pain, 3 spells at most per spell level. That is going to hurt if out of 8 people there is only myself and maybe one other person running a caster.

Oh and the DM has a plan for Summons, I think he is going with a percentile chance the Summon will not listen to me.

Also, we got 2 more people coming, 8 man party, Thankfully our group has been between 5-6 people for quite awhile so he has plenty of practice.

With a party that large, summons are going to be of no use. too many bodies on the table, that and one joked about a turn timer,

Overall concept is a Green Mage; I want the Druid spell list but don't care too much for being in Wild Shape, since if I want to go Wild Shape a lot, then I would build to maximize that aspect.

Hmm, Sidhe Scholar might help but that is leaning toward Fey, then if I wanted that type it is either Tree-friend (5 levels no casting) or Rimefire Witch (10 levels casting)

yeah, Woodling is the easier version of the template I was aiming for. Kin'O' the Green from Bastion Press's Alchemy and Herbalist.  that template has 3 stages and at the end the character is a treant.

I like totemist and know the system well enough to do well. Mystic Ranger sounds interesting though.

Hello, long time lurker. Bit of a dilemma.  Soon in a upcoming us-as-ourselves campaign I will be playing my character which will start as a human then get the Woodling template. the DM is yanking the mind-affecting immunity to drop the LA to +2 and make it more tolerable with our group. The party is large 6 people, no idea on there characters.

I only know one is going Vassal of Bahamut.

So with a +2 LA do I go with Druid (Plant themed) Plant companion from Dragon Magazine going later into Holt Warden.

Or should I run a totemist?

Oh and the game is 3.5 and D&D rulebook along with Dragon Magazine.

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