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Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« Last post by SorO_Lost on Today at 06:41:21 AM »
I have no idea why you would throw the age of 16 out there.
Via emancipation most 16 year olds can legally considered adults. This can go as low as 14 if you live in the state of California. So for comparison, the US census bureau described the Baby Boomer generation to cover 19 years and with your ambiguity in already loosely defined term you are trying to cover up to 26 years. Whoopdeedoo indeed, so I think we can see why we both know that I don't care about your personal scale. :P

being a latchkey was nice.... and no cameras for evidence...
I know right?

They have a freaking term for it now. It's called "free range parenting" (opposed to simply parenting). There is a famous 2009 book released explaining how to do it and why it's good for your children. 2009, the trend already cycled out and back in again almost ten years ago. Do you feel old yet?
Ravenloft 3.5 Revised / Re: [Race] Half-Vistani
« Last post by Stratovarius on Today at 06:01:39 AM »
Couple things -
They don't appear balanced with one another
Free actions are technically only available on your own turn (for Temporal Slide). Not sure if that's supposed to be used during other people's turns as well.
Stepping out of Time you might want to snag the Time Hop power/text instead. It's exactly what the ability is.
Canjar are really good for spont arcane casters.
Do we still need to use spoilers considering everyone's together again?
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Other Games / Re: Videogame Discussion III - Snake Eater
« Last post by oslecamo on Today at 02:39:06 AM »
So been slowly playing the Super Robot Wars AP new fan translation and I got Amuro in my team, yay! Let's look at his stats...

Wait, why does Amuro "I'll hit hit the enemy's cockpit!" Ray knows Mercy as a spirit? He left a pretty long line of bodies back in the first Gundam series.

Then next mission Ramba Ral shows up. Huuhhh, the One Year War's over, weren't you supposed to be dead? And what are those 3 Doms nearby...

Oh, it's the tri-stars. You were all supposed to be dead too.

So ok, seems like in the SRW AP timeline Amuro is pretty mercyful and let a good chunk of his named enemies live.

Also gotta love how the GPO2 gets stolen:
Asshole Officer: Commander Bright, we're giving you this new nuke-equipped Gundam. Also what the hell is with your crew's new recruits?
Dragonar Dudes: These are no gundams, sir, no gundams. 
Lamia: Clearly I'm just a normal youth that got her hands in a super robot by pure luck.
Kouji: Is there any other way to get a super robot?
Ryoma: Sounds good enough to me.
Hayato: Am I the only one who thinks that sounds extremely fishy?
Musashi: Yes.
Sayaka: We'll take all the girl pilots we can get.
Boss: Hear, hear!
Clearly just another normal recruit: SIEG ZEON!
Bright: Wait a moment, that one is acting a little strange... But he's at least wearing a federation uniform...
Clearly just another normal recruit: Eeerr, I mean, a Gundam with a nuke? Splendid! I'll just take a closer look...
Domon: Not on my watch! Super martial arts attack!
Clearly just another normal recruit: Normal gun!
Domon: ... Crap. Who is this guy?

Super Robot Wars d20 / Re: Soul Soldier
« Last post by oslecamo on Today at 02:11:27 AM »
Ah thanks, that's what I get for still being catching up with old games (plus have neither a PS4 nor Vita, PC release when ???). I would take a nice youtube LP too if you know of one.
Super Robot Wars d20 / Re: Soul Soldier
« Last post by CKirk on Today at 02:04:11 AM »
-Replaced with "Every class skill is a class skill for the Soul Soldier."
Should that be "Every skill is a class skill for the Soul Soldier"? Otherwise it's a bit tautological. Just to clarify (and I think the answer is "no") do skill checks count as activated abilities from a class for the purpose of Soul Speech?
Ups, fixed. :blush

And basic skill checks wouldn't count as class abilities.

-Made the Soul Speech anything soul-related with at least 9 words
It just says "9 words" in the description, please add the "at least".

I still feel like once a round is a bit too often on the soul speech thing, and since I've been known to use two unique Unlimited Blade Works chants in three rounds in the past that's really saying something :p. A SRW "round" can be anywhere from a minute to an hour depending on the scenario, after all, and a D&D round is 1/10th that.
Hmmm, do you have any specific examples for hour-long turns? Because literally every time I remember the game saying "you have X turns to do this" the characters will say "we need to do this in X minutes".

Maybe something like "To use any activated ability from any class (not just Soul Soldier), the Soul Soldier must have made a speech about souls of at least nine words in the previous 30 seconds." That's a reasonably long time in roleplaying but not so long that it gets forgotten, plus it mandates making such a speech at the beginning of an encounter regardless.
Well 30 seconds sounds like a good middlepoint, so going with that (still interested in hearing when did exactly a SRW game went with hour-long turns).

Good compromises and changes on the rest. The class is still very powerful, but now at least it's no longer too onerous to use for roleplaying purposes and too OP to not use for minmaxing.
Yay, thank you for more of your help!
With regards to hour long turns, there's a few events in SRW V that talk about it like that.
Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« Last post by altpersona on Today at 01:05:45 AM »
Like Gen X was known to be a bunch of cynical latchkey children with no goal or aim in life but in midlife they have a happy work/life balance while being some of the hardest workers in the US since WWII.

being a latchkey was nice.... and no cameras for evidence...

Guys, guys, guys.

Let's just agree teenagers are terrible people.

not true true, but truethy enough.

also, i dont recall who on here is how old exactly... but when this journey started, there was a lot of damn kids on here... :D

then i stumbled on to this in my facebook Memories feed
Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« Last post by Nanshork on Today at 12:32:58 AM »
That's sure as hell the truth.

I don't remember when exactly I started seriously posting over on 339 but the archived bg boards has posts from 10 years ago (with minimal digging) which would have put me in my early 20's. I could very well have started being a part of this community as a teenager.
D&D 3.5 Gestalt

This is what I have right now

Main: Cleric 2/ Paladin 1/ Church Inquisitor 1/Crusader 6/ RKV 10
Gestalt: Succubus 6/ Divine Oracle 2/ Divine Disciple 1/ Mystic Wanderer 1/ Cleric 1/ Bard 1/ Paladin 1/ Battledancer 1/ Marshal 1/ Cleric 1/Bard 2/ probably fighter

Or this
1/.   Cleric 1/Succubus 1
2/.  Cleric 2/Succubus 2
3/.   Bard 1/Succubus 3
4/.   Church Inquisitor 1/Succubus 4
5/.   Crusader 1/ Succubus 5
6/.   Crusader 2/Succubus 6
7/.   Crusader 3/Divine Oracle 1
8/.   Crusader 4/Divine Oracle 2
9/.   Crusader 5/Divine Disciple 1
10/.  Crusader 6/Cleric 7
11/.   RKV 1/Prestige Paladin 1
12/.   RKV 2/Prestige Paladin 2
13/.   RKV 3/Exotist Fighter 1
14/.   RKV 4/Battledancer 1
15/.   RKV 5/Marshal 1
16/.   RKV 6/Mystic Wanderer 1
17/.   RKV. 7/.  Bard 2
18/.   RKV 8/.  Bard 3
19/.   RKV 9/. Fighter 2
20/.   RKV 10/. Mahu jin
1. Lost traditions
Flaw.  Fey soul
Flaw    Weapon finesse
Succubus bonus  extend spell
Succubus bonus  persistent spell.     
Succubus bonus   Divine metamagic
6 leadership
9 words or creation
12 song of the white raven
15 combat reflexes
Bonus Heward hall.  Skill focus (perform) 5k
Bonus Heward hall   Dragonfire inspiration  5k
Bonus frog fane.   Skill focus knowledge 2k
Bonus cleric. Knowledge devotion
Bonus cleric. Travel devotion
Bonus otyugh hole.  Iron will 3k
B marshal skill focus diplomacy
Fighter bonus.  Defensive sweep
Fighter bonus robilhars gambit
4 bonus feats from taint
Initiate of Mystra
Mounted Combat
Battle Blessing
Other feat

24. Battledancer

Everything official wizards is good.  Including dragon magazine.

Domains spell, knowledge, illusion, celerity
I was planning on spending 5 of the level points on charisma and the other 5 on dex for a starting charisma score of 4
Racial modifiers
Str + 4 / dex +2/ con +4/ int +6/ wis +4/ cha +18

Magic items are at 3% of market price so I have a belt of magnificent +6
Nightsticks stack

So would the Paladin acf divine spirit healing spirit CD still work since it adds 3 to your effective Paladin level?

Also the cleric acf pool of healing requires giving up a fourth level cleric spell slot at level 7,  so since prestige classes add one to the level of the base class, if I took cleric 7 more or less would I be able to take it?

Does witch hunter Kamis Graces from oriental adventures stack with divine grace?

Was going with a spiked chain  couldn’t think of anything better to use as a weapon

Game will Probably go up to 50

no ideas for taking it farther beside some general ideas mythic exemplar 10, Swiftblade 4, warblade 20 for dual stance, stuff to get time stands still

Working on more charisma awesomeness, and melee

GESTALT RULES (as previously established):                   
-    2 flaws & 1 trait
-    Starting level is 16
-    Psionic/Magic semi transparent.
Using psionic on magic or magic on psionic takes a -4 penalty EXAMPLE: Using psionics against Spell Resistance. Treat the spell resistance as being 4 points lower

-   Up to +2 Level adjustment is FREE. Anything over +2 must be paid for with 4 ability points from your point buy PER +1 LA. Only a single template is allowed

-    All ability scores start at 8. You have 32 points to spend as you please on a 1-1 basis. No score can start higher than 18 before racials

-     260,000 starting gold
-     All Ascetic feats or feats of similar nature can be used to benefit characters with a class that utilizes the same ability as the class in the feat.

-    At lvl 4 all characters progress gaining +1 to two ability scores (4e progression)
-    For item creation and spell instead of using xp you burn 1 con point per 500xp. Undead must follow standard xp rulings for creating items (edited)

-    Faerun deities are the Pantheon for all campaigns in this game
-    Thunderstone is a one use item
-    Swift ambusher and Swift Hunter feats stack for purposes of determining effects on skirmish and sneak attack with those classes

-    Telepathy can initiate a 2way conversation with the recipient
-    A player may do a craft, profession, or perform check between sessions where we switch dms, you may do the check for 1D6 -1  weeks. Also you may do it between sessions if the DM says the next session will pick up 1 week later or longer and he gives the ok to do so.

-    True sight v Mind blank will be determined by CL vs CL
-    Half Breeds are allowed but they must be brought to vote and they must use Bastards and bloodlines rules to template and any other variations of it

Multiple prestige classes can be taken at the same time

Bard/ crusader/ruby knight vindicator/ stack for inspire courage
Everything cleric casting is charisma based with lost traditions
Fey soul gives charisma instead of con mod to hp at even levels
Celerity got voted added to Mystra so can use it for travel devotion
Draconic template for not having to take dragontouched and draconic heritage

Trying to keep up with everyone else
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