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NPC List
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Serranian Government

Dragomir Stefanescu Sheriff and local badass barbarian.  Known for winning a wrestling match with a Pit Fiend to save the city.

Sasha the Pig Strangler Heavily muscled amazon whose thighs could crush granite.  Also a local performer who works part time for the Sheriff.

Joe Lizardman ranger who retired from killing.  Sort of.  Runs a Guild out of his "Joes Used Pets" store.

Leroy Human, Deputy Sheriff.

Nervous Bob Incredibly twitchy Goblin dungeoneer.  Known for accidentally discharging his weapon or attacking if anything startles him.  Is forbidden coffee at virtually every establishment of repute.

Clubby the Seal Deputy Sheriff, abnormally adorable and innocent looking anthro seal cub.  Master of club fu.

Quartermaster Sarcastic awakened Baboon.

Serranian Citizens

Tohr Grigovakis Massive minotaur, former people eater, current bar owner of the Broken Kneecap.

Rosa Grigovakis Athasian halfling, former cannibal, currently married to Tohr.

Nina Grigovakis Simple minded daughter of Tohr and Rosa cursed with supernatural strength, and the mind of a young girl who loves cute things.

Tina Grigovakis Studying to be a warrior.

Dina Grigovakis Brightest heir of the Grigovakis family and somewhat greedy.

Sophia Grigovakis Cursed woman who never leaves the kitchen as she is too uncontrollable near men.

Mr. Hooey Baby owlbear adopted by Nina who is secretly a polymorphed caster who has lost his powers and seeks revenge (or so he has claimed to the .0001% of the population who know he isn't an Owlbear).

Fred Awakened Dire Ape employed by the Grigovakis as a night watchman and bouncer.

Dorin and Norin Toecrusher Well known dwarven weapon/armor smiths.

Bjudr Anthropomorphic Mouse Barbarian cursed with prophecy.

Damian Szymanski Former Dean of the Wizard's school, killed by a Gawd (Benny) so far as anyone knows.  His megalomaniacal nephew Jimmy has most likely met the same fate.

The Bursar Incredibly old Dwarf who handles the Wizard's schools monetary affairs, and a decent enough guy when he isn't arguing with his assistant Bart who is also a whoremonger and masochist.

Old Tom Old anthro Platypus, dear friend of Bill's.

Goober Freed non-evil Dretch with the IQ of an eggplant.  Currently a part-time bartender/entrepreneurial brewmaster at the Gaze Attack.

Samara Sphinx who befriended Cusic while explaining the facts of life to her in exhausting detail...

El Gigante Delusional gnome Luchadore.

Brains Awakened kung fu zombie, Guild enemy, running for President of the Evil Minions Union.

Penus Female awakened kung fu zombie.

Clarice Husband hungry medusa wearing ruby spectacles, member of the Evil Minions Union.

Captain Topcat Leader of the cities fighter plane squadron and gnomish weretiger.  Has a companion cat named Algy.  Squad includes a paranoid man with a mustache, a female elf into jewelry, a wife hating gnome, a crazed dwarf, and a matronly goblin whose bosoms are possessed by a Pit Fiend and an evangelist.

Flarg Cursed Ogre Cleric of Scooby who has trouble controlling the volume of his voice.

Bawb Teensy Beholder and member of the Evil Minions Union.

Ted Short, stubby demonoid basketweaver.

Samael  Solar running self help organization for Celestials.

Bert Ghost halfling formerly known as Analstasia for being able to sing from her butthole.

Wild Bob Lunatic dwarf who follows adventurers.


Serranian Locales

Arrival Local Inn renowned for being the starting place of many kidnapees, and for it's hermaphroditic elven maids.

Joe's Used Pets Petshop and Guild run by Joe the lizardman, specializing in animals, magical beasts, and similar problems.

Broken Kneecap Pub and Inn run by Tohr and Rosa's family.  In poorer part of town called the Laborer's Quarters.

Street of the Gawds Odd street somehow holding a massive temple to every known Gawd.  May be a tesseract.

The Sewers Filled with Otyughs, giant worm things, and undead (particularly Wights).

The Gaze Attack Monster bar near the docks.  Bartender is a Beholder.

The Velvet Fist Former brothel, current PC headquarters.  Ground floor: Massive foyer behind which lies a kitchen, store room, and what might be an office.  The upstairs has 6 bedrooms, and underneath there's a root cellar, wine cellar, spare storage, storm cellar, and two hidden rooms.  Copious secret passageways.

The Ghost Bar Rumored hangout of the cities incorporeal Undead, located in a secret locale in the Sewers.

Other Locales

Nameless Forest Cursed forest known for curses, naked forest women, awakened squirrel nut archers, awakened badger barbarians serving as cavalry, magical raccoons, Werewolves, hobgoblins, undead, Cursedeer, rapist unicorns, and less savory beings.  Basically used as a dumping ground for magical experimentation.  Holds the Black Rock, known for it's abilities to resurrect the dead and control undead, it figures prominently in prophecy (currently razed and the center of a major shrine to Benny inhabited by pregnant possessed hookers).  The local squirrel/badger army has been granted adamantine claws and teeth by Benny.

Nameless Forest Citizens

Bubba, Jessie, and Hezekiah  Peasants of a poor human village.  Young man and girl, and a really old man respectively.

Thog Ogre Barbarian, law enforcement for the Hobgoblin village.  Considers sodomy via pine cones an effective method of getting people to obey the law.

Ernie Thog's partner, Hobgoblin archer/ranger.

Randolph Cowardly white trash werewolf and would be pack leader.  Unfortunately his father is a badass psychopath.

Buford Judge, and hobgoblin leader.

Bertha Overly vengeful hobgoblin redneck.

Tor Leader of the Badger army.

Zipperneck Squirrel.  Head of the fifth Badger Irregulars.

Sebastian Former cursed black Unicorn cleric, leader of the local Unicorns.


Sassy Former hooker, currently the serving wench of Benny.
Dr.Schultz Awakened gopher psychiatrist and friend of Benny.

Benny Gawd of Fear, ex-husband of Death Gawdess Natasha.

Party NPC's

Truffles Apparently undead intelligent potbellied pig.  May be able to speak to animals.  Apparently capable of eating more than his own body weight without gaining size.  Can apparently smell religious fanatics which angers him into roaring.  Has also been known to purr.

Ted Member of the Evil Minions Union adopted by Ceushareth.  Midget humanoid of some sort.  Currently an apprentice of the Guild.

The Sackbiter Clan Would be clan of Ninja squirrels working for Zach.  Includes Fred (Grandpa), Emma (his wife), John (son), Jill (daughter in law), Tiny (grand daughter), and Fester (grand son).

Cassandra Dryad who appears as stereotypical vampire with large bosom and flowers for hair.  Eats watermelons which suspiciously reanimate...currently a secretary for the group.

Nana Greatclub wielding middle aged Half Giantess.  Obvious veteran.  Obviously horny for smaller men.

Jeanette Rapier wielding swashbuckling type.  Elf.  Finely waxed mustache despite being a girl.

Spork Young female dragonborn wearing a shirt that says "Yes I'm a snake that has tits, fucking get over it already."

Pashtu Gnoll dominatrix (at least you assume so given her dress).

Bitter Fern Harpy mercenary.

Black Death Scorpionfolk Sorceress.

Driinka Dwarven carpenter/siege artisan/plumber/fixit person.

Hissssssh Yuan Ti Pervert.  She says that with the assumption you know what she means and it should be impressive.  Like it's a title or something.

Null Odd humanoid who claims to not require food or water and has no bodily orifices besides a mouth.  You know cause she showed you.  :twitch

Madame Evil Brain in a jar resting atop a headless frankenstein body.
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Re: NPC List
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Guild Application

Today's Date:

Your Name:

Other Names You May Be Known By (Don't lie, we'll know, and the Quartermaster will wand rape you):

Place of Residence:

Position Sought:

Available Start Date:

Education (purely for curiosity and to determine skills which may make you valuable):

Have you ever consorted with the Undead (This does not disqualify you from employment, but may require you to be looked over for possible infection by a healer)?

Have you ever consorted with Fiends or Angels, and do any of them currently have a rental contract, lien, or ownership of your soul (again this doesn't disqualify you, but we may need to have a healer give you the once over)?

Have you ever consorted with any other entities of power?

Are any Gawds currently pissed at you, or do you owe any of them favors for past help (Resurrection for example)?

Are any other powerful entities of foreign governments angry at you?

For that matter are you under contract to any foreign governments or organizations?

Have you ever been resurrected?

Have you committed any crimes (note this does not necessarily bar your employment unless you've been doing something pretty damn awful)?

Have you ever wanted to rule the world, or at least some portion of it (be honest)?

Do you have any religious beliefs?

Are you a member of any organizations, Guilds, cults, etc?

Do you have any ideologies or sexual deviations which may be a threat to the city, it's inhabitants, or reality as we know it?

Do you have any odd dietary restrictions, taboos, medical needs, or require exposure to any substances we should know of?

Are you forbidden from participating in anything, and if so why?

Are you vulnerable to mental and physical damage from anything we should know of?

Are you cursed or haunted?

Are you insane, and are you willing to submit to an examination to prove that?

Would you define yourself as Evil?

Are you the Minion of someone who would define themselves as Evil?

Have you ever been Undead or in an altered physical or mental state?

Would any of the above apply to your immediate circle of friends, coworkers, or relatives?

Do you own any magical items that may be cursed or problematical?

Same questions as all of the above, but applied to your familiar/other unspecified cohort or minion:
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