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Other Games / Re: Videogame Discussion III - Snake Eater
« on: Today at 05:51:37 AM »

Hey, I could have just as easily picked Leadership or something and handwaved away the secret base stuff much in the same fashion Baha has her own organization. I'd just call them my subordinates.  :P
Baha actually has Leadership and an huge Cha score, Hugo has 10. :P

You could've just asked me to roll those, you know. They lasted all of a single round. And either way, just because that's only half my character concept doesn't mean you have to diss it.
Nothing personal, it's from the SRW d20 basic rules thread actually, even the wiki does it.

I'll recalculate the damage then. I was confused by your wording in your post assuming it somehow tore through the AT Field too.

As for the Disk Launcher...

-I don't mind it costing an upgrade point. Hey, while we're at it, we can think of extra upgrade options for it.
-That range is... pretty atrocious. For a weapon that's supposed to be specialized at doing one thing (it's not even damage!), treating it as an improvised throw is pretty bad... I'm sure we can do better. (It's not like there's good reason to ever "throw" a disk into melee either. even by using maneuvers with it...)
Remember that Dynamic wouldn't make it count as improvised anymore plus the 50 mu is just the base range, and you can increase it by taking a -2 penalty for each extra range increment like other ranged weapons, so you could go up to 500 mu.

Also multi-buffing by itself is already pretty boss.

-OK with scatter rules.That actually makes it even more useful for area of effect stuff.
-I get the idea of trying to limit the number of disks thrown per round, but you'll remember Hugo tends to use predetermined "configurations" (I'm the one who ends up picking them on the run). So let's say he could save up to Int mod in "configurations" (this is a mage weapon after all and Int is related to remembering stuff) with up to four disks per configuration (later upgrades could increase that amount), or up to his Dex mod for on-the-fly stuff.
I'm willing to try that out for now.

-The existence of the Disk Launcher does not preclude the ability to draw disks by themselves (which benefits from the Quick Draw feat). This should still allow Hugo to use the quickdraw+Telekinesis combo (it takes him a full round to set up, plus it's a fairly limited range, so it shouldn't be an issue, right?).
Each individual disk counts as an object, no counting bundles as a single object for telekinesis.

Also as already done before, since the disks are physical objects they're vulnerable to be intercepted by defensive weapons.

[D&D 3.5] The Other Half / Re: IC-Multiplanar conflict
« on: Today at 12:43:56 AM »
Everybody can see some smoke coming out of Dyson's head as it computes through the infernal clauses of the Pact Primeval, but after a minute and six seconds the inevitable can 100% rule that a lawful release is in order due to exceptional circumstances em situ.

Understood, I'll keep that in mind.  :)

Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Skaven
« on: Today at 12:32:21 AM »
Looks awesome!
Also the delightful little ratling I plan to apply this to is named Snich, so that's a weird coincidence decoy.

Now for what meagre feedback I have:
Is it meant to have quadruple skill points at level 1? I assume it's something like a cope paste error.
Ups, fixed.

Who choses what curse they get from unexplainable bad luck? Is there a hide check to hide the action? Is there a save to avoid it, what about the bestow curse effect?
Should be clearer now.

Unseen force seems very similar to the Cloak of concealment of the Eshin agent Gutter Runner ability, maybe have it overrule it like perfect poisoner does to Lingering poison and weeping blade.

Any suggestions for replacing Claw Marked Treaty pact for games where leadership isn't appropriate?
Added alternative for getting the three other scavenge pile picks with free enhancements representing the Eshin Nightlady becoming a corrupt respectable skaven supply manager.

Perhaps Poisonclaw could have some sort of synergy with the bite attack the cuddly little furballs already has?

No Proof Ever Found - Maybe an action for the Nightlady to designate the decoy as a decoy to get out of sticky situations?

Maybe some sort of ability that continues on the Eshin line of abilities to do fun stuff with disable device? Perhaps bombs replicating spells instead of the sorcerer spellcasting?
Added Infernal Bomb synergy alternative to make Sorcery Bombs that work as Infernal bombs but replicate evocation spells.

Interesting bit with the Nightlady! I have a few recommendations:
 1) Unyielding Shadow: How do you follow something like a Teleport with a Move Action if it's not your turn? Please clarify this aspect of the power so it makes sense.

 2) Unseen Force: Invisibility states it can't be made permanent except on objects. Indeed, Pixie, has a permanentGreater Invisibility, and other Sprites get Invisibility powers but not the spell as permanent. In any case it's not TOO difficult to detect an invisible enemy (Flour, Glitterdust, See invisibility)

 3) I've noticed a trend of 13 being super popular. Why not make any d12 rolls (such as unexplainable bad luck) into 1d12+1?
1) The idea is that after you spend the move action you always tag along them with no need of further actions. Clarified.

2)Specific trumps general. Anyway the abilty was mostly replaced with an improved Cloak of Deception so shouldn't be so easily countered now.

3) Yeah, 13's the sacred number of the Skaven. But adding +1 to the 1d12s is a delightful idea I hadn't thought of yet, added it all around.  :D

Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Arrow Demon
« on: Today at 12:32:01 AM »
Added to the index. :)

Barriers/coats/Fields do not stack, meaning you can't have both active at a time. If your Phase Shift Barrier is up, the Beam Coat has to be down.
DR 5/magic doesn't stack with DR 5/silver, but you can still benefit from both at the same time. Kind of strange you can only project one force field and it completely removes the visual of an uber attack shattering through multiple barriers.
Different barriers interfere with each others. Doesn't mean a single barrier can't be composed of multiple layers like advanced shields and plates are also composed of multiple layers but still count as a single piece of protection each.


Osle, I have to say it is becoming increasingly frustrating to try any kind of defensive measure in this campaign. I try miss chances, people bypass it by ignoring them with whatever, or by pulling Force damage out of their asses. I try AT Fields, NOPE! Rending damage. I try to do something meaningful with spells, and not only do you tell me "nope, because that ruins the flavor of the campaign", you tell me TO MY FACE WITH A MEME that my character concept is worthless in your eyes.

It feels like the only way to do anything truly meaningful in this campaign is to use your increasingly convoluted homebrew to become an apocalyptic monstrosity (and praying that you don't spot the combination and later nerf it). Dude, throw me a freaking bone here.

Rending doesn't ignore barriers, only half your DR. Mecha weapons dealing force damage has been default since the start.

Also you'll notice that in this battle most attacks aren't ignoring miss chances, both Katherine and Baha have evaded several blows thanks to their own miss chances. Different enemies have different tricks.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but your character concept is freelancer secret agent extraordinaire first and mage second. I've been letting you have a lot of free reign with that between pulling secret bases out of your ass plus stuff like micro-bombs to blackmail prisioners and building your own minion force with about zero actual diplomacy rolls if I remember correctly. Heck, when one thinks about it most of the time you've rather seeked to solve non-battle problems with tech gadgets rather than any actual magic. Even now every round this battle last is another round of distraction for your purple maid to pick up more information from inside the cloning facility, so even if you end up teleporting away you'll have gained valuable information.

Of course it would help if you reigned back a bit on the " I'll summon an indeterminated number of monsters and then give the DM extra  work by making them roll their attacks".  :p

EDIT: And since we're here we may as well hammer down your disk launcher properly:
-It'll take one upgrade point for the disk launcher itself. This allows you to either throw them as improvised weapons (10 mu range increment) or try to hit somebody in melee.
-If you want bigger range, you can take the Dynamic upgrade for base range 50 mu.
-Scatter rules will be used if you miss disk attack rolls.
-You may throw several disks in a "bundle" at the same target with a single attack, but only up to your Dex mod representing Hugo's hand dexterity for picking the right stuff in the run.
-I'm open to negotiate the above details.

You're in luck since I happened to have a bit of free time and a burst of inspiration upon reading your request, so here it is.

Although I would also suggest the Paragon or Chaos Cultist for further sneaky stealthy stuff.

Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Skaven
« on: Yesterday at 05:17:21 AM »
Eshin Nightlady

"Slay kill. Poison for manthings, point-ears and dwarf-thing alike.
You owe your fur to the Nightlady!…"-Snikch Ink-Eyes, Eshin Nightlady

One thing that makes Eshin clan stand out from the other Skaven clans is that while the other rat people are constantly loudly lying boasting about their deeds and possessions to anyone who’ll hear them, the agents of Eshin prefer more discrete lifes. Thus some of their best give up on becoming Vermin Lords and prefer instead to act from the shadows, receiving the title of Nightlady for their dedication to the art of sneaky stealthy stabbings in the dark.

-Skaven Race
- All 6 levels of Eshin Agent.
-Must have assassinated 13 sentient beings without anyone finding out.
-Nongood alignment

1+0+0+2+0The Thirteen Terror Tactics
2+1+0+3+0The Thirteen Terror Tactics
3+2+1+3+1The Thirteen Terror Tactics
4+3+1+4+1The Thirteen Terror Tactics
5+3+1+4+1The Thirteen Terror Tactics
6+4+2+5+2The Thirteen Terror Tactics
Skills:8+int modifier per level, class skills are Apraise(Int), Balance(Dex), Climb(Str), Concentration (con), Craft(any) (wis), Diplomacy(Cha), Disable Device(Int), Escape Artist(Dex), Heal (wis), Hide(dex), Intimidate(Cha), Jump(Str), Knowledge (any) (int), Listen (wis), Move silently (dex), Open Lock,Search (Int), Spot (wis), Survival (wis), Swim (Str), Use Rope (Dex)

Proficiencies: Simple Weapons, Kukri, Sap, Short Sword, Kama, Siangham, Net, Shuriken.


The Thirteen Terror Tactics: At each Eshin Nightlady level pick two of the following options, except at 6th level where you can pick  the last three.
(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)


[D&D 5E] Coastal Troubles / Re: Coastal Troubles (IC Thread)
« on: July 17, 2018, 07:07:13 AM »
(click to show/hide)


Morte does her best to explain the positioning of the traps she saw, using her skeletons to build a dungeon map on the floor with assorted debris.

OK, I'm gonna take that as "nanomachines rebuild it from scratch".
Eventually maybe, but if you want to use it this turn you'll need to pick the disarmed one up again.

If we're running on rule of cool, then I get to teleport into my own mecha even if you won't let me teleport things into other mecha. Because Hugo is too cool to board his mecha normally. He'd rather go Grahf-style if he can help it.
Teleporting to your own mecha is fine, although that will still cost you a standard action to break a disk on yourself since you're in the middle of a beach so no fancy support systems.

I have no idea how much damage Murakumo actually took on that last round because I have no clue whether he had to deploy his AT field or if it's a "by default it's on and you can switch it on and off" kinda thing. After 33 DR, that leaves... 89 damage, which the AT Field cuts by 40%, so that's less 35 damage or less 36 damage if you round up. Then add regeneration, which I rolled for already, that's 27 healed, leaving Murakumo at... 270 or 269/295 damage if AT Fields on, or 233/295 if not.
Barriers/fields can be assumed to be on by default, but the damage is rending as it came from the Heavy Beam, sorry for forgetting to add that to the IC post.

Also please pick your couple invulnerabilities from your Absolute Barrier picks.

EDIT: Keep in mind "aiming at the cockpit from orbit" is a perfectly usable strategy and is also profoundly uncool.
Orbital attacks are cool enough to show up in multiple Gundam shows and several non-gundam ones as well. Heck, even a James Bond movie did it.

I'd just be making her cockpit slimy and water-filled.
(implying it isn't already slimy and water-filled)  :plotting

EDIT2: Also, since funnels consume 0 energy to deploy or keep in place, from now on assume Hugo ALWAYS DEPLOYS HIS FUNNELS AS SOON AS HE TAKES OFF because there is absolutely no reason why he would want to give the enemy a chance to get a free shot in.
They cost 5 energy per round they're out plus a swift action from Hugo himself to actually move around and/or do other stuff.

Also trying to talk your way out of a situation was be a perfectly valid situation for not having your funnels deployed. :p

I promise I'll hold back on tweaking the current material. :bigeyes

Actually things have been stable enough for the last months that I even managed to get around to finishing a bunch of pilot schools and adding new options around. Remember there's a changelog just below the index.

So yes there's no big overhaul in the works, feel free to go ahead. :P

Emphasis on "funny", since it's always been literally a joke weapon that's just not that efficient compared to simply spamming rokkits or charging closer for melee.

It also has a really short range (half a basic rifle) and uses ork akuraccy so good luck actually hitting a mecha let alone the cockpit. More of silly orks than cool factor. :P

soro_lost: The crit was from the Heavy Beam, so Phase Shift Barrier doesn't work against it. Also unless otherwise noted damage multipliers work by D&D scaling so 1/4 guard combined with 1/2 empyreal results in 1/5 damage, not 1/8.
Ahh you should have noted it's beam damage then.
There is no beam damage, there is damage from Beam weapons and the enemy specifically called their attack as a Beam.

Phase Shift doesn't apply but the Beam Coat all Wild Falkens have does.
Barriers/coats/Fields do not stack, meaning you can't have both active at a time. If your Phase Shift Barrier is up, the Beam Coat has to be down.

Also are you sure on the math? Since presumably you're not trying to one hit kill everyone with your impressively balanced homebrew now that your players are attempting to take full advantage of all your little miscellaneous defensive measures buried in various threads. That would seem a little off. With Empyreal, as a standard D&D effect, I have ability to stack it in whatever order I wish which means I can apply it before DR.
Then Beam Coat must be applied after DR and Guard explicitly says
Guard[Super Pilot](20): For 1 round all damage you take is reduced to 1/4, after applying any other reductions you may have. If an effect would ignore this, instead round the damage to 1/3.
So based on your rules text as written at the time of my post Guard cannot be combined with Barrier/Coat like you say.
Silly me, of course the player and not the DM gets to rule how spells work in unclear cases. But ok, I'll let empyreal apply first which just means we need to add the DR reduction to the middle. So first you apply the empyreal for 1/2, then DR, then either Guard for the beam crit (going from 1/2 to 1/5 means 40% damage gets through after DR after empyreal 50%) or Phase Shift Barrier+Guard for the mook attack (going from 1/2 to 1/6 means  34% (rounding up for your benefit) damage gets through after DR after empyreal 50%).

Here, I'll even give you the final results for this round:
-Baha takes 16 damage since they lack DR themselves.
-Your mecha takes 7,14+ 65,4 damage, round down for 72 damage total.

Now considering how long it took me to type this down and I usually expect to be paid actual money to do math nowadays, this particular discussion is over. You have your final damage result, I trust you at least can do the subtraction from your HP values.

Anyway that one Heavy attack managed to deal 26% of my mech's HP. I feel it's a little much for one attack, specially when tallied against multiple opponents and I have focused the Mech entirely on HP/defense with an astronomically high AC in a game we're supposed to be the highest leveled, but I suppose it can be said it's a reasonable amount if those enemies burned Spirit on offense to counter their target burning Spirit for defense since I am applying magical defenses to compensate for the magical losses as well.

You also aggroed two enemy groups when you may've been fighting just one and may've even got one group as allies against the other. Baha also got unlucky with taking a confirmed crit from a high multiplier weapon, but that's RNG for you.

Yeaaaah, about that...

1) If it's in-built how can it be disarmed, especially considering nanomachines?
2) I don't mind being brought along. I can hold my breath, am currently under the effect of Greater Blink, plus I have Extraordinary Spell Aim so I won't be held down by my own tentacles. Or I could put them on a pull-string timer, use iterative attacks on the remaining disks or something.
3) Yeah, that's why I asked you if Nei had used the Neikapool before - so I knew exactly where the cockpit was.
4) "Gundam 0079 was shoddily animated" is not a valid argument because one, it was aired 39 years ago (and we are using material as late as 2018), and two, even in nebulous MU scale, our mecha DO have semi-consistent size.
1) Yes, Raineh had that same question for this round.
2) and 3) Teleporting anything into cockpits just doesn't work, point.
4) Behold the Gundam Barbatos from the last serious (non-gunpla) Gundam series:

(funnels were drawn in by paint, can't find the original pic at moment but otherwise you can see that shoddy scales remains a mecha constant).

Perhaps more to the point, Phantasy Star is not by default a mecha setting, except once PSO2 Episode 4 rolled in (and even then dispatching units on foot seemed a much better option for fighting off eldritch abominations for some reason, even though said eldritch abominations could be as big as a freakin' castle). Even then, there is more evidence for teleporting people into a mecha than against in that setting, especially since they use teleportation circles as elevators (just check the animation for boarding an AIS in the Magatsu Bonus Quest).
Yet when in Phantasy Star you have to fight giant robots/battleships, the solution is never "we'll just teleport a bomb inside them and call it a day".

Anyway in case I hadn't been clear enough yet, this setting is a custom mix of Phantasy Star and assorted mecha series. In particular I'm pretty sure Nei wasn't your ex-girlfriend in the original series. And even if she was, her natural life expectancy was 3 years as a prototype newearl so even if nothing had happened to her she would've died of old age by now.

Now, if you absolutely MUST cockblock teleporting either people or objects to/from/into a mecha, what I suggest is that you use the Schlock Mercenary solution.

In SM, Teraports (their version of Teleports) basically revolutionized the entire military industry because it flew in the face of the concept of defending airspace. If you can literally fling shit around time and space, you could just teleport nukes around and no amount of point defenses and interception systems would do ZILCH. (Keep in mind that the setting in question uses low-level A.I. to guide missiles around.) In order to enable defensive perimeters, the creator of the Teraport invented (and subsequently became filthy rich off) the TADS, or Teraport Area Denial System, which does exactly what it says on the tin, it projects a field within which Teraports are impossible without proper authorization. The energy required to project and maintain such fields, however (along with miniaturization issues), limits their mobile applications to putting them onboard gigantic mobile weapons platforms called battleplates or keeping them on massive defensive facilities, often on the planet itself, making finding them on such locations near impossible. Breaching a TAD is possible via use of something called a Teraport Cage, which basically connects two previously prepared 'cages' and allows one to walk through them like a portal (however, the other end of the cage must first be deployed on-site, and punching through a TAD requires a lot of energy so you can't bring something bigger than a small tank along). In any case, those are considered proper military-level tech and a buncha pirates would never have a ship big enough to have a cage OR a TADS onboard.
Well you just pointed out why that isn't a solution. By mecha standards when mecha pirates show up, the solution should be to send your own mechas, not "lol just teleport bombs inside their cockpits".

Some people confuse mecha with hard sci-fi. It's not. Mecha is rule of cool first and foremost, and just sniping cool mechas by teleporting nasty stuff inside their cockpits is not cool.

Also, Murakumo has been updated, along with my charsheet. You'll find it is... a bit beefier than it used to be.
Thank you, I'll take a closer look when I have the time.

EDIT: Mechas aren't alive so comparing them to giant monsters isn't really a good point, especially since they're especially prepared to contain living things.

Monster with Swallow Whole clearly have plenty of space, and as pointed out some mecha series are literally "we'll take this giant monster and add a bunch of plating and a cockpit to it".

Teleport Object is what Kuro would want here, but even that is only a single object per casting.

To break them in that situation, instead of having them fall from 10+ feet he'd have to teleport them inside the walls of the cockpit but on the side closer to the inside of the cockpit and not the outside of the mecha and that'd require knowing exact specifications of the exact target mecha lol.

Honestly, I just recently noticed a note on teleporting into/onto moving objects on the PFSRD that pretty much could apply to explaining how to get teleporting inside a mecha's cockpit to work.
By the way…
Because ships are constantly in motion, the caster of spells of the teleportation subschool must have line of sight to teleport onto a ship. Otherwise, a caster must scry upon a particular ship first, then immediately teleport to the scryed destination. Any delay in casting means the ship has moved from its scryed location and the spell fails.

Source Skull & Shackles Player’s Guide

Does not necessarily mean we can use such a ruling from probably a 3rd party source, much less PF rather than DnD regardless of how much the systems works together because I think we're not playing a PF game ( :P) but I did immediately think back on that quote after reading Hugo's posted actions and Os' response referencing that past discussion about teleporting into cockpits. ;)

A fine analysis, but you're forgetting a key detail:

See, some may think mechas have fixed shapes, but the truth is they're constantly changing in more or less subtle ways. It's one of the reasons why they're such an efficient and terrifying combat weapon, you think you have a clear shot at the cockpit and in the next moment their structure has changed to make your attack innefective! :P

Edit: Gosh, I need to get back around to making my post and come up with some amazing (but probably terrible attempt at doing so) gloating because Kat is surviving these constant barrages so gloriously.

If anything great to see that the lethality's been significantly toned down since the campaign start and player mechas aren't dropping as easily as at the beginning.

soro_lost: The crit was from the Heavy Beam, so Phase Shift Barrier doesn't work against it. Also unless otherwise noted damage multipliers work by D&D scaling so 1/4 guard combined with 1/2 empyreal results in 1/5 damage, not 1/8.

There's some problems with your actions:
-You can't just use regular teleport on unattended objects by themselves, a creature needs to go along.
-Even if you could the disks still need to suffer one point of damage to break and activate the spell inside, and that would demand at least 10 feet of free fall space and your average humanoid's cockpit isn't that spacious.
-It was already discussed that it's not viable to try to teleport anything inside a mecha's cockpit. And case in point if any mage could just reliably teleport stuff like bombs inside cockpits, then this wouldn't be a mecha setting because mechas would just be glorified targets.

(and even in normal D&D you don't see anybody taking out big monsters just by teleporting nasty stuff inside their stomaches either)
-You really should properly update Murakumo's stats. Your disk launcher will be a hybrid in-built super weapon that throws disks instead of dealing damage.

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