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Title: Introduction
Post by: Stratovarius on April 19, 2014, 07:26:46 PM
Welcome. You've just stumbled into my forum for idea discussion and development, where I work on building my homebrew systems until such time as each one is ready to be moved over into a subforum. All development in here is part of the larger Arhosa Campaign Setting, and so each magic system under development is tied to one of the overarching gods of the setting, as shown here (http://www.minmaxboards.com/index.php?topic=13314.0).

For those curious about what I try and put into a magic system, I've collated a rough set of totals below. I tend to work with two sizes of magic systems, full (Magic of Incarnum), and small (Truenaming).

3 Base Classes
10 Prestige Classes
150 "Spells"
50 Feats
4 Races
1 Skill
20 Magic Items
10 Monsters

1 Base Class
5 Prestige Classes
100 "Spells"
20 Feats
10 Magic Items
5 Monsters
Title: Re: Introduction
Post by: Stratovarius on October 18, 2015, 02:51:11 PM
To-Do List (ranked by rough priority order):
Arhosa - Updated/Revamped Eras, Fortes, Fusillades. Possibly re-examine Arcanist, Champion, Ecclesiast to give them class features. Finish writing the campaign adventures (Cities from the Sky, Whispers of War).
Spellsong - Potential rebuild to use a non-breakable (ie, not skill based) check
Osteomancy - Rebuild to use a new core magic idea, as spells points using PHB spells is significant overlap with Seedcasting
Ritual Magic - Plans are to give each of the races a feat chain like Claws of Influence, and to create a few more feats that stretch off of class features. And racial PrCs that pull from the racial feat chains heavily. Caeth - Martyr resistance fighter Hastro - Ritualist Influencer Niwl - Fog and poison Assassin Helfarch - Ritual warrior juggernaut
Necromantic - Finish the Vein of Poison, create feats and PrCs, rebuild Necromantic Companions to have roughly similar power levels
Threshold - Finish creating thresholds and the base class to give a solid foundation to the system
Fleshgrafting - Finish creating grafts and the base class to give a solid foundation to the system

Overall System Needs:
Rituals - More feats
Past, Present, and Future - Needs Monsters, Races, Magic Items (does have a large number of new weapons). More Feats and Prestige classes for Chronomancer & Echocaller. Update to use Seedcasting
Runecarving - Monsters, Magic Items
Necromantic - 1 Base class, Vein of Poison, Magic Items, Feats, Prestige Classes
Osteomancy - Feats, Magic Items, Monsters
Arx - Feats, Magic Items, Monsters
Spellsong - Magic Items, Monsters
Threshold - Everything
Fleshgrafting - Everything