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Title: Telekinesis as the Prime Magic
Post by: Nytemare3701 on June 04, 2016, 04:46:37 PM
Telekinesis is the Prime Magic. All other schools are applied variants (https://xkcd.com/435/).

All spells can be traced back to a singular skill, the manipulation of the fundamental aspects of reality via ones's own willpower and energy. Understanding of this skill determines the type of Magic a world is known for, from the all-encompassing Weave of Faerun to the inherently impersonal magics of Ferromancy in Scadriel. To determine if something is possible via magic, one has only to ask if exerting fine enough control over a large enough area will accomplish the task...to which the answer is inevitably yes. The question for magic-users is then...am I strong enough?