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Title: Are Psi-Spell Feats Like MetaMagic/Psionic Feats for item creation purposes?
Post by: Captnq on August 23, 2017, 11:15:16 PM
Psi-Spell Feats
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So, what's my question here?

Basically, since I'm exploring the fullest extent of items that store spells for later use, I have discovered certain combinations that allow you to put metamagic on powers and metapsionics on spells.

Which beings to mind, Psi-Spell feats from Dragon #313.

Now, from the portion that is in bold, I conclude the following:

1) They are similar to metamagic/metapsionic feats, with the exceptions listed above. That means they are treated as metamagic/metapsionic EXCEPT as written above. So, they can be applied to a scroll or a powerstone, as long as you have the feat:

- DRAGON #349 (3.5)
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Normally, you couldn't add a psi-spell to a scroll, because it couldn't take power points, and you couldn't add a psi-spell to a powerstone, because you couldn't add spells to it. With the addition of Chameleon Crafting, "You can place any spell or a power that you know into any items you create." Thus, you should be able to add psi-spells, if you are willing to pay the additional cost.

2) The second part in bold indicates that spellcasters who have to memorize spells has to pay for the power points upon memorizing the spell modified by psi-spell. This indicates that once done, you cannot remove the psi-spell later. Once committed, it is part of the spell, just like a metamagic or metapsionic feat.

Since I am trying to investigate all possible combinations of Metamagic and Metapsionic feats in various forms of Spell Storing items, it seems obvious to also add psi-spells, since they appear to also be a form of Feat that could be added to spells and powers.

If so, one would calculate the cost based on both aspects of what is paid.

For example, A psi-spell that was 3rd level with a CL of 10 that had 9 power points added to it to fuel the psi-spell effect, would be a scroll with a cost of ((3 x 10) + (3 x 9) x 12.5) x 1.5 gp

Now, admittedly, this would get horribly expensive very quickly, but I'm not here to discuss the cost effectiveness of such combinations, just if said combinations are possible and can be created. If so, I need to add an entire section on how to combine various Metamagic, Metapsionic, Psi-Spell feats together.

or am I missing something obvious?
Title: Re: Are Psi-Spell Feats Like MetaMagic/Psionic Feats for item creation purposes?
Post by: awaken_D_M_golem on August 28, 2017, 07:04:40 PM
Those psi-spell feats are definitely meta- type.

Special: Unlike other metamagic and metapsionic feats, Concussive Blast may be applied to a spell or power more than once.