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Can an Immortal Doll be used to channel you abilities with little or no action on your part since it is "alive"? Or would that jiat be extra actions for it at the cost of your own?
You still need to spend your own actions to channel your abilities through a doll, immortal/special or otherwise.

So do both you and the special doll get full round action? Also sounds like it can benefit from two stances with the bit of it being able it to be combined from any none Doll Judgement stance while also beingable to benefit from you stances.
Yes, both get full round actions and yes the special doll could get their own stance plus another one from the PC themselves.

High Explosive Pawn is listed twice in Special Doll rulings. I believe the second one is supposed to be Doll Cremation.
Ups, yes, fixed. :blush

High Explosive Pawn has no daze on successful save. Does this mean the intial target is dazed either way because theres a direct attack on him?
No, the attack roll just decides where the dolls explode.

Thousand Spear Dolls, is that one attack per doll, or do the dolls get one attack on each target in reach?
One attack per doll.

The fundemental problem with teaching AI to play dnd is that, since there is a strong luck based element, it's not solvable like other games.

Although luck element is a problem, it's hardly the most fundamental one with teaching AI to play D&D. First you need to deal with:
1-D&D rules are full of holes. Our human minds will just unconsciously fill them in, but an AI would go "DOES NOT COMPUTER ERROR BSOD" at the drop of a hat.
2-If you somehow overcome the above, now you need to deal with all the infinite loops and borked combos. The AI will answer every D&D problem with "I use pun-pun lol" assuming they don't find something even more OP.

Question: If there are hostiles inside a battleship and i use deadly circle and slash clearing the senses to autodetect everything can i attack targets inside the ship as if in my melee reach like the manuever says? I already basically have the ability to cut through dimensions and all pretty casually  :rolleyes

No, mechas (and thus battleships) have internal anti-teleport/etherealness/incorporeal fields so that battles don't become "ignore mechas, take out the pilots directly". :p

Question: Is there only the one visible hostile attacking Bastion right now?

Only one visible hostile attacking Bastion right now.

Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Dretch [Infernal]
« on: February 20, 2020, 08:22:51 AM »
Delicious is hilarious! Its stinking Cloud is an SLA not an extraordinary ability. Plus Dretch are only tasty to other DEMONS, not standard PCs.
First, that's contradictory with official fluff where dretches only being eaten when there's no other food available. If they were delicacies, they would be eaten first.

Second, you're removing a major motivation for demons attacking. Monsters often attack if they're hungry, but if demons already have delicious dretches in the abyss, then that's a lot less reason to bother invading the material plane.

Demons do usually prevent dretches from evolving. Name one instance of published material where a Dretch gets it's "due" and I'll video myself eating a shoe.
Fiendish Codex I, pg 8, goes that all demons start as manes then evolve into dretches then eventually into bigger demons. Bigger demons can also devolve back into weaker forms. And if there's anybody who can control that, it's the Demon princes themselves which hold godlike power, and even then only for devolving, not for preventing evolution. Dretches keep their heads low out of fear of being tortured by bigger demons, not out of fear of being eaten/evoblocked.

So may I ask you show a published instance of a chaotic demon able to block dretch evolution? Are you saying demons have a solid, stable, lawful hierarchy where superiors have perfect, cold control over those below?

I'm sure any sane GM would argue "a thousand smite damage results in instant death from massive damage."
Still, this was meant to be a capstone for a later level and could be changed; we can change that and it's DR and natural armor...but it's already so pitiful...

Stinking Cloud and Sleep along a bunch of other magic options with a d8 HD, some DR (very llimited ways for a PC to get DR of any kind at first level) is pretty far from pitiful. It's kinda a 5-minute worker, but for a battle or two the dretch will kick some serious ass.

Then i can change one of my move actions but i still need to know the distance to enemy hostile

Roughly 150 mu.

Does E-Field round the final damage up or down?  I assume down but want to double check.

Okay, I need to make sure that my DR is calculated correctly because I didn't include my DR module in my notes.  Bastion gets DR based on my class levels, + DR from an accessory, and then DR is halved from a Super Robot upgrade.  Does the halving take place after everything?  I assumed so.

Assuming correct math, and that Rending doesn't bypass Hardness, I took either 128 or 129 damage depending on the rounding question.  My miss chance failed me.
-Yes, halving after everything else.
-Yes, Rending doesn't bypass hardness.

Also, when do spirit points recover?  Before or after using spirits in a round?
Right at the start of your turn before actions can be declared.

....okay, Os?  I have the Guardian Shield module which grants DR/- between 1-4.  I wrote that it doesn't stack with existing DR but I can't find where I got that from since it isn't in the module and that ruling doesn't seem to be in the OOC threads.  Does that DR stack with existing DR?  If so, does it get halved?
If the rules don't actually have an anti-stacking clause then they'll stack as long as they're from different sources, and also get halved.

Well I can help with area effects on the next round, but as of right now my actions are done.

Were you expecting to have to blow up the ENTIRE SHIP with us in it?  :lmao

Have you looked at the area of effect for that maneuver? It's more of a strategic weapon than a tactical one. :P
Still your fault for bringing a strategic weapon and no tactical one inside the ship. :P

EDIT: Oh, important question: are any of the enemies flying? Or otherwise inaccessible from the floor?
All detectable enemies crawling in the floor.

Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Dretch [Infernal]
« on: February 13, 2020, 04:25:29 PM »
It's better, but still room for improving:
-Right now it has a -1 net ability bonus, that sucks. Should probably just remove the Int penalty, after all PC dretch is certainly smarter than average.
-Following on the above, let them know Common by default so they can communicate with the party.
-Why does a minion-type Monster have Hold on? Minions are meant to go down in one hit, not to take a 1000 damage crit smite evil from the epic paladin and still be standing.
-Also Delicious just doesn't make much sense here either. Although the 4e monster manual does mention they being used as food, it's only when there's nothing else to eat, if anything with their Stinking Cloud ability dretches should be anything but delicious, and for a PC dretch it should never come up. Plus if dretches are delicious, why are the demons bothering with invading other places?
-Although yes demons are more chaotic than devils, it's still official that dretches too can evolve Pokémon style into stronger forms. Just that while lemures must follow a specific order, a dretch may evolve into anything right away at the whims of the Abyss all the way up to a Balor (and then go after those that bullied it). And that's why the curse bit should be removed. If bigger demons could reliably stop dretches from evolving, then the Abyss would be quite a different place. And if the DM wants otherwise for dretch NPCs, they can just rule it that way on their own.
-In the other hand +5 Nat armor and 4 DR is certainly too much for first level, and out of line with all the other monster classes around here.
-Also random summoning is not very reliable. Should probably be 100% in return for a weaker dretch (no feats, 10 base on all stats for example).

Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Yokai Classes
« on: February 13, 2020, 04:02:02 PM »
Greater Serene Yokai feat says " adds half of all non ‘Serene Yokai’ levels to its effective Serene Yokai level, instead of merely one third", but there's no mention of adding one third anywhere else. Leftover from a previous version?

Tyrant Youkai is back to suffering from just having Uncanny Dodge by other name at 6th level, which feels kinda lackluster.

Bound Slime needs the time for creating a new slime.

Progenitor Yokai's feat needs the clarification that the level stacking only applies to calculating ability effects, not actually granting full free levels. Although as Corvus pointed out, may be better to do something else for the feat like you've been doing for the other youkai. Ditto for Vicious, Ravenous and Mirage. Like, being able to count as incorporal when beneficial, two claw attacks as a standard or bigger stomach are already worth a feat on their own probably.

Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Dretch [Infernal]
« on: February 09, 2020, 04:47:15 PM »
At first glance:
-" should not be suitable for players" is the exact opposite of this project's goals. The #1 objective here has always been "make this monster useable by players".
-You're deriving stat adjustements wrong. You subtract the basic array of 10s (if even) and 11s (if odd), so a Dretch's adjustement should be +2 Str, +4 Con, -6 Int. Mind you it's fine to change said adjustements for balance reasons, but make the "minion" monster have a Cha bonus? That just feels wrong.
-In case you haven't seen it yet, I would advise to take a look at the lemure as the devil version of playable minion monster.

Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Volibear
« on: February 09, 2020, 03:22:31 PM »
Is it really? Combat in D&D usually doesn't last that long, so usually you'll be hard pressed to get more than one extra attack., plus you need to remain still to full attack.

Meanwhile Rolling Thunder is dealing extra damage right now while helping you close in melee along a disable (even if it allows a save, in particular since Ref saves are usually lower), while Majestic Roar is a debuff+damage Aoe.

Remind me, does rending get through AT Fields? Or do they only reduce ranged damage?

EDIT: OK, a quick read-over of Absolute Barrier has what I need. At this point, I feel I should mention that it does allow me to ignore Rending if I pick it as one of my immunities, but only if I do so on my turn. I leave it up to you whether I did so when I raised my defenses in preparation. Just let me know which it is, because otherwise the damage is radically different.

That's... 0+1+3 if Rending immunity applies, or a big fat 0 if it doesn't, but either way my regen is gonna eat up that damage on my turn.
Well since you specifically didn't activate Rending immunity I'll rule that it isn't active. Don't forget to discount energy too!

EDIT 2: Also, I have 25% miss chance from Hyperdimensional Step. Not sure if that was taken into account.
You can roll your own miss chances.

EDIT 3: Also also, it's been forever and a half since the last time I touched this game, someone remind me who the girl thinking she hears angels is supposed to be? XD
Aryk, an esper illegally infiltrated among the colonists in the Protectora XVI. Sister of Erinyes Prototype. Supposedly tagging along the party for support.

If I ever knew who anyone was...

I shall use 8 Wis as my justification for forgetting everyone's names. :p

Super Robot Wars d20 / Re: Missile Massacre school.
« on: February 06, 2020, 04:30:04 PM »
It's ok to ask questions here.

That rule in specific only applies for the recovery of maneuvers. Extra energy costs besides maneuver recovery such as those of Target Lock would still demand the payment of energy.

There, sorry for the delay, bad girls can't keep their claws off Hugo.

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Rolling more.

(click to show/hide)

Enemy Initiatives:

Rolled 1d20+7 : 10 + 7, total 17

Rolled 1d20+7 : 17 + 7, total 24

Rolled 1d20+7 : 5 + 7, total 12

Rolled 1d20+7 : 6 + 7, total 13

Rolled 1d20+7 : 16 + 7, total 23

Rolled 1d20+7 : 10 + 7, total 17

Rolled 1d20 : 20, total 20

Well fuck.

Quote from: Nanshork
Okay, here is what is going down.

I need roughly 2,000 people to crew the ships (5 people per ship, roughly 400 ships).  For simplicities sake I'm just calling it 2,000.

287 crew are being given up from my two follower ships are being given up as crew for the AI ships.  1,720 crew now needed.

All 163 followers are next to be given up, mechas and leftover crew from follower ships being used for repairs and additional crew for the more badly needed ships.  1,550 crew now needed.

1,550 crew given up from Bastion.

Per Os

    Up to half of Bastion’s crew can be safely sent away without penalty. Anything below that and Damarius and Bastion will be taking a -1 penalty per 100 missing crew to all 1d20 rolls and damage rolls until you can find proper replacements, with the limit of at least 200 crew needing to remain so Bastion can work at all, at which point you’ll be taking a -8 penalty (worst case scenario you can find 100 replacements per 24 hours through the usual channels).

So Bastion is giving up 550 crew above and beyond the halfway mark so I'm either at -5 or -6 depending on how rounding goes.

I assume that for the purposes of this battle I have no followers because everyone is getting shuffled around and the AI ships are being repaired?

How far into the process of removing my own crew have I gotten?  I can get rid of 1,000 of the 1,550 to be removed without penalties.

I never though to ask before, what's happening with my cohort (if anything)?

Edit: End result is that I'm getting 400 ships (assuming that the"roughly 400 AI active ships right now" becomes 400).  I can live with that replacing my cohort as well if it comes down to it.  I know you PM'd me saying I can keep my cohort but I'm just double checking.

I just dug up the finalized posts about the follower swap and pasted the information into my Followers sheet so that we can both review it before the swap is finalized which is going to be after this battle anyway.

For this battle your cohort will be at hand plus minimum crew needed to run Bastion with no penalties, but nothing else ready for battle at the moment.

Of course! First you're right there was no clear way for a sorceror to actually learn the spells, so clarified that they need to either study a script or a token doll to make their own token doll of each maneuver/stance.

Then let's say you're a 1st level sorceror with 18 Cha, that gives you 3 1st level daily spell slots plus 1 bonus.

You can then "prepare" a 1st level Doll Judgement or Stance on each of your 1st spell slots. Any leftover ones can be used for normal magic. After you expend said maneuvers, you can recover them all 1 minute of meditation.

Hope that's clear enough.

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