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Can an Intelligent Item be a Battleship?

Edit: as in your template class, not the dmg version.

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I did not notice at all that Os had done an update almost 2 weeks ago -_-'
Unfortunately, still does Katherine not actually have much to input here plotwise. She is so far out of this loop hahaha. Personally I am kinda out of my depth here lorewise too. As much as I love the PS universe, I've not have many opportunities to really get too far into most of the games.

Not so much annoying as unreadable haha

On the same note as Rainy there, I do find it incredibly awkward to have to read through Soro & Os' posts when they're hating on each other for just existing  :-\

Just...air out ya'll's grievances in like a DM/PM on Discord so our game threads don't get overburdened with you two clashing here >.>

I just hope we can eventually get back to a point of everyone playing more civil and friendly like we sometimes have managed to do before...

Then why is the scroll's CL and DC  independent from the user's stats?

Isn't it implied in the label for scrolls as spell completion items? I.e. someone else started it and you're just finishing it. Yanno, like group projects where you do 100% of the work yourself and your partner just slaps their name on it after you finish and takes credit for it.

It also helps with making costing out scrolls a uniform matter rather than customizable minmaxed nonsense with an excessive amount of formulas to calculate every combination of CL, SplLvl, and DC.

Super Robot Wars d20 / Re: Great General Discussion and Suggestions II-Z
« on: September 05, 2018, 12:43:16 AM »
Why aren't they called "Magitechniques"!?  :lmao

Whoa Os, you're downright playing....with fire  :flirt

And again, constrict damage happens when the grapple roll is sucessful. Which means right after the weapon hits, so you end up dealing heavy weapon damage then constrict damage right away. And then it's not that hard to roll a bunch more grapples every round to multiply that heavy damage. It's a lot more damage.

Oh, I missed this.

You basically just said that grapples/constricts work exactly the same as what you decided to do already with entirely unimpeded full attacks on grappled creatures. So no matter which you go with nothing would change.

Except you can't do more than one grapple check a round to damage a grappled opponent but I'm over this topic *shrugs*

*shrugs* Okay.

I'ma just keep rolling with the hits like I do, whatevs~ Is cool.

Kuro, he wouldn't be "shutting you down" so much if you were actually doing things you know you can do instead of just tossing assumptions around. For the most part, his denying of your actions so far seem to be due to you not being clear about rules, both SRW ones and in the case of Dimension Door, regular core rules.

I know I get lost on this stuff to sometimes. Not too long ago I was pming Os about certain maneuver and spirit interactions for my previous turn cause I just didn't know if I could actually do what I wanted to do despite that it all looked viably legal. Turned out it wasn't -_-'

You're right, it's simple and effective, but it's not balanced. The pro of grappling is shutting down an opponents actions, the con is doing the same to yourself. Crowd control is overwhelmingly powerful like that. You're trying to eliminate any downside to committing to a grapple.

Also I did suggest just using the base weapons damage as the constrict damage so there wouldn't be anything to calculate. You can even state that the damage type is the same as the base weapons'.

So like neither of your examples are actually grappling, just saying. The wrech thing is a straight up pile-driver.

And even if we agreed they were, both of your examples are made with tools specifically for grabbing objects. As well, they grab with a part that is capable and intended for further compression, i.e., constricting.

Your examples against are actually examples for my point -_-'

To finish, we can't really compare those to, basically, a flail that you're using.

Grabbing weapons can be used in a grapple? That doesn't make sense. Cause the weapon is already being used to maintain the grapple. Really, I think rather than outright being able to continue using a grabbing weapon that is already grappling someone to continue hitting that victim as if it wasn't grappling already, you could instead allow grabbing weapons to do constrict damage on successful grapple checks versus those already grappled foes.

That at least makes sense over being able to use a single weapon in multiple different ways simultaneously.

Do be careful, mecha weapons do force damage to nonmechas so a ghost Hugo might get swatted hard -_-'

I feel like Hugo's turn could be made to work if he actually was just screwing around with illusions. Illusions have infinite actions  :lmao

Super Robot Wars d20 / Re: Great General Discussion and Suggestions II-Z
« on: August 23, 2018, 06:23:43 AM »
Bipedal colossal creatures are indeed 60 feet tall, but those also are only 6 squares tall on the board thus 30 feet  :p

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The only part of that assault against Kat that I actually feel might be defeating me is that absolute information overload I can't figure out how to process this wall of text.

What is she doing, dodging Kat's point cause "there's worse ppl than me out there"?  :lmao

I've definitely got to admit though, I think I just lost all motivation to fight right now haha -_-'

Super Robot Wars d20 / Re: Great General Discussion and Suggestions II-Z
« on: August 03, 2018, 12:27:47 AM »
Ok, rogues then. Have a 1d6 while barbarians have 1d12, and rogues have no spells and can't really afford much Con while the barbarian can, but rogues are still considered a pretty solid class.

And what does that have to do with the topic? Honestly.  :huh
I could sit here and pick apart both classes to show why exactly either one is worth what it's getting out of not having other things but, yanno, at the end of the day, we can compare everything in D&D to everything else in D&D, but none of those things are mechas.

What is actually being gained from cutting your HP in half and is it actually a comparable gain for such an insane loss?
(And I don't mean to be asking that question as if to say I don't know. Because I do know what the gains/losses are for the ability's current incarnation. I'm asking if you really believe it grants a worthwhile trade off because no one else here does. This is a system where a mecha built as a massive tank can still be dropped in a single round, so what can really justify being crippled to half HP forever?)

In the other hand I point you to wizards with their puny 1d4 HD (only 1/3 of a barbarian's 1d12 HD) yet being considered one of the top classes on the game. There are ways to work around low HP.

The way wizards work around low hp is because of practically being the next best thing to outright God if not better.

That is a bad comparison to make considering the hoops mechas have gotta jump thru to get spells. Mechas have so far shown themselves to not synergize well with spellcasting, regardless of being able to acquire it at no where near the viability of a wizard.

And that's fine, mechs don't need spellcasting, much less having it on par with wizards; but that does mean that any mech taking that 1/2 hp loss seriously needs to actually be given something worth having no hp just like wizards.

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