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Creations & Ephemera / Voyage Across the Sea (Working Title)
« on: September 21, 2015, 11:47:25 PM »
The fine details will be hashed out later, but here is the basic skeleton of the plot I have cooked up for the campaign I have in mind.

(click to show/hide)

This will be somewhat of a community project. Solo and I will need help coming up with ideas primarily for the adventures between levels 8 and 16, and I'm sure we'll need additional help elsewhere, as well.

Creations & Ephemera / A Campaign to Fund a Campaign. Are You Interested?
« on: September 21, 2015, 12:38:04 AM »
If you've read my thread asking for help, you know that I've been in a pretty bad way lately, and anyone who's been in my position knows how hard it is to get out of it.

But I've been talking with Solo (the Sorcelator) here on MinMax, as well as a few other people, and we've come up with some ideas to help me help myself, as well as to give something back to our community, and I think it's something we can make work.

I've been part of some big projects in the past, and I've tossed out quite a number of big ideas, helped a lot of people to understand 3rd Edition (especially psionics), and engaged in some big debates here, on GiantitP, and on the old Gleemax boards. So I'd like to make a proposal. I want to use the gofundme money to buy some time, and use that time to start up an extended project.

Solo and I want to build some large and involved adventure campaigns for 3rd Edition and Pathfinder, launch our own website to host them, and to eventually branch out into other media, such as stories written by talented fantasy authors (including myself), and potentially webcomics and even some animated features, if we can get everything together properly. The bulk of the adventure campaigns will be free of charge, with specialty modules available for nominal fees, and potential merchandise later on. As we produce modules, we can use people here to playtest them, holding gaming parties and so on to see just how fun they are and whether they need tweaking before their release.

It's a big idea, and I think that we can make it work with some support from y'all and from other people we pick up along the way. I want to get the ball rolling on this, and the first step is to get some funds in that gofundme account. After that, we'll have to hold some big discussions so we can figure out how we're gonna do this.

I'm actually excited about something for the first time in a long time, and you should be, too! Help me with this, and we can do something great together.

Creations & Ephemera / I Need Some Help. Please Read.
« on: September 16, 2015, 08:34:45 AM »
Dear Minmaxers.

Lately, things have taken a drastic turn for the worse.

I just lost my job, which was the only thing keeping me afloat, and I just don't know what to do anymore. I've been looking for a different, less stressful job for months, and there's nothing around here that I even remotely qualify for. I'm stuck in an extremely small town, with no car, no family, and no way out.

I don't know what to do anymore.

The stress of my situation has been building steadily, and I've worked myself to tatters trying to deal with it. I had a few months where things seemed to be getting better, but that was apparently the cliff-edge before the abyss. It's taken a severe toll on my health.

Along with the mounting stress, I've been suffering from a steadily worse depression over the course of the last two years, along with declining physical health and a host of attendant problems, including headaches, anxiety, insomnia to the point where I go weeks without sleep, constant exhaustion, low blood pressure and bouts of stress-induced hypoglycemia, blackouts, and stabbing chest pains when my stress reaches a particularly high point.

Even doing the smallest things is extremely difficult. I feel like I've been drugged, and my ability to think has crashed and burned. It's so hard to try to dig yourself out of a hole when it takes everything you've got just to get out of bed in the morning or fix something to eat. I got an impossibly rare burst of motivation to even write this, and my brain is so doped up on its own stress chemicals that I'm not entirely sure if it's coherent. I'll have someone look over it so it at least makes sense.

Suicidal thoughts are nothing new, but I've always had enough strength to resist them. But it's getting to the point where they're actually starting to look attractive, and that scares the hell out of me.

I've tried going to see a doctor, but they want to dope me up with drugs, and I've had horrible reactions with every depression med I've ever tried, up to and including a coma that lasted three full days. But honestly? I don't need drugs, I need a break. Anyone subjected to enough stress will crumble, and stress is not a "disorder" that can be treated.

I've tried fixing this on my own, but it's just not enough. I just keep falling farther and farther behind.

I'm ashamed to have to do this, but I don't see any other way. I don't like handouts, but I don't want to become homeless (or worse), either, which is looking like a distinct possibility.

I'm desperate, and I really, really, really, really need your help.

I'll be frank. I need money. I need enough to pay off some old bills, enough to buy a car so I can get out of this tiny town, and enough to set up elsewhere and live on for awhile while I recuperate from the stress I've been under for the past few years, not to mention look for a job or alternative source of income.

I've set up a gofundme account at

With any luck (and lots of help), I'll be able to use this to get myself in a position to fix several things in my life that have been weighing me down for a long time. And that will make it easier to start building myself up again, rather than just bailing myself out of the hole I'm in.

Please spread the word to the people you know. Facebook, Twitter, whatever. Anyplace you think you can reach receptive ears.

Any ideas you have which might help my situation are appreciated, as well.

And no matter what else happens, thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart. No matter how much or how little you give, it's definitely appreciated, even if it's just spreading the word.

So thank you. Thank you so much.


Min/Max 3.x / Coolest 1 lvl dip for fun abilities!
« on: May 11, 2012, 04:56:19 PM »
I get to ignore racial and alignment prereqs for this, since I can change shape into whatever I want, whenever I want (due to using Fusion on a hagunemnon and then Astral Seed -- this lets me get race and alignment subtypes whenever I need them to qualify for...whatever). Just FYI.

So far my build is society mind 20 // Changeling ACF Rogue 1/Factotum 3/Unarmed Swordsage 1/Thrallherd 1/Bard 1/Illithid Savant 3/Sublime Chord 2/Marshal 1/Illithid Savant 7 (essentially gestalted with 44 racial hit dice from the hagunemnon I Fusioned with). I used illithid savant to grab the StP erudite's ability to learn powers and spells, and the metamind's font of power ability (for infinite power points and every non-epic power and spell from every list in the game). My manifester level is somewhere in the hundreds by this point.

Thus, power is NOT an issue.

That first level of rogue is nice for skill points and for taking 10 on social skills, but my skills are already so insanely high that I don't technically need them. Instead, I was wondering what the best and most fun 1-level dip for AWESOME abilities would be. Keep in mind, this is for stuff that's just pure fun.

So in short, if you had enough power to slaughter entire pantheons of gods, what nifty little abilities would you like to grab in exchange for that 1 level of rogue? Can be base class, PrC, or other. Preferably not a template, as I can grab those easy enough using Wish via Savage Species.

I'd like some suggestions.


I dunno if anyone plans on moving the bard-based handbooks over here, but here're a couple of things for when they are.

Miniatures Handbook p25
Battlefield Inspiration (Feat) - Not only does this grant your allies within 30' a +2 circumstance bonus vs fear affects when you use inspire courage, it lets you use inspire courage as a free action with no special limits on uses per day. Why has nobody looked at this?

Savage Species p58
Master Fiddle (Wondrous Item) - It requires UMD to use (and resizes to the wearer as per the fact that wondrous items do so automatically), but it gives anyone all the bardic music abilities (an unlimited number of times per day) as if they were a 9th level bard (it even ignores the Perform skill prereqs). Seriously, who wouldn't want this? Other than, of course, bards of 9th level and above. Especially awesome if you've dipped into the bard class for a bardadin, warblard, or bardsader build, or if you've traded out the standard bardic options for other things.

Min/Max 3.x / Best Range on Hive Mind Ability?
« on: May 01, 2012, 09:32:11 PM »
I have a crazy-powerful build I'm working on for kicks, and I have a ton of spare bodies (via PAO, Mind Seed, and Fusion/Astral Seed, along with a thought bottle to level them up) that I want to use, but I want to keep them 'all in the family,' so to speak. To that end I want to hive mind them all together. So far the best version of the ability is the formian queen, with a 50 mile radius, but I want longer. Infinite range, if possible, and across the planes if I can. The only ability I've seen that is comparable to this is the dvati twins' ability, but I'm already a dvati twin, and I'm pretty sure I can't get that to work with more than the two standard bodies.

...or can I? Anyone know how to make THAT work? Either/or.

Okay, so I know that 'vs' threads are bad, but I went through the effort of making this build stub, and everyone else wanted to see it, so I'm posting it here anyway. So n'yah.

I found a few issues when I posted this in that other thread over on the other boards, which I have now cleared up. Feel free to look it over and tell me how you think it stacks up vs Endarire's fighter.


I'm going to assume that only effects that last 24 hours or more are in effect, which basically means that only Midnight Augmentation has actually been activated. I have a few options for 9-hour powers, but I don't really need them.

Okay, 42 point buy, two flaws (really doesn't matter which ones, as they won't affect anything either way -- Noncombatant and Vulnerable?), no traits.

Human shaper 5/constructor 5 (used Favored Contact from Cityscape, then retrained it away once I got into constructor and had enough skill ranks to sustain it).

90 pp
85.5 average hp

Str - 8
Dex - 8
Con - 18 (+2 item) = 20
Int - 16 (+2 item) = 18
Wis - 16 (+2 item) 18
Cha - 14

Flaw 1 - Psicrystal Affinity (Single-Minded)
Flaw 1 - Linked Power
Racial - Overchannel
HD 1 - Midnight Augmentation
Psion 1 - Boost Construct
HD 3 - Psicrystal Containment
Psion 5 - Metamorphic Transfer
HD 6 - Psionic Meditation
HD 9 - Expanded Knowledge (Metamorphosis)
Constructor 9 - Boost Construct (2)

HD 1 - Hidden Talent (Precognition, Seer 1)
HD 3 - Twin Power
HD 6 - Practiced Manifester
HD 9 - Protection Devotion

Torc of power preservation (MIC, 4,000 gp)
Bead of karma (DMG, 20,000 gp)
+10 skill shard (UMD, XPH, 1,000 gp)
Synaptic Mask (Hyperconscious, 3,000 gp, not relevant to this game, but an awesome item anyway)
Lesser rod of Extend (DMG 3,000 gp, totally not necessary, but still nice)
+2 Con item (4,000 gp)
+2 Int item (4,000 gp)
+2 Wis item (4,000 gp)
Psionic Crawling Tattoo of Expansion (ML 7) (1,400 gp)

TOTAL SPENT: 44,400 gp

1. Astral Construct
1. Ecto Protection
1. Psionic Minor Creation
1. Vigor
1. Synchronicity
1. Hammer
1. (Seer) Precognition (Hidden Talent)
2. Share Pain
4. Dimension Door, Psionic

Full ranks in: UMD (Cross-Class, 6 ranks), Concentration


(click to show/hide)
The astral construct has the following stats, and PROBABLY beats the fighter on initiative, due to my delaying. Also, I forwent the augmented stats under Expansion for the actual sizing rules in the SRD here and here (except for the Dex and Str mods); otherwise it's extremely confusing:

(click to show/hide)

It takes half-damage on a hit, and is wielding a Psionic Minor Creation-fashioned ironwood guisarme that doubles its reach to 60' and deals 6d6+30 damage (though it takes a -4 to hit on a flat-footed-due-to-invisibility attack). It uses its slams if the fighter gets within 30', and attempts to grapple.

The psion Metamorphosises into something difficult to hit (like a Superior Invisibility'd pixie), and hides under the AC, using it as cover.

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