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Greetings, all!

Our small group is playing the Shackled City campaign for D&D 3.5.  All 3.5 sources are allowed including homebrew, and this campaign is meant to be 'tough, but fair.'  Our GM has generally been lenient with allowing homebrew and rules changes if we all agree we want something changed.

We are angels of Pelor (and I at least am well aware of the Burning Hate controversy) given mortal bodies to aid in Cauldron and judge whether this plane should be destroyed to remove the righteous with the wicked or spared.

Our group is ECL4ish now and near the end of the second chapter of The Shackled City, Drakthar's Way.  My in-character brother is a Half-Celestial Gith Druid3 going Planar Shepherd of a plane to be announced || Tome Monk.  (He is WIS-based.)  I am a Magic-Blooded Divine Mnion of Thoth (reflavored to be of Pelor) Cloistered Cleric3 going for a modified Hathran and Manyfold Summoner (and possibly other divine casting PrCs) || Fun, Powerful Sorcerer3 intending to go 20+ in this class.  My domains are Dragon Below and Kobold (though I intend to switch Dragon Below for Time due to it being better overall).  (I am CHA-based with Cloistered Cleric-based casting being house ruled to be CHA- instead of WIS-based.)  The GM has said that our main characters are exceptionally powerful and occasionally rule-breaking:  We are probably the only gestalt characters in this game world and we were each built on a 40 point buy.  In my character's case, he got some domains not normally part of Pelor's list/portfolio.  The GM also houseruled our level adjustments so each of us only has a total LA of 1, regardless of the default rules.

We have with us a GMPC named Kristof, a Human Cleric of Pelor3 or 4 with the Strength and Sun domains going for Radiant Servant of Pelor, Contemplative, and Divine Metamagic (Persistent buffs).  He's meant to represent the common folk and we have adopted him as our apprentice because, in and out of character, we want to have him thrive.  He was the only remaining priest in Cauldron at the start of the adventure  He was built with the equivalent of a 19 point buy.  (He has 10 STR/10 DEX/12 CON/10 INT/15 WIS/9 CHA.)  He has no traits nor flaws for feats as per GM instructions.  So far, he's been only minorly useful, occasionally hitting with his longsword (a GM-granted weapon and proficiency), occasionally buffing, sometimes summoning, and rarely healing since our team has rarely gotten hurt enough to warrant that.  I've been holding out for him to increase in levels so he can get more useful spells, including direct damage ones like searing light and crowd control ones like haboob.  Once he gets level 4 spells, lesser holy transformation changes his type to Outsider, and polymorph from my character can make him even more uber via forms like these.

This Bard4 cohort is likely to be built using Kristof as a standard once my character reaches level 6.  This means it's her job primarily to make the rest of the group awesome as the church's music director.  (I'm aware of optimizing Inspire Courage and JoshuaD's Bard Handbook.)  Her planned build is NG Silverbrow Human (with the Magic-Blooded template if allowed) Bard9/Lyric Thaumaturge1/Sublime Chord2Lyric Thaumaturge+X,  (The assumption is Lyric Thaumaturge advances Bardic Music as a full Bard.  This is our game, and even if this isn't RAW, this is how we intend to play.)

Thus, what feats, stats, skills, items, and otherwise do you most recommend for a buffing, casting-heavy Bard who intends also to melee once she's properly polymorphed considering her stats?  Should she start at middle age?


D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / What would balance Simulacrum?
« on: February 19, 2019, 04:11:34 AM »
Simulacrum is a tricky spell and not just since it's an Illusion.  This spell seemingly has no fair balance point if taken at RAW.  (Needing to have a copy of the target's toenails or body parts isn't a limiting factor when these things are available freely and infinitely in every spell component pouch.  Also, see Eschew Materials.)

The soonest a Wizard can cast this spell from spell slots is 13.  This is after the point that Genies and Solars become available to copy.  Want a wish or more every day?  Go ahead!  Remember, wish pays for the EXP and body part costs of simulacrum.

And those are just some off=the-top-of-my-head core examples.  Outside core, things can get even more extreme with using lesser planar binding to get some Mirror Mephits (Expedition to the Demonweb Pits) who have simulacrum 1/day at CL8 as a spell-like ability (which bypasses the body part and EXP requirements) to make sims of Efreet, lesser Angels, Artificers, and so on.

Baldur's Gate II treated simulacrum like a controllable, possibly equippable self-clone with fewer HD/levels than you.  I'd prefer not to change/reintrepret simulacrum to be that limiting (which can still be powerful).

What say you?


Other Games / Knights of the Chalice 2 Kickstarter Thread
« on: February 14, 2019, 05:46:37 PM »
Greetings, all!

KotC2 has a Kickstarter!  As of this writing (Feb 14, 2019) it isn't yet live, but it'll be soon enough!

The game's author kindly explained what Knights of the Chalice 2 is(n't).

The Knights of the Chalice series is a turn-based adaptation of the Open Gaming License (OGL) rules for D&D 3.5.  The first KotC stuck fairly close the the rules as written, but KotC2 seems more interested in adapting and expanding them for the sake of a better game.

I've already offered the author extensive feedback regarding many aspects of the game, some of which is slated to be in the final release.

As an aside, Knights of the Chalice is soon scheduled to arrive on Steam, GOG, and possibly other PC gaming platforms!


D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Realms Beyond: What suggestions have you?
« on: January 30, 2019, 02:56:33 AM »
Greetings, all!

As a recent backer of Realms Beyond - a turn-based open gaming license D&D 3.5 RPG due to release next year - I was curious what suggestions you have for this game.  Preferably, you'll put those on the official forums so the devs and community can read and respond to them.  I request this so the game will be the best it can be!

If you've already done this, then great!


(I wasn't sure if this post should go in the D&D 3.5 section since this is about a D&D 3.5ish video game.)

General D&D Discussion / Don Quioxte, Man of La Mancha, and D&D
« on: December 08, 2018, 02:31:14 AM »
Greetings, all!

Having been reminded of Man of La Mancha, one of my favorite musicals, I realized that this is the sort of story that likely inspired D&D's earliest days.  Just listen to the aforelinked lyrics (or read them here) and consider this Don Quixote plot summary and this previous-in-the-movie exposition.

Nevermind that Don is (or at least seems to be, depending on version and interpretation) a delusional knight in an age past chivalry:  He seems very much like a D&D 3.5 Paladin with the Harmonious Knight alternative class feature for singing.

What are your thoughts?

Off Topic Fun / "Go for the eyes, Pooh! Go for the eyes!"
« on: November 21, 2018, 08:49:37 PM »
Recently, I learned Jim Cummings voiced Minsc and Pooh Bear.

"Go for the eyes, Pooh!  Go for the eyes!"

Min/Max 3.x / Optimized Rebuke Undead: What resources exist?
« on: September 16, 2018, 11:36:28 PM »
Greetings, all!

What resources exist for optimizing rebuking Undead as a Cleric beyond those listed in The AfterCrescent Cleric Handbook?


D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / What is 1 character level (or 1 hit die) worth?
« on: September 16, 2018, 12:10:34 AM »
Greetings, all!

This is something that even WotC had trouble figuring out back in the day:

What is 1 character level (or 1 hit die) worth?

In its simplest form, it's worth at least 1 HD with associated skill points, BAB progression, and save(s) progression.  Sometimes, spellcasting (prepared or spontaneous) is progressed.  (You can substitute casting here for other similar systems like manifesting, binding, martial maneuvers, and maybe also Incarnum.)  Sometimes class features are gained in addition to or instead of casting.

Taking the first level in a class as the first level overall provides 4x skill points and usually max HP for that HD.  Taking the first level of any class also grants proficiencies and access to a new list of class skills which may overlap with ones the character already has.  If favored classes are in play, other penalties and bonuses apply.

Answering the thread's title question is understandably complicated since taking Fighter1 at level 1 provides a variety of proficiencies, a bonus feat, and likely also max HP for that HD, while taking Fighter1 after Wizard5 is more questionable.  (Certain builds intend to do this.  I acknowledge that.)

Level adjustments further complicate things since they give features in the short-term while normally giving none of the scaling level-based abilities (HD, skill points, saves, and class features), and when a level adjustment is gained also matters.  Being stuck level 1 with a notable level adjustment is painful, and probably more painful overall than having that same level adjustment at level 5 or 10.  (I am aware of level adjustment buyoff from Unearthed Arcana.)

Racial HD also complicate things since they generally give less than what an equal number of class levels would give, but at least they can give skills, HP/HD, BAB. and base saves.

Thus, what is 1 character level (or 1 hit die) worth?  What standards exist or should exist?

Greetings, all!

I felt especially inspired recently and made the Manyfold Summoner, a D&D 3.5 PrC (that could probably easily be ported to Pathfinder) that focuses on summoning.  To my knowledge, no 3.x PrC that (almost) fully advanced casting focused entirely on summoning.  The summon boosts were just part of a package that sometimes involved calling creatures (Malconvoker, Thaumaturgist) or doing casting stuff in general (Master Specialist, Paragnostic Apostle).

The overall goals of this PrC were thus:

-Improve summoning and summonlings without making them too strong.

-Combine and refine the official summoning abilities from 3.5.

-Add enough original content to make it worthwhile.

-Stick to theme.

-Avoid ambiguities.

I acknowledge this PrC may seem or be strong.  However, it does what it does well, or at least it should.  Is it better than Planar Shepherd, Incantatrix, or/and Dweomerkeeper?  Almost certainly not, but such isn't the point.  Is it better than the other PrCs that are at least somewhat summoning-related?  Quite likely, and that's intentional, due at least in part to a general lack of purely summoning-focused PrCs.

Thankee for your consideration!

Greetings, all!

I've been a big fan of Temple of Elemental Evil, so much so that I've contributed mods to this game:  I voice acted the NPC Human Cleric of St. Cuthbert Ronald Rynnwrathi and modded some inventory scripts for improved item availability.  (Worry not about review sfor vanilla ToEE since the Circle of Eight and Temple+ mods have drastically improved this game over vanilla!)

I also felt like our communities on the Circle of Eight/Co8 Forums and Temple+ Forum have remained largely isolated from the rest of the world, including people who liked D&D 3.5, Pathfinder, Arcanum, Fallout, or/and other Troika/Interplay/Black Isle games.  (Some people who worked on the original Fallout series - notably, Tim Cain - also worked on ToEE and Troika titles.)

While programmers are likely in the highest demand, if you're interested in helping in any capacity, there's likely a spot for you and something helpful to do.  Great with portraits?  Background art?  3D modeling?  Audio?  Something else that seems relevant to improve ToEE or/and its expansion modules of Keep on the Borderlands, Icewind Dale or/and something else that should be done?  Let's talk!  (For example, Against the Giants has been a commonly-requested module to be ported to ToEE, but certain critical aspects have been lacking, preventing working on this module in earnest.)

On the Co8 Board, contact Allyx or/and Sitra Achara.  On the Temple+ Forum, contact Sitra Achara.

Regardless, tell them that Endarire sent you.  Also tell them that you want to learn more about helping with ToEE or/and an associated project and in what regards (audio, background art, coding, etc.)

Together, we can improve this game, this engine, and all associated media.


I rerecorded and reuploaded the first 2 videos (00 & 01) and added episode 02.  Things should work now!

Greetings, all!
I started a YouTube playlist where I do a Let's Play of Temple of Elemental Evil with Temple+ and the Circle of 8 mod.  The format is not a standard Let's Play, but treating the game like I'm running an online D&D 3.5 tabletop campaign using ToEE as a visualization app.
Enjoy, all!

Board Business / BG Archive Forum Stopped Working
« on: May 22, 2018, 07:22:29 PM »
Greetings, all!

Recently, the BG Archive Forum worked.  Today, I noticed it didn't.  What happened?

Greetings, all!

I wasn't sure if this were a simple question.  Constructs like Golems and Psicrystals, but not Warforged, are immune to "necromancy effects."  Cure light wounds and its derivatives target "creature touched" and make no mention of how it affects Constructs since such spells are Conjurations, not Necromancies.  Psionic repair damage and other repair spells explicitly affect only Constructs.

Therefore, what is your verdict and why?


Greetings, all!

What's your experience with playing an ahead-of-the-curve casting Kobold Sorcerer?  To clarify, I don't mean Pun-Pun or something with (nearly) infinite X due to loop use.  Instead, I mean a Kobold Sorcerer with the template White Dragonspawn (possibly with its level adjustment bought off) or/and Dragonwrought with the Loredrake Sovereign Archetype.  (Let's assume this Loredrake trick works for this thread.)  I also assume that the Greater Draconic Rite of Passage for +1 Sorcerer base caster level is available and used if the character reaches 6+ HD.

What was your build (spells, feats, PrCs, items, etc.)?  Who else (players, minions etc.) was in your party?  What was your adventure like?  What were the lows and highs?  What did your fellow players (including your GM) think of this character?  What other comments have you regarding this experience?

I ask because this build has been mentioned so many times online and I wanted player experiences to better understand its balance/power level and otherwise what to expect.


Min/Max 3.x / Kalashtar Psion/Thrallherd for an Undead-Heavy Campaign
« on: April 09, 2018, 01:49:23 AM »
Greetings, all!

I intended to play a Kalashtar Psion/Thallherd for an Undead-heavy campaign.  I chose Kalashtar due to the extra power points and the ability to pass for Human (due to roleplaying reasons).  This will most likely be a a female Thrallherd with a male Human (or Human subrace, like Silverbrow Human) main thrall again for RP reasons.

Character creation details are to be announced, but all official 3.5 (and unupdated 3.0) material is presently fair game.  (No third party, including the spiffy Hyperconscious.)  This means books, magazines, web articles, etc. and we are using Complete Psionic's nerfs.  We'd likely start at ECL 5 or 6 and end no later than ECL15.  The rest of the party is to be determined.

Thus, what primarily discipline, powers, and feats are best for the Psion?  I want to be generally effective and was seriously considering Shaper for crowd control and the occasional damage ability.  Astral construct is still useful, even if it's only 1 active at a time.  (Build help for the Psion is the primary focus of our discussion.)

Also, what build do y'all advise for the main thrall?  I was seriously considering Inspire Courage support Bard with Silverbrow Human for Dragonfire Inspiration.

D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Seeking Answers to Dwarven Logic & Math Riddles
« on: February 05, 2018, 01:33:41 AM »
Greetings, all!

Next Sunday, we share our answers to these riddles.  Correct answers mean progress.  Wrong answers mean bad stuff.  We may be able to use skill checks in place of 'real answers,' but having these right answers (with an explanation for each) would help greatly.

Riddle 1: Drunk Dwarf Drinking Contest
The drinking contest:

Clan Hammerfall is known for its exquisite drinking contest. The "Prince of Ale" Title is amongst the worthiest of all to be carried under the mountain.  In order to become the Prince of Ale, one must outlast the competition, the last man standing or the one with the most consumed ale after a whole night wins.

Unfortunately, last year's event ended in a bit of a black-out. Most of the competitors were lying on the floor, but a handful remained still standing. One is unsure about, who was the true Prince of Ale. The official notes of this evening show:

    Marrian Hammerfall beat Tom Stonehand and Jarlaqusel Rench.
    Krensh Bigfingers lost to Graham Goodfellow and Marrian Hammerfall.
    Peltasar Piper beat Jarlaqusel Rench, Tom Stonehand and Alan Ardman.
    Zach Oremaster beat Frodo Lightmantle.
    Graham Goodfellow beat Tom Stonehand
    Graham Goodfellow lost to Frodo Lightmantle and Peltasar Piper.
    Tom Stonehand beat Brian Brick.
    Brian Brick beat Krensh Bigfingers.
    Alan Ardman beat Zach Oremaster, Krensh Bigfingers and Graham Goodfellow.
    Marrian Hammerfall lost to Alan Ardman and Zach Oremaster
    Frodo Lightmantle beat Tom Stonehand, Marrian Hammerfall and Brian Brick.
    Tom Stonehand lost to Jarlaqusel Rench and Alan Ardman.
    Jarlaqusel Rench beat Graham Goodfellow and Brian Brick.

In which order did the dwarfs finish and who won the title of the 'Prince of Ale?'

Riddle 2: Dwarf Traders
NOTE: The tags of (dwarf 1), (dwarf 2), and (dwarf 3) are used to help people understand which dwarf said what.

Three dwarfs used the great halls to trade their goods. Hammer (dwarf 1) says to Jarlqusel (dwarf 2): "I'll hand you 6 iron ore for one of your gold ores.  Afterwards you will have twice as many pieces of ore here compared to me."

"Screw ya business," said Dandalow (dwarf 3) to Hammer (dwarf 1), "Me offerz ya not less than 14 of me finest tin ore for a gold ore, and then you will have three times as much ore compared to me."

"Well, I want to make you a better offer friend," said Jarlqusel (dwarf 2) to Dandalow (dwarf 3); "I will give you 4 silver ore for one gold ore, hence you'll have 6 times as many pieces of ore as I've got here."

The real question everyone was asking was. How many pieces of ore were altogether at that market?

Riddle 3: Refunds
Yarr!  Three of the finest travelers came to our Inn in Hammerfall. They shouldn't be waiting.

As usual they needed to pay a fine rent of 30gp for the night - altogether.

Farlin Bonefindler, the drunken thickhead forgot about that the king under the mountain told him to lower the prices during the Moonfest, so more customers were coming. He should have only charged them 25gp.

Ashamed of his mistake, Farlin goes to his wife Shantal, the maide of the Inn and tells her to please give back 5gp to these three travelers. On her way to the strangers, she reasons that 5gp can never be split evenly amongst them, so she decides to pocket 2gp herself, as a good dwarf would do, and gives back 1gp to each traveler.

Well now, there seems to be a problem:

Now each traveller paid 10gp and received a refund of 1gp.

That means they each paid 9gp - a total of 27gp. Shantal has only 2 gp, the remaining gp seems to be lost. What happened?

Personal Guess: The innkeeper collected it but never refunded it.  (I don't claim this is accurate.)

Riddle 4: Order of Eating Operations
Two ogres captured a bunch of dwarfs during their sleep. Of course our brothers could have bested free from their entanglement, but they wanted to know firstly what the Ogres would be up to.

So they heard their discussion and tried to make sense of the words. After they figured out the cruel intentions of the Ogres, who planned to eat them, of course they were forced to lay these beasts to rest. But the story of the Ogre dialog continues until today:

    Armin, the dwarf shouldn't be eaten first or last. He tastes rather bitter they said.

    The selected dwarf to be eaten raw needs to be eaten after Iridor, however before Armin - the robust-.

    Cucumber needs to be used with the dwarf, who is to be eaten in 4th place. It is strictly forbidden to use it with the grilled dwarf however.

    Ormus - the wise dwarf - is to be grilled or steamed, because of his massive beard. The ogres refused to use ginger however.

    Iridor needs to be eaten two places ahead of the dwarf, who is to be cooked with fine garlic.

    Etna - the huge - is not to be eaten fried or raw, she appears to be poisonous and might splatter when being fried - and because she is acidic, she is not to be eaten in 4th place.

    Melon aroma, the delicious sweeterner, is to be eaten directly prior to the coriander.

    The dwarf, who is eaten in third position needs to be baked, the fine taste of it will make the following dwarfs go down easier, but as every good Ogre knows, baking shouldn't happen with coriander or ginger.

    And what happens with Sharnor, their leader?

State each of the five dwarfs, their cooking method, and the used herbs.

Handy Links
-Survival Skill Survival Guide: Survival (WIS) Skill Uses and Optimization (daremetoidareyo)

-Travel Magic Guide: Comprehensive list of items, spells, and powers for overland/long-distance travel, nourishment, labor, lodging, and divination/information acquisition. (Samwise)

This is a guide I compiled for a Roll20 game I'm in (as of this writing) with lots of advice from this thread.  I made this guide with the intent of publishing it, but then I found Samwise's Travel Magic guide!  Samwise's guide has more abilities (spells, items, etc.) listed, but this guide focuses on spells and psionic powers - effectively class features - since GMs are not guaranteed to dispense the right items when someone wants them.  (I still chose to publish this as a separate guide since it's likely to be more visible and help more people.)

This post regards a group's ability to, indirectly or directly, get around the overworld and perhaps other places also at a speed notably faster than walking.  Only long-range abilities are included below. Normally, all party members must be affected for the party to benefit from that method.

I included certain select abilities available beyond that because they're likely useful to us eventually, but the 'available-by-level-12' was the focus.  (Most campaigns don't last past level 12 and if you do happen to have access to spell level 7+ abilities like gate, you probably don't need my advice on them here.)  I also purposely deemphasized abilities available to classes we lacked in this Roll20 campaign, such as a Wizard (as of this writing).

Remember, all [Good] characters in our group able to prepare and cast spells (meaning Clerics, Healers, Paladins, Archivists, and Wizards, and Druids of the appropriate alignment) can prepare and cast Sanctified spells.  Wizards can normally choose these spells at level up time (opposed schools aside), but Archivists normally need to find the spells before learning them.  (That's probably what the Archivist Scribe Scroll class feature was for, especially when used within your group.)  Sanctified spells inflict their sacrifice cost when the spell's duration ends (Book of Exalted Deeds 83), meaning careefully monitor durations as prudent.

Remember also that prepared divine casters know all spells on their spell lists, and [Good] Clerics can spontaneous convert their prepared Cleric spells into Sanctified spells in addition to their normal conversion.

Many suggestions were considered from this thread.  Thankee to all the helpful contributors!

Travel Abilities - How to get There and Answering, "Are we there yet?"
*Source: Champions of Valor 154

=Description: In short, make a Lantern Archon loyal to you that will help you for a little while. Lantern Archons can, AT WILL, use Greater Teleport on themselves to transport themselves and up to 50 pounds of gear. Stuff people in a Bag of Holding or Portable Hole and we have a flying, glowing taxi!

!Notable Reads: Abusing Create Lantern Archon for World Domination, Sheltered Vitality (Spell Compendium 188), Restoration

-Cons: d2 CON drain per use! Requires a Restoration spell (after), a Sheltered Vitality (Spell Compendium 188) spell (before), or similar to negate CON drain. Requires a Bag of Holding, Portable Hole, or similar extradimensional storage for people to ride along. Lantern Archons are normally vulnerable creatures with 1d8 HP (though DR 10/Overcome by Magical Evil Weapons) and a bright glowing form, though with 60' fly (perfect maneuverability).  May also require a use of the Feathers (Masters of the Wild 88) spell or similar to fit a large party in a Heward's Handy Haversack or the like.

+Pros: Instant, error-free warping anywhere on our current plane! If we had magical containers, we could be doing this right now, just judiciously due to the CON drain.

*Source: Races of Stone 186

=Description: A Druid acquires a Dire Eagle (Races of Stone 186) animal companion, a Large creature with 60' fly speed that can take the feat Improved Maneuverability for (good) maneuverability to be able to hover.

-Cons: Requires a day. People may mourn the loss of the previous companion.

+Pros: This form can carry 399 pounds initially as a light load and more as her master levels. Dire Eagle form has comparable stats to an advanced Riding Dog form plus claw/claw/bite but without auto-trip attempts on hit.

*Source: Druid

=Description: A Druid shapeshifts into a flying form for 1 hour per level. He can become a Medium creature at level 5 and Large creature at level 8.

!Notable Reads: Alternate Form

-Cons: Only transports a small number of people at a time besides the user. A Medium form could transport 1 Small creature easily or 2 Small creatures if they squeezed. A Large form could transport 1 Medium or 2 small creatures easily or 2 Medium creatures if they squeezed.

+Pros: Doesn't require spell slots. Lasts most or all of the traveling period of a day. Can't be dispelled.

*Source: Spell Compendium 85

=Description: Summons 1 Phantom Steed and 1 more per 2 caster levels. Each steed is super fast (20' move speed per caster level, max 240'), and, with a high enough caster level, can Water Walk, Air Walk, and fly (average maneuverability).

-Cons: 10 minute casting time. Each steed is fairly weak (18 AC and about 20 max HP).

+Pros: Each steed is frickin' FAST! A 240' speed means moving 380 miles per 8 hours or 47.5 miles per hour. We could cross the island of Nymm in a day or two with that, assuming we could manage top speed for most of each day. And a Shadowcraft Mage feels useful for using Shadowcraft Mage3's Shadow Illusion ability to get us these mounts.

*Source: Masters of the Wild 88

=Description: Turn 1 willing creature per caster level into a feathered, winged Animal of Small or smaller size (usually an Eagle for 80' fly (average maneuverability) or a Hawk to fit more party members in a Bag of Holding or Heward's Handy Haversack).

-Cons: These forms are not meant for combat and are unclear on if they allow casting.

+Pros: Party-wide aerial travel form for an hour per caster level!  Alleluia!  Flight speed is increasable (if only with a Personal range) via Mass Snowshoes (Spell Compendium 194), Cloud Wings (Spell Compendium 49), Heart of Air (Complete Mage 106), Wind at Back (Spell Compendium 239), and others.  (If you intend to use Snowshoes, ask your GM if he allows that since it works by RAW but likely not by RAI.)

*Source: Spell Compendium 159

=Description: Warp the group from our current planar position to another plane.  If the caster has been to the destination before, on-target arrival is guaranteed instead of landing 5d100 miles away.

-Cons: Very inaccurate unless the caster has been there before.

+Pros: Mostly useful for escaping the current plane to a place the caster has already visited.  Higher save DC to affect enemies.

*Source: Lesser Planar Ally

=Description: Call a LG Outsider of 6 HD or less (most likely a Lantern Archon or Hound Archon) to serve us.

!Notable Reads: Archons

-Cons: 100 EXP cost per casting. Still requires a Bag of Holding or Portable Hole. Creatures called normally require a monetary payment or quest for services (a minimum of 100G per HD of the called creature for tasks requiring at most 1 minute per caster level), though the called creature may decide that stopping [Evil] and cultists by warping people around (including people who want to stop this [Evil] and may worship a rival of this [Evil] worthy of a discount or free services. Using Lantern Archons has the same cons as listed above in the Create Lantern Archon (Champions of Valor 54) spell. Using Hound Archons means we have better warriors (6 HD, 33 HP, and other abilities) and no obviously glowing light, but no inherent flight.

+Pros: Instant, error-free warping anywhere on our current plane! No CON drain.

*Source: Spell Compendium 139

=Description: Warps the caster instantly between any 2 points on the ground on the Material Plane.

-Cons: Self-only.  Material Plane only.  The start and end points must touch the ground.

+Pros: Instant, errorless teleport-like ability that isn't blocked by dimensional lock and similar teleport blockers.  The caster can carry others in a Handy Haversack or such, especially with the feathers spell.

*Source: Spell Compendium 174

=Description: Summon a phantom deer (similar in effect to phantom steeds or ethereal mounts, above) for 1 hour per caster level with similar caster-level granted abilities to phantom steeds (Air Walk, flight, etc.), but at later caster levels; however, despite moving at 20' per caster level (max 300'), Phantom Stags have more HP than Phantom Steeds.

-Cons: Requires a level 5 Druid spell slot for one of these instead of a level 4 Wizard or Bard spell slot for more of these.  Gets its special abilities at later caster levels than Phantom Steeds.

+Pros: Druids get it automatically.  More HP than Phantom Steeds.  Higher max speed than phantom steeds (300' move instead of 240').

*Source: Planar Ally

=Description: Call a LG Outsider of 12 HD or less, most likely a Trumpet Archon, to serve us.

-Cons: 250 EXP cost per casting. Still requires a Bag of Holding or Portable Hole. Creatures called normally require a monetary payment or quest for services (a minimum of 100G per HD of the called creature for tasks requiring at most 1 minute per caster level), though the called creature may decide that stopping [Evil] and cultists by warping people around (including people who want to stop this [Evil] and may worship a rival of this [Evil] worthy of a discount or free services. Using Trumpet Archons means they have 90' flight (good maneuverability), and notably better stats than Hound or Lantern Archons, but normally charge more in tribute.

+Pros: Instant, error-free warping anywhere on our current plane! No CON drain. A variety of blowing- and wind-related jokes.

*Source: Plane Shift

=Description: Warp the group from our current planar position to another plane.

-Cons: Very inaccurate.

+Pros: Mostly useful for escaping the current plane (probably the Material Plane) and likely using another fast travel ability to get to our next destination.

*Source: Shadow Walk

=Description: For up to 1 hour per caster level, walk in the Plane of Shadow at speeds faster than the Material Plane (that is, 50 miles per hour).

-Cons: Somewhat inaccurate. We may be stuck going way out of our way. Available at level 12 at soonest for Beguilers.

+Pros: Works regardless of local terrain. Isn't a [Teleportation] spell. Can take along 1 creature per caster level so long as they hold hands.

*Source: Stormwrack 122

=Description: Teleports the caster and 1 other creature per 2 caster levels to another spot on the same plane. Takes 10 minutes to warp the affected creatures. Seemingly only works outside or in a place large enough to hold a thunderstorm.

-Cons: 10 minute delay in arrival. Only works in large areas.  Ambiguous wording regarding what sort of storms are involved.  (Ask your GM before learning or using this spell!)

+Pros: Druidic Teleport! Can transport more creatures than Teleport.

*Source: Teleport (Spell), Teleport (Psionic)

=Description: Warp the group from point to another on the same plane within 100 miles per caster level.  It's the gold standard of fast, long-distance travel.

Available in item form via a Runestaff of Transporation (Magic Item Compendium 182), a Belt of Wide Earth (Magic Item Compendium 204), or similar.  Available in feat form as a 1/day spell-like ability via Fiendish Legacy (Complete Mage 43) and Greater Mark of Passage (Eberron Campaign Setting 65).  Available in template form via Phrenic at 15 hit dice.  Available in class form via Jaunter3 (Expedition to the Demonweb Pits 172).

-Cons: Sometimes inaccurate.  Can be blocked by Dimensional Lock, Dimensional Anchor, and certain Teleport blockers.  Only transports the caster and 1 additional Medium or littler creature per 3 caster/manifester levels. Keep Feather Fall handy just in case we have a mishap and warp into midair and possibly also Water Breathing should we find undesired ocean.

+Pros: Generally accurate enough. Instant warping of hundreds of miles at a time!

*Source: Transport via Plants

=Description: Warp the group from one plant (not a Plant creature) to another on the same plane.

-Cons: Some places have no plants. Only transports the caster and 1 additional Medium creature per 3 caster levels.

+Pros: Instant, error-free warping anywhere on our current plane that has plants!

*Source: Tree Stride

=Description: Warp the group from one tree (not a Plant creature) to another on the same plane over and over until time runs out or we reach our destination.

-Cons: Only works when trees are close enough together (between 500 and 3000 feet depending on tree type).  Only transports the caster unless we use a Bag of Holding, Portable, Hole, or similar extradimensional storage.  Other spells available by this point are probably much better.

+Pros: Incrementally hop between trees for spying and transport purposes.

*Source: Book of Exalted Deeds 110

=Description: Call a Unicorn (or a Pegasus, but that won't work as well for long-distance instantaneous travel) to serve the caster loyally for a year.  A Unicorn can Teleport Errorlessly within its forest home.

-Cons: d3 CON drain.  (Use Sheltered Vitality from Spell Compendium 188 on the caster soon before this spell expires!)  Limited to 1 called creature from this spell at a time and 1 warp per Unicorn per day and only within a forested area.

+Pros: Doesn't require magical storage containers.  The Unicorn lasts for a year.

*Source: Spell Compendium 219

=Description: Doubles the overland speed of 1 creature per caster level, including mounts and animals.

-Cons: Only works on dedicated travel times and only for whomever travels together.  Affects a maximum of 1 subject per caster level.

+Pros: It can normally affect the same number of subjects as Feathers (Masters of the Wild 88), and doubled speed is doubled speed!

*Source: Wind Walk

=Description: The caster and up to 1 additional touched subject per 3 caster levels turns into mist as per Gaseous Form (10' flight speed with perfect maneuverability) and can be carried along by air currents at 600' per round (60 miles per hour) with poor maneuverability.  Each spell subject can act independentlky.

!Notable Reads: Order of the Stick #647

-Cons: Poor maneuverability while going fast.  Small number of subjects affected compared to Feathers.  Normally at least a level 6 spell.

+Pros: It's a long-term multi-subject Gaseous Form for Clerics and Druids that can get the party into places Teleport can't.  Move speed stacks with Wind at Back.

#Credit for Mention: Mr Adventurer

*Source: Word of Recall

=Description: Warps the caster and 1 Medium or littler creature per 3 caster levels to the caster's 'sanctuary' where he prepared this spell.

-Cons: Very specific destination.

+Pros: Useful for warping home/to a safe place or to a certain other very familiar place should we need it.

Nourishing Abilities for Character's Bodies - Answering, "Daaaad!  We're hungry!"
This list also emphasizes abilities gotten no later than level 12.

-Gather (especially berries for Goodberry)
-Hunt (if it's alive - not Undead - and meaty, it likely counts)

-[L0] Prestidigitation (clean and reflavor food)
-[L6] Heroes' Feast (makes a feast for 1 creature per caster level; requires 1 hour to consume; eaters get d8 temporary HP +1 per 2 caster levels (max +10) and are removed of sickness, disease, and nausea; eaters get poison immunity, fear immunity, and +1 morale accuracy & damage for 12 hours)

-[L0] Create Water (makes 2 gallons of clean water per caster level)
-[L0] Purify Food and Drink (makes 1 cubic foot per caster level of food and drink usable for typical adventuring parties; negates spoilage, poison, and rot on such things; doesn't work on magic potions nor unholy food and drink)
-[L3] Create Food & Water (10 minute cast time; makes enough food and water for 3 Medium creatures or 1 horse- ask your GM if this is total or per caster level)
**[L4] Lesser Planar Ally: MOVANIC DEVA (Create Food and Water AT WILL!; Fiend Folio 57)**
-[L6] Heroes' Feast (makes a feast for 1 creature per caster level; requires 1 hour to consume; eaters get d8 temporary HP +1 per 2 caster levels (max +10) and are removed of sickness, disease, and nausea; eaters get poison immunity, fear immunity, and +1 morale accuracy & damage for 12 hours)

-[Craft] Everlasting Rations (each set provides ample food for 1 Medium creature each day; each set requires 1 day, 175G, and 14 EXP to craft; Magic Item Compendium 160)
**[Craft] Field Provisions Box (provides ample food and drink per day for 15 Medium creatures; each requires 2 days, 1000G, and 40 EXP to craft; Magic Item Compendium 160)**

-[L0] Create Water (makes 2 gallons of clean water per caster level)
-[L0] Purify Food and Drink (makes 1 cubic foot per caster level of food and drink usable for typical adventuring parties; negates spoilage, poison, and rot on such things; doesn't work on magic potions nor unholy )
-[L1] Goodberry (requires freshly-picked berries; each casting makes 2d4 berries; each berry is 1 meal for a Medium creature)
-[L3] Camel's Tenacity (for 1 day per 3 caster levels, 1 subject per caster level need not eat nor drink, "Dragon" #331 page 71)
-[Survival] Druids get bonuses to these and, assuming no one put ranks in Survival, would likely be ones with the highest Survival skill.

-[L0] Create Water (makes 2 gallons of clean water per caster level)
-[L0] Purify Food and Drink (makes 1 cubic foot per caster level of food and drink usable for typical adventuring parties; negates spoilage, poison, and rot on such things; doesn't work on magic potions nor unholy food and drink)
-[L1] Goodberry (requires freshly-picked berries; each casting makes 2d4 berries; each berry is 1 meal for a Medium creature)
-[L3] Create Food & Water (10 minute cast time; makes enough food and water for 3 Medium creatures or 1 horse- ask your GM if this is total or per caster level)
-[L5] Stone to Flesh (makes a 3' x 10' cylinder of stone into edible flesh)
-[L6] Heroes' Feast (makes a feast for 1 creature per caster level; requires 1 hour to consume; eaters get d8 temporary HP +1 per 2 caster levels (max +10) and are removed of sickness, disease, and nausea; eaters get poison immunity, fear immunity, and +1 morale accuracy & damage for 12 hours)

-[L1] Create Water (makes 2 gallons of clean water per caster level)

-Fire Elemental (living campfire and cooker)
-Smoke Paraelemental (Manual of the Planes 184 & Official 3.5 Update: smokehouse and barbecue; suggested by Bullet06320)

-[L0] Prestidigitation (clean and reflavor food)
-[L6] Stone to Flesh (makes a 3' x 10' cylinder of stone into edible flesh)[/b]

You Break it You Buy it / Time Warp Dog: Limited-use Infinite Turns
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Time Warp Dog: Limited-use Infinite Turns
This is very definitely meant as a thought exercise (theoretical optimization) instead of something meant to be used in a typical game.  If your GM lets you do this, however, enjoy!  (Preferably also let me know how it went!)

As an aside, inspiration for this trick came after reading Eggynack's Druid Handbook and pondering whether Exalted Wild Shape (Book of Exalted Deeds 42) would be worth it on my Druid.

-[Basic] White Raven Tactics works on yourself.  In this thread, let us not quibble about balance or reasonability.  It simply MUST work for this trick to work.

-[Basic] The initiative count can go arbitrarily low before wrapping around to the unit with the higest initiative for the next round.  Think negative 10 billion here.

-[Basic] You can perform an indefinite number of free actions per round, or at least enough free actions to dimension door somewhere then retrieve and drop enough stuff to be worthwhile.

-[Basic] White Raven Tactics grants you turns that let you affect others, especially hurt others.  These are real turns in real time for you instead of more restrictive super-fast time granted by time stop or temporal acceleration.

-[Advanced] "When I want" is a valid contingency trigger as a spell, power, item (Complete Arcane 77 - Craft Contingent Item), or otherwise.

-[Advanced] Planes exist with super-fast-time-compared-to-the-normal-plane reachable by characters using this trick.  We're talkin' like a day in other plane to an unnoticeably or immeasurably small amount on the main plane here.

Needed Components: Basic
1: The ability to transform into a Blink Dog and access its Dimension Door (Su) ability to warp as a free action.  A longer duration is better due to using lots of turns in this form!

Some ways to get this:
-Polymorph or metamorphosis with the feat Assume Supernatural Ability (Savage Species 30, requires 13 WIS), at least a +9 bonus, and a means of taking 10 on Will saves like Steadfast Determination (Player's Handbook II 83) or the Devoted Spirit stance Aura of Perfect Order (Tome of Battle 57).  If you have alter self or another means of shapeshifting earlier than polymorph, you can get all these feats no later than level 6 at latest.  (Metamorphic Transfer WON'T work for this due to its 3/day limit!)

-Shapechange or greater metamorphosis.  Each is a clean and simple way to do it, but normally requires character level 17 at soonest.  (There are ways to get level 9 abilities sooner, but let us not focus on that here.)

-Exalted Wild Shape (Book of Exalted Deeds 42).  This feat is a simple way to acquire long-term Blink Dog (Su) abilities with an expected duration of 1 hour per level.  It's also available at level 8 using Vow of Poverty or some other tricks, or at level 9 for most people.

2: Adaptive Style feat (Tome of Battle 28).  This lets you recover White Raven Tactics and all the rest of your maneuvers as a full-round action.

Some ways to get this:
-At least 1 level of Warblade.  If you take this class level at character level 9 or later, you can grab White Raven Tactics and a prerequisite White Raven maneuver cheaply.  If you take this level at character level 9 or 12 (or 15 or 18, etc.), you can also get Adaptive Style at the same level.

-Swordsage (Tome of Battle 15) also does it without Adaptive Style, but requires 2 uses of the feat Martial Study (Tome of Battle 31) or multiclassing to get White Raven Tactics and its requisite maneuver.

-A Crown of White Ravens (Tome of Battle 149) may also work, but you still need either a Swordsage level or Adaptive Style and a Warblade level.  This is in 'ask your GM' territory and I'd prefer not to do that in a thought exercise.

3:White Raven Tactics.  As a swift action, give yourself another turn immediately after this one.  See #2 for how to get this.

4:A means of retrieving items from a container as a free action, such as a Heward's Handy Haversack or the feat Quick Draw.  As prudent, attach a Wilding Clasp (Magic Item Compendium 190) to this haversack should you need it for Wild Shape purposes.

5: Lots of stuff to drop!  Maybe it's flasks or heavy objects or katamari or something dense and damaging affected by shrink item or infinite chickens with the flaw Chicken Infested ("Dragon 330" page 87, only available at level 1 to those of the Commoner class).

Needed Components: Advanced
NOTE: These are intended as optional, but, depending on details, may be required for you to complete the trick.

1: Ring of Feather Falling.  With no action cost, this lets you easily reach higher hights via your dimension door safely slow your descent while being very high in the air with no action cost.  Just remember to attach a Wilding Clasp (Magic Item Compendium 190) to this ring should you need it for Wild Shape purposes.

2: Contingency in spell power, or item (Complete Arcane 77) form.  The contained ability is plane shift (spell, power) to warp you to a very fast-compared-to-your-main-plane-other-plane so you can rest and recover at least 8 hours on that fast time plane to get your resources back.  This place may also have lots of items for you to get for dropping purposes.

Some ways to get this:
-Limited wish or wish; bend reality or reality revision.  These are somewhat expensive ways to get contingency or its psionic verison, but they work.

-Miracle.  It's a level 9 spell to reproduce contingency, making it an expensive and late-game ability, but one for 0 EXP per use.

-Time Domain and likely also the Contemplative PrC (Complete Divine 30).  Contingency is a level 6 Time Domain spell.

The Procedure
0: Transform into a Blink Dog.  Ensure you're still able to grab items from wherever you're storing them and, as prudent, you have the relevant buffs active (if any) to guarantee you're able to use dimension door each round.

1: Ensure you have White Raven Tactics as a readied maneuver.  Ready it if need be.

2: Use your free action dimension door to warp somewhere, activate White Raven Tactics on yourself as a swift action, then refresh White Raven Tactics as a full-round action.  Repeat as prudent.

3: Get items from your storage and drop them.

4: If using contingency to restock, activate it to plane shift to your safe space, restock (including reapplyinng contingency), and return.

5: Go wherever you aren't blocked and destroy whatever that isn't immune with your junk pile - at least until you run out of stuff to drop!

Build Stubs
NOTE: These are just the most important parts of certain builds to achieve this post's goal.

1: Human Druid11/Warblade1 with Exalted Wild Shape.  (Commoner1 at level 1 is optional for Chicken Infested.)  You can do this for 1 hour per Druid level, but may need Wilding Clasps for certain items.

2: A Wizard or Sorcerer with draconic polymorph (Draconomicon 79) and no-slot level increasing Persistent Spell tricks like Spelldancer (Magic of Faerun 37) or Incantatrix (Player's Guide to Faerun 61).  This build can easily learn shrink item and could also start as a Commoner1 for Chicken Infested.

3: A divine caster with Divine Metamagic (Complete Divine 80): Persistent Spell on shapechange, accessed via the Animal Domain or being a Druid.  Sacred Exorcist1 (Complete Divine 56) gives Turn Undead, though you may also need Contemplative1 (Complete Divine 30) with the Good Domain or Exorcism Domain (Eberron Campaign Setting 106) to meet spell prerequisites.  Commoner1 is again an option.

I'm glad Dan2 saved these threads as one on BG many years ago.  The spell-by-school recommendations were missing from other versions of this guide.

D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / "Feats are nice but should not be necessary."
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Greetings, all!

Who recalls this old argument from the start of 3.0?  Anyone have a link to the post(s) involved?  Any other comments on this topic?


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