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General D&D Discussion / Pact With Graz'zt
« on: June 26, 2018, 01:23:32 PM »
A couple of my players are planning to go behind the backs of the rest of their team so they can make a pact with Graz'zt and become BBEGs or something of the ilk. Not really sure what to do here. Any advice on how to handle the situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you  :flutter

Homebrew and House Rules (D&D) / The Buccaneer (3.5 Base Class)
« on: March 09, 2018, 01:03:56 PM »
My group and I came up with this homebrew class out of a love of nautical campaigns and the disappointment in the lack of good nautical classes. Any suggestions on balance adjustments would be greatly appreciated.

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D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Party Needs Help
« on: January 24, 2018, 02:13:58 PM »
Hey guys, I need some advice on helping out my party's team composition. Our healer/utility caster got killed (again), and we don't have the cash to get a Raise Dead. So she needs a new character. The problems that we have are 1) our healer doesn't really want to roll up another support-type caster just to get axed again by bad party decisions, and 2) our party is a mixture of stinky cheese and hot garbage. I'm trying to help her figure out something that will genuinely help the party without being the same sort of character as last time.

The party currently consists of:

  • Knight 9/Crusader 2: Uses a one-handed reach weapon, a tower shield, thicket of blades, and standstill. More or less what one would expect the knight to do.
  • Monk 2/Ninja 3/Rokugan Ninja 3/Fist of the Forest 3: Off-tank, trapmonkey, and primary source of damage for the party. The group is dangerously reliant on him.
  • Sorcerer 11: Literally knows only transmutation spells. Lack of flexibility is an increasing issue.
  • Sorcerer 6/Elemental Savant 4: Fire mage, hyper focused, and down a level due to dying. Good damage ... until SR, Fire Resist, or Evasion kick in.
  • Swordsage 1/Warblade 7: Monkey-grips an oversized fullblade because DAKKA! Usual routine is to kill something and then get dropped. Down several levels because he only shows up to half of the sessions.

All 3.5 material is kosher by our DM, and any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Homebrew and House Rules (D&D) / The Buccaneer
« on: December 08, 2016, 11:35:48 AM »
A little while ago, a friend of mine and I were taking a look at some low-tier classes to see what could be done with them. One seemed particularly bad: the Mariner. Since the group was currently playing in a semi-nautical game, we were disappointed with how terrible that class was. We endeavored to come up with something a little better, so we did some legwork and patch jobs and eventually settled on what we called the Buccaneer. This is the final result of our homebrew class, so feel free to let me know what you think of it! :)

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Min/Max 3.x / Help With Spellthief/Daggerspell Mage
« on: August 01, 2016, 04:15:59 PM »
Hey everyone, I've got a relatively new player in the group that I'm DMing and I'm appealing to more experienced optimizers out there for help with her character. She wants to take spellthief into daggerspell mage (I'm letting her slide on the arcane caster level requirement), and I'm worried that the other players in the group will either horribly outclass her or just shout down the first idea that she had that wasn't someone else telling her to play a heal-bot cleric.

IIRC, her current build looks something like this:

CG Human Spellthief 5/Daggerspell Mage 1
Feats: Weapon Focus (Dagger) [Human], Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Draconic Aura (Vigor)

Anything that can be done to bring this up to par would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Min/Max 3.x / DM Needs Help with a Blighter
« on: June 19, 2016, 04:31:05 PM »
I know that the Blighter prestige class is not a good one, but thematically it fits very well with an upcoming villain the party is going to be running into soon. The PCs' level of power and optimization varies wildly, and I'd like to make this fellow a reasonable challenge to the group without being too overwhelming (hence why I'm not just making a straight evil-aligned druid). The party consists of a rather tame two-handed OA Samurai, a thrown weapon focused Artificer, a breath weapon focused Dragon Shaman, a long-range sniper build, and a disarm focused Ranger.

Aside from Core, all of the Complete books, Player's Handbook II, Tome of Battle, all of the Eberron books, and the Oriental Adventures book are all allowed. The party was built with 32-point buy, so I'd like to do the same with the Blighter.

I need the Blighter to be level 12, since he is supposed to be fought alone aside from whatever animal companions and summoned critters he may have. I was considering having him be a necropolitan elf, but I'm willing to scrap that idea if it hinders the build. Any help you guys can give me is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Min/Max 3.x / Bahamut's Axe
« on: June 22, 2013, 01:51:44 PM »
A while back I got to thinking "Hey, why does nobody use Dragon Disciple?" As I smoked a tobacco pipe over this question, I began to understand why this prestige class was so maligned. I was able to come to the following conclusion:

The class requires casting, yet does almost nothing to promote its use.
Melee characters interested in taking it are forced to bear with a low HD, no BAB level.

It dawned on me that there could be a way to  utilize, nay optimize, this template disguised as a prestige class. And so I present for your analysis and critique: Bahamut's Axe!

(Note: The formatting I'll be using draws heavily from the Weekly Optimization Showcase. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.)

Books Used: PHB, DMG, DMG II, PHB II, ToB, DM, RoS, RotD.

Race: Gold Dwarf (from the DMG), though any variety of dwarf will work in a pinch. However, I chose this race because it penalizes dexterity rather than charisma, which is far more important to the build.

Alignment: Any non-lawful. This is mandatory, though beyond that it's up to you. I chose neutral good while working on this.

 Abilities: 16/12/16/10/10/12 using 32 point buy, before racial modifiers. Put all stat increases into constitution as you level up. Tomes and other items for constitution and strength are a priority.

Mundane Gear: Since we have proficiency with it, let's go ahead and use a dwarven waraxe and a heavy shield early on. Once we pick up Power Attack, switch to whatever two-handed weapon you like (I chose greataxe to stick with the theme).

Magical Gear: Nothing unusual for a melee character. Constitution and Strength items, magical weapons and armor, so on and so forth. If you're strapped for cash (for whatever reason), you can save some money by relying on your wings rather than items. However, a Badge of Valor would certainly come in handy.

Build Stub: Crusader 6/Bard 2/Dragon Disciple 10/Deepwarden 2

1 - Crusader 1 [Endurance] (Furious Counterstrike, Steely Resolve 5) (Crusader's Strike, Charging Minotaur, Stone Bones, Leading the Attack) (Martial Spirit)
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2 - Crusader 2 (Indomitable Soul) (Leading the Charge)

3 -  Bard 1 [Song of the White Raven] (Bardic Music, Bardic Knowledge, Countersong, Fascinate, Inspire Courage +1)
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4 - Crusader 3 (Zealous Surge) (Mountain Hammer)
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5 - Bard 2
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6 - Dragon Disciple 1 [Extra Music] (Natural Armor +1, Bronze Dragon Choice)
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7 - Dragon Disciple 2 (Str +2, Claws and Bite)
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8 - Dragon Disciple 3  (Breath Weapon 2d8)
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9 - Dragon Disciple 4 [Power Attack] (Str +2, Natural Armor +2)
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10 - Dragon Disciple 5 (Blindsense 30')
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11 - Dragon Disciple 6 (Con +2)

12 - Dragon Disciple 7 [Extra Granted Maneuver] (Breath Weapon 4d8, Natural Armor +3)
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13 - Dragon Disciple 8 (Int +2)

14 - Dragon Disciple 9 (Wings)
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15 - Dragon Disciple 10 [Dragonfire Inspiration] (Blindsense 60', Dragon Apotheosis)
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16 - Deepwarden 1 [Track] (Trapsense +1)

17 - Deepwarden 2 (Stone Warden)
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18 -  Crusader 4 [Entangling Exhalation] (Steely Resolve 10) (Elder Mountain Hammer > Mountain Hammer)
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19 - Crusader 5 (Irresistible Mountain Strike)

20 - Crusader 6 (Smite 1/day, Inspire Courage +2)
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So there you have it. A dragon disciple who puts his casting class to use, ends up with +16 BAB, more HP than you can shake a stick at, and uses his draconic abilities as a staple rather than a gimmick. Please let me know what you think, and if there's any room for improvement.


Min/Max 3.x / Swordsage/Scout Help
« on: June 05, 2013, 10:56:40 AM »
Hey there, I am trying to put together a swordsage/scout and I would like some help doing so. It seems like a cool and effective thing to do, since most maneuvers are only standard actions, making it easy to trigger skirmish. I imagine a highly mobile character with an emphasis on Desert Wind and Shadow Hand schools.

All books except for Unearthed Arcana are allowed, and if it helps at all the character is going to be used in The Red Hand of Doom.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Min/Max 3.x / Character Help Requested: A Swordsage/Master Thrower
« on: March 20, 2013, 05:20:14 PM »
Hello there, my group and I have been trying to put our heads together to try to build a functional Swordsage/Master Thrower. The best we've come up with is Swordsage 4/Fighter 2/MT 5, with maneuvers and stances focused mainly in shadow hand and setting sun for added maneuverability. However, I'm sure that there is room for improvement (Not to mention we're at a loss what to do with the last 9 levels). Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,


Min/Max 3.x / Optimizing an Adept
« on: October 12, 2012, 01:50:49 AM »
So I am involved in a mid-low power game, and since I wanted to play a full caster without necessarily overshadowing the group, I decided to play the NPC class Adept. I have never used this class beyond throw away baddies, so I come humbly asking for help to optimize this character.

We are level five (more or less), I would like to be a human, and my stats are as follows: 8 str, 16 dex, 14 con, 11 int, 19 wis, 15 cha.

I really appreciate the help. Thank you!

Min/Max 3.x / Please Help Me With My Necromantic Swashbuckler
« on: September 14, 2012, 05:29:39 PM »
Hey all, I have been trying to wrap my head around this idea of a swashbuckling necromancer pirate woman, and I thought I could use the help of optimizers far more proficient at it than I am. I've done a fair bit of work on this character already, but I know that there is room for improvement somewhere. Here is what I have so far.

Leena Verin, Captain of the Damned
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I'm not sure what to do after that point. I would really appreciate some feedback and help. Thanks so much  :D

Handbook Discussion / The Sensational Samurai Handbook Discussion Thread
« on: September 08, 2012, 06:09:47 PM »
Alright, here we go!  :)

Handbooks / The Sensational Samurai Handbook
« on: September 08, 2012, 06:06:12 PM »
The Sensational Samurai Handbook

Welcome to the Samurai Handbook, where I will be attempting to examine, utilize, and optimize the samurai from Complete Warrior. I can hear you already ...


Samurai? Really?

Yes, you heard me correctly. The Samurai. Why doesn't this class have a handbook yet? It's been out for years, there's plenty of material to work with, and surely there is something we can do with this class. I mean, really, even the True Namer got a handbook before the Samurai.

True Namer? Really?

So, I have taken up the arduous task of taking the samurai and attempting to glean some gem from its dusty soul. Come with me now on a journey of pain, suffering, and nonsense.

Min/Max 3.x / Astonishingly Effective
« on: September 06, 2012, 03:04:34 PM »
So my gaming group and I recently finished playing through Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, and my rather hastily built character proved to be far more effective than I thought. In fact he was the only character left conscious/alive after multiple battles, he was instrumental in turning the tide of otherwise lethal encounters, and had the crowning moment of taking out Strahd Von Zarovich in a single blow. So without further adieu, I present ...

Makadamoz, the Master of Metal

LE Warforged

Bard 4/Crusader 2/Ebon Phoenix Mage 3/Dirge Singer 1

Feats: Adamantine Body, Stone Power, Leadership, Requiem

Perhaps an odd request, but could someone explain if there was some reason behind why this unusual fellow was so effective?

Min/Max 3.x / Review My Swordsage Please
« on: April 06, 2012, 01:48:17 PM »
I've always loved Swordsages, but I realized a few days ago that I've never used the class as anything more than a dip. So I set out to correct that. This is the fruit of my labor, but I know that there is always room for improvement. Please tell me what you think, and let me know how to make it better. Thank you!

Level Progression: Sword Sage 4/Fighter 2/Sword Sage +1/Master of Nine 5/Sword Sage +2/War Blade 5

Feats: Adaptive Style, Desert Wind Dodge, Stone Power, Vital Recovery, Evasive Reflexes, Combat Reflexes, Sudden Recovery

Bonus Feats: Improved Initiative [Human], Weapon Focus (Great Sword) [Sword Sage], Blind-Fight, Improved Unarmed Strike [Fighter], Iron Will [War Blade]

Min/Max 3.x / Help With a Fighter of Sorts
« on: March 16, 2012, 04:03:59 PM »
Hi there. Once again I've drummed up a character that I'd like a bit of help with. This time it's a melee warrior, and she's gotten some mixed reviews by my local gamer friends. Some have told me that she's quite powerful and little or nothing needs to be done with her, while the self-proclaimed Char-Op Guru says that she's worthless and isn't worth fixing (he also says the same about any character that isn't Tier One). So without further ado, here is my fighter.

  • Race - Human
  • Alignment - Lawful Good
  • Class - Urban Warrior Fighter 4/Swordsage 4/Occult Slayer 5/Warblade 5/Human Paragon 2
  • Feats - Fleet of Foot, Improved Sunder, Spring Attack, Combat Brute, Elusive Target, Bounding Assault, Mage Slayer
  • Bonus Feats - Dodge [Human], Combat Expertise, Weapon Focus (Greatsword), Combat Reflexes [Urban Warrior], Mobility, Power Attack, Improved Initiative [Fighter], Weapon Focus (Longsword) [Swordsage], Lightning Reflexes [Warblade], Rapid Blitz [Human Paragon]
  • Notes - Urban Warrior grants three bonus feats but removes my shield proficiency, medium armor proficiency, and heavy armor proficiency. It also forces me to take a minimum of three fighter levels.

Please tell me what you think, and offer ways to improve her. Thank you  :D

Handbook Discussion / The Marvelous Marshal Handbook Discussion
« on: February 19, 2012, 06:37:22 PM »
Please let me know if there are any thoughts, tips, tricks, builds, or other random tidbits of information regarding the Marshal. Thanks  :D

Handbooks / The Marvelous Marshal Handbook
« on: February 19, 2012, 06:28:21 PM »
    The Marvelous Marshal Handbook

    Hello, and welcome to The Marvelous Marshal Handbook! I'm your host, SleepyShadow, and I'll be talking all about the ins and outs of the Marshal, found in the Miniatures Handbook. Like many non-core base classes, the marshal has received little love from either the players or the game designers. At best, it seems people tend to think of the marshal as a class two to four levels long. However, I have a soft-spot for unloved classes, and if you've read this far you are likely at least curious about marshals, so let's begin shall we?

    What Exactly Is a Marshal?
    A marshal can be many things, but like such versatile classes it is often best to choose depth over breadth and invest your slim resources into one area of expertise rather than trying to spread yourself thin to cover many roles. A marshal lends itself naturally to being a party face, a supportive combatant, a diplomancer, and even lockdown intimidation (affectionately referred to herein as the Intima-Tank).

    Let's take a look at the marshal's abilities:
    • Average BAB - A melee character with 3/4 BAB? Ouch. At least you can do other things than melee.
    • d8 HD - Not bad, though could be better.
    • Good Fortitude and Will - Excellent! These two saves will shrug off quite a few Save-or-Die/Suck spells.
    • Bad Reflex - So fireball will hurt. You've got decent hp and hopefully a good constitution. You'll survive.
    • Skill Focus (Diplomacy) - A bonus feat. Not much, but it's handy.
    • Minor Aura - Bread and butter for you. These actually tend to be better than your major aura due to the bonus being based off your charisma.
    • Major Aura - A second aura. Though helpful, your minor aura will typically outshine this.
    • Grant Move Action - This has too few situation that it would be useful in. Most often the team is better off with you taking your own action rather than giving someone an extra move action.

    Minor Auras
    • Accurate Strike - A bonus to confirm critical hits. Terrible.
    • Art of War - This is made obsolete by Motivate Strength, as pointed out by StreamOfTheSky.
    • Demand Fortitude - Situational but useful.
    • Determined Caster - Your spellcasters will love you for this when you run into something with spell resistance.
    • Force of Will - See Demand Fortitude.
    • Master of Opportunity - Like many of the minor auras, this one is situational but useful. However, you should remind your group that they should avoid provoking AoO in the first place.
    • Master of Tactics - Every melee character likes to flank. Given your high charisma, this can lead to quite a bit of extra damage, especially for a rogue.
    • Motivate (Stat) - All of these essentially do the same thing. However, Motivate Dexterity is worth mentioning due to the initiative bonus it grants. Have this aura on before battle, then switch it to something else after initiative has been rolled.
    • Over the Top - Give a bit of a boost to the team Uber-Charger. For everyone else, it's mediocre.
    • Watchful Eye - See Demand Fortitude.

    Major Auras
    • Hardy Soldiers - The amount of DR is so minuscule it's not worth your time using it.
    • Motivate Ardor - A slight bonus to damage. Mediocre.
    • Motivate Attack - This one is quite handy. It's almost like you have full BAB! It also lets the fighter use power attack more accurately, and helps to offset the rogue's TWF penalties.
    • Motivate Care - Though the bonus is small, it can sometimes be enough to mean the difference between a fatal blow and a near miss. My thanks go out to StreamOfTheSky once again, this time for pointing out that as an untyped AC bonus it should apply to Touch AC as well.
    • Motivate Urgency - A speed boost. Turn this on trekking through the dungeons, or just to say 'Yes we run like monks!'
    • Resilient Troops - You are effectively the team's cloak of resistance. Congratulations.
    • Steady Hand - Just like Motivate Attack, except it boosts ranged attacks instead of melee. I rank this black because melee seems to be more common than ranged attacks, but if the opposite is true for your group this naturally jumps up in ranking.

    For your stats, I recommend Cha>Con>Str>Int>Wis/Dex.[/list]

    Min/Max 3.x / Incarnum Archer Help
    « on: February 17, 2012, 04:42:12 PM »
    I'm trying to make this concept work, but I've only got a half-formulated character build at the moment and little idea of what to do from this point. Here is what I have so far:

    Incarnate 2/Cleric 3/Sapphire Hierarch 10

    I know I'll be taking Point Blank, Precise, and Rapid Shot, but I'm at a loss for what other feats to take, or even what my last five levels should be. Could someone help me out please?

    Min/Max 3.x / Arcane Hierophant Advice
    « on: January 31, 2012, 02:46:41 PM »
    I'm having a hard time with this one. I'm not really fond of entering Arcane Hierophant so late, but I can't see another way to do it and still retain 9th level spells in both druid and wizard casting. It's that +4 BAB requirement that makes it so tough. Could I get a hand please?


    Neutral Evil Elf

    Conjurer 1/Druid 3/Mystic Theurge 4/Arcane Hierophant 10/Mystic Theurge +2

    Feats: Cloudy Conjuration [Wizard], Precocious Apprentice, Natural Bond, Companion Spell Bond, Natural Spell, Spell Focus (Conjuration), Augment Summon, Quicken Spell

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks  :D

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