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Duskblade 13 / Recaster 5 / Bloodstorm Blade 2

"Welcome to my 2nd build I would like to showcase (and backup^^) here"  :)

The idea to the build was born while I was working on my Hammerdin of Moradin build and still inherits some of the fluff that is related to Hammerdin build from the game Diablo (2/3) but ain't restricted to hammers thrown.

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As a thought-lesson I had the urge to make a build who is focused on the Arcane Channeling ability of the duskblade class.

The most recommend spell (as guides already suggest) seems to be Shivering Touch which we need to get via Recaster (since it ain't a duskblade spell).

To add more awesomeness we add Bloodstorm Blade 2 to get Trow Anything, the Returning ability and Thunderous Throw which lets our ranged attacks count as melee again. If we add Whirlwind Attack on top of it, we have finished the "Shivering Tornado of Death".

And don't forget to empower+maximize via Recaster for maximum fun.
23.25 Dex dmg (average 18 + 3d6/2) to everything in range of your Trow Anything + Thunderous Throw + Whirlwind Attack (range increment of 10ft x5 = 50ft range / with Far Shot active up to 100ft!; -2 to hit for each increment above 10/20ft).
Add a keen Falchion for increased crit range (since Ability dmg can crit  :D).

FUN FACT: It gets even more silly when you think about the fact that the "Shivering Tornado of Death" can distinguish between friend or foe thx due to Whirlwind Attack only targeting your opponents in reach! Muhahaha ah ha  :lol

The 2nd spell from Expanded Knowledge need to be "Heroics". Before entering Bloodstorm Blade, you need to cast it and give you Point Blank Shot. Once you entered the PrC you don't need to bother anymore with PBS and can use it for Far Shot to double your range (up to 100ft!) or something else you want (Imp. Initiative? or speed up your epic feat progression for Distant Shot?) or just ignore the spell.

Epic Feat progression:

> Far Shot
> Point Blank Shot (just needed as prerequisite for..)
> Distant Shot

With "Distant Shot", the build can hit anything it can see/spot without any penalty at all.

"There shall stand no enemy in my sight! Crumble and shiver to death!"

As always I hope for some feedback and response^^

Hello Min/Max Boards. I'm new here (fresh acc, but reading for a few years) and want to backup a few of my builds published on another board. Further I seek for feedback, so any comments are welcome =) This will be the first of the builds.
Note, that the text is only copy&paste. atm, but I way change it in future for better visibility and reading when I have time for it^^

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Hi everyone, I want to show you some refreshed old TO cheese I stepped upon a few days ago. The goal of this build(s) is(/are) to get near pun-puns power-level in 20 levels.

The cheese comes from the spell "Body outside Body" mainly. I spent the last week with tinkering cheese around the spell and googling for additional abuse information. I haven't played a wu-jen so far and didn't even know about the spell a week ago, but the abuse potential is so obvious, that it was just a matter of time until I got results.

This was the 1st thread about a Beholder Mage build relying on BoB cheese, which inspired
me to play a bit with BoB around myself.

LordofProcrastination's Dirty Tricks

After I got interested into BoB builds, Void Disciples 4th lvl ability did come into my mind and I started to google again and hit these 2 threads/builds.


Both builds rely on the use of Archmages SLA-garanting class ability. But imho you don't need this to get the cheese. You just need many BoB clones, the "Moment of Clarity" ability of Void Disciple to give temporary feats and access to 9th level spells to pull of the cheese.

"BoBaFeat" minimal requirements:

- able to cast "Body outside Body"(7th)
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- Void Disciple 4 ("Moment of Clarity" ability)
(click to show/hide)
- have 9th level spell-slots

This will lead to a build like this (lvl20 needed to hit 9th lvl spell access):
a) Wu Jen X / Void Disciple 4 / Yyyyy X
or if you don't want to be limited to Wu Jen Spell list
b) Wizard X / Void Disciple 4 / Wyrm Wizard 2 / Yyyyy X

This is much less restricting compared to the other builds. You have 9-11 levels where you can insert any class witch adds full casting progression for your base casting class. As said, you don't need Archmage to make it work and here is how the build works:

BoBaFeat LvL 20

(we take option b with the Wizard casting and go straight wizard for the remaining level, for a simple example)

1) cast "Body outside Body" (you maybe need to cast it 2 or 3 times to have enough clones for the start)
2) order 6 (or 3 of em twice) of your clones to give you "Improved Spell Capacity [Epic]" temporary with their "Moment of Clarity ability" . you have now a 15th level spellslot.
3) order other clones to give you Silent Spell, Still Spell, Quicken Spell and finally "Innate Spell: Body outside Body"

Now, you have "Body outside Body" at will and are set to break the game with your unlimited amount of Clones.

- unlimited amount of Clones
- use clones and repeat the process to give you all spells you know as SLA at WILL (!)
- since your clones only have a restriction of casting spells, they can use all Spells as SLA at Will now
- give you all feats (only ancestor feats are forbidden, EPIC NOT! if the DM argues that you need to be lvl 21, go for Dragonwrought Kobold. Being a normal dragon of age, qualifies you for epic feats)
- due to all feats, you get unlimited Stats (epic +1 feats)
- unlimited stats + Moment of Clarity = unlimited skill ranks (!) + unlimited stat bonus on any skill
- unlimited amount of Quicken Spells per round (due to unlimited Multispell epic feats)
- unlimited HP (HP feats & unlimited CON bonus)
- to increase the amount of cones per spell/SLA use, give yourself "Spell Stowaway: Body outside Body". now every time someone in 300feet range casts (or uses SLA) BoB, you and all clones in range get the effect for free. we have raised the clone production exponentially sereal times.

BoBaFeat can now produce enough clones to fill the multiverse in a blink of an eye. Each of em a demigod, obeying the only one and real BoBaFeat. I think he could befriend with pun-pun.

The question at the end is: What could you fill in the remaining plain wizard levels as mention above. Which PrC has full spellprogression and usefull (after having all feats) abilities to add to this build? Is there anything that would make a difference? One of the other threads/builds relies on Jade Phoenix Mage, which has some nice fluffy abilities, but nothing that really makes a difference imho. Any other ideas? (more Void Disciple for longer duration on Moment on Clarity would be a bit more efficient, but still not making any difference in power lvl)

I hope you enjoyed the BoBaFeat build and credits also go to the mentioned threads, pun-pun and their inspiration that lead to this thread. Feel free to comment and add your thoughts. I would appreciate it.

Introduce Yourself / Hi Min/Max Boards
« on: August 13, 2017, 02:00:53 PM »
Hi Min/Max Boards.

I'm a D&D veteran playing since AD&D. I am reading this board for a longer time, but have been active on another board/site so far.
The reasons why I now decided to get active here too are that I seek more feedback for my builds and also as some sort of backup, since sometimes boards tend to die without warning^^. Since I got a few build which I seek to post, I'll post em one by one over several days/weeks. So I won't fold the board and I hope to get better/more feedback per build this way.

And since I have an account now, I guess I'll also join the discussion which I'm interested here when I got the time =)

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