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Legends of the Heroes / Army of PCs Against the Giants
« on: May 04, 2018, 07:38:17 AM »
I'm almost two years into an Against the Giants campaign using the 2e Against the Giants: Liberation of Geoff module (with 3.5e crunch, and modified geography), and I thought it might be worth posting for all of your amusement/edification/disgust. The idea behind the format for the campaign is that wars involve a lot of people, so the notion of a band of five or six or eight heroes crisscrossing the land doing all the saving seems a tad implausible (also, I like variety). Thus, my one group of players and I are jumping between, let me count...approximately five different parties (they overlap a bit), all of whom are in various parts of Geoff and surrounding countries doing heroic and/or mercenary things.

We run sessions using Google Docs, and so I'll just be copying the transcriptions of what we did, until and unless that becomes cumbersome and offensive. To keep the whole thing organized, I have an all-consuming set of spreadsheets telling me where each party and the major NPCs are on any given day, so that I can avoid continuity errors, and allows for amusing things like one party casually walking past a villain on his way to fight another party two days later. (The fight was played first, so the players knew who this set of PCs was walking past, but their characters had no idea.)

As far as optimization level: for yea, though I am not worthy to sweep the hallways of this hallowed temple of optimization, I am nigh unto a grandmaster compared to everyone else in my group. So it's pretty toned down.

I'll not bore you with a description of every PC in the game just yet, cause there are nearly 30 of them, just the parties.

So, the parties:
The Most Ancient and Original Group- the MAOG was rolled up in the early 90's when we played 1e, and was later updated to 2e and 3.5e. So the characters have existed for 22-24 years or so. The average level is 11, with one being 14 due to a quirk of the 2e to 3e conversion rules. This will be the first time we've used these characters in 3.5e.
Zodhunters- some gangster named Zod (no relation to the Superman villain) stole some stuff from these guys' mom. Average level is 7.
Kat's Krew- Katreana (female elf/Wiz 9/LG) was part of the MAOG, but was at the other end of the continent when the campaign started, so she had to adventure her way to Sterich, and picked up some people while she did. Average level 9.
Dwarven Volunteer Corps- Some of the fluff for this says the various mountain dwarf clans are too busy bickering to bother with all the giants they could ever want to kill, so one character went to recruit some volunteers. Average level 4.
Sephira & Co- Sephira (female halfling/Sor 6/don't remember) worked for Duke Owen of Geoff until she found a book referring to an ancient lammasu, and requested a leave of absence to go see what she can find. (We refluffed the Rainbow Servant prestige class into a Lammasu Servant prestige class for this.) Average level 6. This is presently the active group.
Singletons- There are a couple of PCs not currently in any party at the moment; such characters, or people whose players are not present tend to get used as NPCs. For example, the 14th level guy is effectively an NPC until the rest of his party catches up.

That all I have the battery life for at the moment. We shall see how this goes.

D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Recommend some rules to adapt
« on: September 17, 2017, 05:12:56 PM »
Oh Great and Mighty MinMax Board dwellers:

I'm running an Against the Giants campaign using 3.5e rules (instead of 2e), and, spoiler alert, I intend to run it such that the cloud giants are behind everything. Eventually the party will go to the flying cloud giant island to fight them, as is right and proper.

It occurs to me that the party could take control of one of the cloud islands (which detaches from the rest, and which they'll probably have to do to get to the cloud islands anyway), and use it to ram other parts of the cloud island, instead of just grinding through 65+ cloud giants.

So the question is: can anyone suggest some rules to adapt from vehicle-to-vehicle combat (or ship to ship combat) that I could use to adjudicate such things? I haven't been able to find any.

Also, there's no hurry, I don't expect the PCs to get to the cloud giants for two years of real time.



Introduce Yourself / Hello MinMax Boards
« on: September 17, 2017, 05:01:29 PM »
Greetings all,

Glad to see the boards were resurrected quickly.

So I've been playing D&D of various types since the early 90s, starting with 1e, and currently 3.5e. As for non-D&D types hobbies, we have...numismatics and some older video games.

And now to actually start posing questions to the boards, instead of merely lurking.


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