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D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Parchment Swarm spell + scroll combo!
« on: February 01, 2019, 04:48:10 PM »
The Parchment Swarm spell from PF's Occult Adventures is clearly a spell made for creative combinations.  Specifically, with low-level scrolls as an add-on.

Do any of you have any good suggestions as to which 1st level spell scrolls (from *any* class) would combo nicely with the magical slashing damage component of Parchment Swarm?  Pathfinder or 3.5 spells (plus good 3PP spells) are all welcome.

I thought Grease would be situationally helpful ... also Deja Vu would be a good 2 round add-on. 

By now, you all know that nearly any primary spellcaster worth his stripes will eventually finagle their build to incorporate the Dazing Spell metamagic feat (+3 to spell level - unless you get a magic MM Rod).  It doesn't matter if you are a spellcaster who emphasizes BC, buff/debuff, blasting, summoning, etc. .... Dazing Spell is the "I Win!" button for spellcasters.  Because nothing is really immune to Dazing.

Personally, I don't use it on my spellcasters.  For the same reason I never used Incantatrix in 3.5.  And because DMs using it against my group can be utterly maddening.  Since I don't like to use the word "ban" (woohoo!), I will say that in both my tabletop groups we decided to stop using Dazing Spell via mutual DM/Player Gentlemen Agreements almost as soon as it got popular. 

But this is where it gets good.

The breadth of spellcaster styles, patterns and theme builds has greatly expanded.  I rarely see   It's funny how that one feat, as much as it was sorta well-balanced cost-wise, just absolutely dominated the buildcraft scene and pretty much handcuffed most casters into taking it.  As a result, there's no real "must have" feat or class feature in primary spellcasters any more (we're ignoring pre-Unchained Summoner/Eidolon combos in this talk).  So the variety is pretty cool now - and lots of creativity in build chassis crafting.

This thread is about the unique dynamics between a DM and PCs who use either of the 2 following spells:

Reflective Disguise =

Mass Reflective Disguise =


Because both of these spells have quite long run durations, anybody in a game using these spells are going to need some very creative and thought-provoking interactions between PCs, NPCs & monsters.  Especially in games where the PCs are in a population-dense environment where they're meeting lots of different races.  Say, for example, your trope-centric Underdark trade city where Drow, Duergar, Humans, Cambions, Illithids, Demons and Goblins are all frequently in visual contact with each other. 

So first off, I want to ask ..... have any of you used this spell or seen it used in real game-play?

Next, I'm curious if you saw any challenging issues or problems arise from its unique "social interaction" dynamic.  As I think we can assume that typical game-play use of the RD & MRD spells will likely cause, at the least, momentary pauses from enemies who are suddenly and unexpectedly confronted with a small group of never-before-seen armed creatures of the same race as themselves.  I'm curious what you think of my words "momentary pause" ... and if that seems consistently likely with the use of this spell, does it mean it potentially imparts game mechanic advantage to the party member(s) who are using the spell.  For example, think of a situation where the party rushes into a room filled full of a Drow raiding party ... and it becomes a potential surprise round for either group. 

As you can imagine, the social interaction aspects of these spells kinda requires a lot of cerebral investment as to the racial psychology and unique environmental factors of a given opponent.

Any other thoughts?

Beyond the standard core spells offered in the Pathfinder PHB, which spells from the various Paizo splatbooks/sourcebooks and large hardcovers (UM, UC, ARG, etc.) are worth consideration as high-performance, upper-tier spells? While posting some of the more broken & controversial spells (like Blood Money) are certainly welcome, I'd prefer you emphasize talking about high-performers that are useable right out of the gate. Also, please expound on Your tactical analysis of a given posted spell. Just in case there are nuances we may not be aware of.

so in essence! this thread is really more so about finding diamonds in the rough amongst these non-core spells.


If any of you would like, we can also branch out to include some of the more reputable or popular 3PP Pathfinder magic tomes as well (Deep Magic, 1001 Spells, etc.). As it seems that, on the whole, PF's 3PP sources are more balanced and quality-controlled than 3.5's 3PP sources.

Min/Max 3.x / [PF] Stealth Wizard Buildcrafting .... Need Help!
« on: May 18, 2015, 10:28:43 PM »
For the first time, I'll be playing in a pure Pathfinder Rules Only Campaign (no 3.5 stuff allowed).  My 12th level Foresight Diviner Wizard (with Forewarned, Prescience & Foretell) is going to the party's only arcane spellcaster.  So I'll be doing standard debuffing and BC work for the group (a ranger, inquisitor & cleric).

As a dedicated sub-theme for my wizard, I need to spend at least some of his build resources on "stealth" capability.  As all 4 of us will be needing it in order to survive this Underdark-centered urban campaign (lots of espionage and sneaky commando missions).

So I'm hoping some of you folks can help & recommend to me some magic items, mundane gear, spells, feats/traits and the like for me to look into.  Please note, I'm not looking for a full-throttle investment into stealth capability.  More so a less-resource-intensive or auxiliary investment.  In essence, I'm looking for "stealth on the cheap".  To note, I will be maxing out my Stealth and Perception skills, even though I won't get the bonus +3 for doing so. 

So if you can help me find some great "bang for the buck" stealth ideas - I would greatly appreciate it! 

P.S.  Any ideas for spells would be best for long-durationed spells so my wizard can hopefully get at least 2 or more of his 4-5 combat-encounters-per-day (which we are expecting) properly covered.

Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for something that is probably quite obscure.  The Incarnum Spellshaping feat (MoI p. 38) gives the bearer exclusive access to a whole new subset of spells - ones that have the descriptor of [Incarnum].  There's not a lot of spells in the MoI book .... so I'm looking for some homebrew [Incarnum] spells from some of the creative folk here at MM. 

Perhaps you know where I could find some spells like this?  Or one of you may have some in your files somewhere?

Due to the idiosyncrasies of our campaign world, a sizable number of spellcasters will have this feat.  And I'd like to provide more options for said spellcasters besides the handful that are in MoI.  Thanks for your help!

D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Swiveling the Boreal Wind Clusterf*ck.
« on: September 17, 2014, 12:16:14 PM »
I wanted to get y'alls feedback on this spellcasting idea.  The Boreal Wind spell, as we all know, is a top-tier multi-threat attack spell for nearly all the primary arcane and divine spellcasters.  One of the more intriguing aspects of this multi-round direction-controllable spell is this quote:

" ... The wind can change direction if you actively direct it (a move action for you); otherwise, it merely blows in the same direction ... "

So if I chose to use my Standard Action as another Move Action in the same round to change direction 5 degrees to the left, could I instead swing it around in the opposite direction (to the right) to, in essence, affect everything around me within a 360 degree AoE? I couldn't find any rules that mandated that I had to adjust a spell's moveable direction in the quickest and shortest path possible.

In addition, let's say I downed 12 Bloodspike Tempos [MoE p. 140] prior to the combat.  If I took those extra 12 Move Action turns all on the first turn that I cast the spell, could I affect the same damaged victim multiple times with the same Boreal Wind?  Assuming the victim was in the initial blast, then was out of it (when the Boreal Wind changed directions), then was back in it again (when a Bloodspike Tempo Move Action moved the Boreal Wind's gust back in the victim's direction.  Assuming in my prior paragraph that I have no restrictions with longer-route swivelling, I can just use Move Actions to swiftly move across the battlefield, swivelling the Boreal Wind in circles or hemisphere sweeps ... and destroying everything that gets multiple touches by the returning/revolving Boreal blasts.  Even stuff that's possibly out of my field of vision.  Of course, caution must be taken to ensure allies won't get caught in this venture.


In essence, I'm trying to see if I can nova-combo Boreal Wind along with a huge expenditure of Bloodspike Tempos to royally annihilate and blow-back everything on a huge battlefield all within the first turn of my wizard's combat.  To note, Boreal Wind is one of the very few attack spells with Long Range (400 ft. + 40 ft./level).  And its 20'x20'xLong Range AoE is a really compelling strategic-level battlefield spell.  Especially when direction changes point up into the skies to affect flyers. 

Anyhow, if this has any legality issues, please kindly holler back. 

The Minor Servitor spell out of Savage Species is very interesting.  It's a 5th level Wizard spell that combines Animate Object, Awaken Object and Permanency all in one.

A 3.0 spell, it never got updated to 3.5 rules.  But man-oh-man, does it have a lot of potential for combos & abuse.  Interestingly, it has gotten very little mention here at MM or BG.  Via Google, you'll find that the only person who was really pushing the CharOp envelope with Minor Servitor (and was posting on a forum) was UnseenMage over at GitP.  Yes, the XP expenditure aspect is burdensome.  But there's a lot of ways to sidestep that (making it a Spell-like Ability, etc.).  Even without XP-reduction shenanigans, I can think you can make some very potent customized-&-optimized Servants that are worth the expenditure.

Has anyone had any experience in using or optimizing this spell?

Hey Everyone.

I'm looking for a Prestige Class (Homebrew, pre-existing 3rd Party 3.5/PF Publisher, etc.) that a Wizard or Sorceror could take that specializes in "Wall Magic".  You know ... casting, manipulating and enhancing the various Wall spells available to the Wiz/Sorc spell list.  This is for an Arcanist who wants to rock all the common and popular Walls (like Wind Wall & Spiritwall) as well as the uncommon and offbeat Walls (like Grasping Wall & Wall of Eyes).  And who also would like to be able and access (via class abilities) interesting Wall spells from other class spell lists or unique feat access (like Wall of Vermin & Wall of Moonlight). The PrC should also extend its class features to wall-themed spells without *Wall* in their title.  Such as Dispelling Screen & Nezram's Sapphire Screen of Shielding.

I tried homebrewing one myself and the results were mixed.  Some thoughts I had on prerequisites and class features for such a PrC:

1.  You would need at least 8 ranks of the Knowledge: Architecture & Engineering skill.  Possibly even use the skill to unlock or access certain higher level goodies in the PrC by accumulating more ranks in it as you level up.

2.  Possibly some sort of swift-action casting for a few Wall spells a day (maybe lower level ones). 

3.  Possibly some sort of tweaking benefit (or metamagic feat application) to the Effect portion of Walls.


I wish I could think of more.  My creativity~game mechanics combining is a little weak for this concept.  But my desire to see it manifest is strong!

If someone cannot recommend a PrC of this theme, I'd even love to help collaborate or help in any capacity to make it happen.

Thanks for your time!

Gaming Advice / Disbelieving a figment causes damage?
« on: August 05, 2014, 05:41:30 PM »
Folks, I seem to recall a feat for spellcasters somewhere ...... that causes damage to a creature who either attempts to disbelieve a figment (via interaction rules) or *succesfully* disbelieves a figment.  I can't even recall if it is as a metamagic feat or not, either.

It could be that I saw it in Pathfinder or one of their credible 3rd party sources too.  There's so many sources these days.

I thought maybe the feat was in Complete Mage, Heroes of Horror or PHB2, but I couldn't find it. 

Any ideas?

Amanuensis went from being a 3rd level spell in 3.0 (MoF book) to a cantrip in 3.5 (SpC book). 

What interesting things or tricks can you do with the 3.0 version? 

I'm wondering if its extra functionality over the cantrip version is worth all those extra spell levels.

D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Pilfering PF Goodies to Backport into 3.5
« on: August 01, 2014, 11:24:57 PM »
As we all know, PF game mechanics are not all perfectly balanced to use in 3.5 play.  Yet a lot of them, with just minimal tweaking or raw-as-is, can backport beautifully into 3.5 play.  Usually, these things tend to be along the lines of PF spells, feats, magic items, weapons/armor and mundane/alchemical items.  PrCs and classes ... not so much so without a ton of tinkering. 

With 3.5 now being 7 years out of support and countless "Fun Finds"-style threads (at BG, MM, etc.) that have milked dry the more esoteric, subtle and buried combos that remain ... we pretty much are forced to rummage through new PF and 3rd-Party PF material for fresh blood into our 3.5 game mechanics.

So my query to all of you is ... what PF game mechanics do you and your group find to be mechanically balanced and welcomed into your 3.5 gameplay experience? 

I'm looking at the 2nd level Whispercast spell (in Lords of Madness).  And I really want to like it for my high level Wizard.  But I'm not seeing the bang-for-the-buck for using a 2nd level slot for this spell.

As per the spell text ... "Tsochari spellcasters use this spell to permit spellcasting while they inhabit other creatures. It is also useful for grappled spellcasters."

Grappled spellcasters have a lot of Verbal Component escape spells for anti-grappling situations.  And I see the use of the Still Spell feat being more valuable to a frequent user of the Magic Jar spell and what-not.  I was hoping this spell would have some value in the prevention of counterspelling, but I don't see the supporting game mechanics for that.


So does anybody advocate the use of this spell?  Does anybody have any play testimonials with Whispercast?

Min/Max 3.x / [3.5] Illusory Pit vs. Golem ....
« on: July 23, 2014, 10:44:04 PM »
I'm looking at the Illusory Pit spell in the Spell Compendium.

And it looks like we have a possible Golem-Neutralizer spell for a wizard.  Yeah, it wouldn't kill it, but it would sure as hell keep it from attacking for a good bit while the party plans a mass melee/archery whomping to kill it.

It's SR=NO.  Golems don't have an immunity to Glamer Illusions (like they do against Phantasms and Patterns). 

Although the Golem would be immune to the Stunning component if it is attacked while flailing on the ground or once the spell ends.


Can anyone poke any holes in this?

D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Converting Weapon Cords from PF to 3.5 ...
« on: July 21, 2014, 05:00:32 PM »
How would you customize the *Weapon Cord* accessory from Pathfinder into game mechanics for 3.5 play?

Granted, a number of groups I've played with have homebrewed variations of the Weapon Cord for attachment to everything from swords to metamagic rods to wands.  But I'd like to find something that a lot of knowledgable players can come to a consensus on.

Also, the PF Weapon Cord gets a lot of debate heat for how it actually works.  Especially in light of its nerfing from a Swift Action to a Move Action in order to re-hand a dropped Corded weapon.  I personally don't see a problem with going back to a Swift Action re-handing - even if it means upping the cost for a modified or "masterwork" Weapon Cord.  And that may be the answer right there --- the Masterwork Weapon Cord.  Of which there are none in PF at the moment.  Possibly meaning a boost in price up to 50 gp.

D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Friend to Foe: A DM's Nightmare?
« on: July 15, 2014, 10:12:56 PM »
The Friend to Foe spell (PHB2) ....

This Illusion [Phantasm] spell first got notoriety as one of Frank Trollman's selections for his infamous "Spells That Fvcking Kill People" list.  Beyond that, it's really hard to find any mention of this spell being discussed at WotC, GitP, EnWorld, BG or MinMax forums.  Primarily because searching for the words 'Friend to Foe' brings up a lot of unrelated crap finds due to the generic words in the title. 

So that's why I'm coming to you folks.

Tell me what you think about this spell.  I'm looking at it and loving the fluff, the concept and the sheer social upheaval potential in the spell.  But I'm also seeing a a lot of potential headaches and flying by the seat-of-your-pants adjudicating for the DM.  Because casting this against a bunch of dumb, angry Hill Giants will net a considerably different result from that of casting it on a bunch of guileful, savvy Succubi once the Phantasm is lifted after damage starts to get dished out.

Perhaps some of you have used this spell or DM'ed players who've cast it?  I could use some advice and testimonials.  Especially since I plan on DMing soon with an urban/woodlands campaign that starts at 10th level in the Forgotten Realms.  And I have one player who is itching to use Friend to Foe with his planned Beguiler build.

(( My apologies if this is the wrong way or wrong forum to ask for such a thing. ))

After thoroughly perusing the indices of this Homebrew Forum, I haven't been able to locate any specific threads that focus-on or list 'homebrew spell compendiums'.  Specifically, I'm looking for homebrew 3.5 arcane spells (wiz, sorc & bard), although spells for the other WotC classes would be welcome as well. 

Would anybody help guide me to threads with such spells?  My gaming group is predominantly wizards and sorcerors and we love to field-test, experiment-with and integrate new arcane spells.

Thanks for your help!

D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Spotlight on ... Crystalline Memories.
« on: April 02, 2014, 08:14:53 PM »
Crystalline Memories .... 2nd Level Sorc/Wiz spell from Complete Mage.

What a weird spell.  It's Transmutation's version of Divination's Detect Thoughts (which is also 2nd Level) ... but more oddly structured ... and not as desireable to boot.

In essence, it's a Swift-Action casting spell that pre-occupies (or "wastes time", is more like it) your group's arcanist for 3 solid rounds (via Concentration).  And then does a piddling amount of HP and INT damage to accompany the objectified solidification of 3 rounds of Detect Thoughts that flies directly into the arcanist's hands. 

At level 9 and above, you can use the Swift Concentration trick in order to more effectively multi-task via action economy.  And at 12th level, you can do that even better with the Extraordinary Concentration feat.  But at both those levels, the Will save of this spell will be easily by just about every opponent - unless you'd want to Heighten the spell for some crazy reason.  It does have some nice combos with Bracers of the Entangling Blast and the Fell Metamagics (Drain/Weaken/Frighten).


So what am I missing about this spell?  What were the designers thinking when they thought this quirky spell had value?  Especially since Detect Thoughts is so much better all-around (and accessible by *ALL* arcanists, even specialists). 

It looks interesting as hell and I'd love to optimize it.  Just not sure how.  The visuals that accompany the spell are so violent and priceless. 

I was looking at PF's baseline arcanist spell that grants a direct Blindsight capability to a Wiz/Sorc.  That spell is Echolocation.  It's a nice spell - 40' Blindsight radius and a 10 Minute/Level duration ... Extend-friendly and good for multi-encounter goodness.  But Holy Cow ... it's 5th Level!

Of all the extraordinary senses out there (Tremorsense, Scent, Blindsense, etc.), Blindsight is really the most ideal for an arcanist who wants to do additionally vile things to enemies already caught up in his Darkness, Solid Fog, Sleet Storm spells.   

Are there any other spells (not magic items) that grant Blindsight to a Wiz/Sorc?

Listening Lorecall used to be in CAdv, but the SpC took it away from them.  The awesome Dragonsight spell grants Blindsense, but that ain't as good.  Kingdoms of Kalamar gives you a 3rd level spell called Ranged Blindsight, but good luck getting that approved by some DM's.  So I'm curious too, if you think that Echolocation is properly assigned as a 5th level spell.  I would call it a 4th level spell.  And I'd even take a hit on knocking down the radius to 30' in order to do that.

My current DM makes sleeping in a Rope Trick or a Magnificent Mansion ... just about impossible for my 12th level party.  He's one of those DM's who interprets the spells' text entry of "extradimensional space" as being incompatible with the myriad array of Handy Haversacks, Bags of Holding, Quivers of Ehlonna that my large party has as core critical equipment.  That's fine.  We're not gonna argue with him on that as he's a good guy.

So I'm coming to you MinMaxBoard folks for guidance in helping my 12th level wizard find the best "bivouac" spell for our party that doesn't constitute entering an extradimensional space.  So that means spell options from our good friend Leomund.  For example, Leomund's Secure Shelter, Hidden Lodge (SpC) and the like.  There's even that Sanctified spell in the CoV called Celestial Fortress. 

I have no experience with any of these spells in practice (we used to always Rope Trick with our other DMs).  Do any of you have experience with them?  Any pro tips on the pros and cons of these spells?  Hidden Lodge has a crazy-high DC 30 Survival check needed to spot the Lodge ... and I can't see more than a tiny handful of all the Monster Manual creatures being capable of hitting that #. 

Thanks for your help!

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