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Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« on: November 19, 2020, 07:35:51 PM »
Had laser surgery for my glaucoma.  First they put a"numbing drop" that burns like fire for several seconds till it takes effect.  This is so you can put your head in some contraption before they lube a lens device which they press and hold firmly directly against the eyeball.  Then they zap you repeatedly with the laser while adjusting said lens for each angle.  You know when the laser hits cause there's a bright green flash before an electric shock travels through your eye.  Takes 5 minutes.  Feels like a lot longer.

It's like getting a vasectomy. Thoroughly unpleasant in a very alien way, but not the kind of torture you'd expect.

Min/Max 3.x / Re: Epic Gestalt Character Help
« on: November 19, 2020, 09:15:35 AM »
I dont know everything but the dread necromance manceris dread necromancer//marshall, horned harbinger, palladin fo tyrnanny, dread master

The Shifter is a were bear monk/warblade/warshaper natures warrior master of nine

And i was wrong hes not a truenamer, hes wizard 5/malconvoker 9/ paragonstic apostle1/ thaumaturgist 5/master specialsit 5// binder 25

Not sure how much that helps.

Alright, so an army buffer/charisma caster, a natural attack specialist, and a summoner (who is probably your wildcard since summons come with big spell lists).

I'd suggest something that combines all 10 levels of swiftblade and psionics, so you can break action economy over your knee and push those 2 full attacks up to 3 or 4, or at least do multiple moves a the same time. If you can get Daze immunity, Celerity->Haste->Subsume haste for a time stop is a great way to interrupt ANYTHING.

Schism lets you take purely mental actions, and spells cast through it (with silent+still to make them purely mental) don't suffer CL penalties like powers would. You can also use Synchronicity to ready actions to happen as the time stop ends, including things like casting another time stop.

Min/Max 3.x / Re: Epic Gestalt Character Help
« on: November 18, 2020, 11:50:39 AM »
3. yes the goal is a gish, not opposed to psionics, never played one thoug.  But Im likign hte rough build i have, the ability to make 2 full attacks at full BAB with lvl 9 ray/touch spells attached to each attack seems super fun
4.  I have seen the swiftblade, is it worth the loss of caster levels?  with my current build, i could take 6 levels of it, which would only make me a lvl 15 caster.

I know the other toons int he party dont seem that broken, but i Know the players well, they will have them min maxed to the extreme. SO i want somethign that can compete, but not get overshadowed, or overshadow itself.

Where do you get the second full attack action from?

You are gestalt, you can just put normal class levels at 1/4/7/10 on the other side of your gestalt to ensure your spell levels don't tank. Also, you are level 25, you have some wiggle room while still getting level 9 spells.

I'm struggling to figure out what the other characters are doing here, since truenamer is (and I say this as a huge fan of truenamers) a terrible class with almost no potential for significant abuse beyond the skull talisman exploit, and unless the dread necromancer is going HARD into level draining or minionmancy, he's going to fall behind most other casters.

Can we get some sort of benchmarks for what you want to be able to to? It's hard to tell what "compete but not overshadow" means when we don't know if they are throwing around 15d8 or 150d8 for example. At level 25, a well-built martial character can be one-shotting GODS with minimal resource expenditure.

Min/Max 3.x / Re: Epic Gestalt Character Help
« on: November 16, 2020, 12:48:21 PM »
Sounds like you are going to be missing a lot of versatility since Dread Necro and Truenamer are both small-list casters, and unless the Truenamer is abusing the hell out of consumable recovery utterances and skull talismans, he's going to be pretty much useless at epic levels.

The go-to answer IMO is shadowcraft mage stapled to a cleric. You get full divine casting (which means full BAB due to Divine Power), Heavy armor proficiency if you want it (or you can just trade it out to be a cloistered cleric, AC is a trap by that point anyway unless you can jack your touch AC into the stratosphere), and still get spontaneous access to most of the Arcane Evocation/Conjuration list. Also, divine metamagic for all-day buffs from the arcane list. It's a character that can do almost anything, but usually not all at once, so you can just fill in the party gaps and keep the game going when it stalls out.

Quote from: Shadowcraft Mage explanation:
- Shadowcraft Mages get the ability to emulate conjuration (summoning or creation) and evocation spells by using [figment]-descriptor illusions (which become [shadow]), similar to the shadow conjuration and shadow evocation spells.
- The maximum level of the spell to be emulated is one lower than the level of the illusion used.
- Heighten Spell allows you to increase the effective level of a spell. Silent Image is allowed as one of the base spells for shadowcraft, so you can just heighten it to the correct level for the spell you actually want.
- Earth Spell allows you to Heighten a spell by one more than you normally could, which overcomes the -1 spell level penalty of shadow evocation/conjuration effects.

Used together, a SCM can effectively spontaneously cast anything shadow evocation/conjuration can create, using any spell slot, while also ignoring material and XP components, AND casting long-duration spells in a standard action.

Early entry into SCM using heighten and divine metamagic to get a 4th level shadow spell early from your shadow domain means you have a LOT of wiggle room, with even casual entry being something like Cleric5/SCM10/Another Prc10

If you use Domain Spontaneity you can spontaneously cast your illusions using any of your spell slots, or you can take a single level of Dweomerkeeper and choose Silent Image as your Mantle spell.  DK is MUCH better at it, since DS costs either a turn attempt or a higher spell slot.

Side note: if Dragon Magazine is included in "all 3.5 books", then the War Spells section in #309 has some hilarious options for shadowcraft mages. Stuff like a 25-target/level version of magic missile as a level 2 spell. Normally it costs 600gp in material components, requires a special feat, and takes a full minute to cast, but as a SCM you get to ignore all of that. 1 missile per target is absolute trash in epic, but the SPECTACLE is worth it.

D&D 5e / Re: The "Custom Lineage" Race and starting with an 18.
« on: November 12, 2020, 03:04:25 AM »
I just followed that Mearls rabbit hole You can't pull a "This product isn't made for you" while simultaneously choking out the versions that ARE by scrubbing your forums and slandering those who like the older editions.

This game is having an free tournament, with learn to play sessions throughout the week:

Tournament is over, there's a new version being released soon.

Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« on: October 21, 2020, 09:59:48 PM »
Have you tried the local Board of Labor?

They are unsurprisingly swamped, what with the whole pandemic thing. Good news though, they finally got their heads out of their asses and fixed my schedule, so that I'm back to working my government-approved 24/week, and they are all graveyards, so if they need me to cover a swing I just have to zombie my way to the desk and sit in front of the cameras for a shift then start patrolling as normal when I'm fully awake later.

Now if they pay me what they owe me, everything will be just fine.

Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« on: October 20, 2020, 07:42:41 PM »
   ~~~~ ____   |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
  Y_,___|[]|      |  :banghead Work Fuckery Train  :banghead  |
//oo---OO=OO     OOO     OOO    OOO

They have outright removed the hours from my shifts worked, and paid me a total of 6.5 hours overtime for a ~72 hour workweek. This is straight up wage theft at this point, and I'm getting stonewalled by the company.

Min/Max 3.x / Re: [Pathfinder] Fleshwarped Raktavarna
« on: October 20, 2020, 12:02:08 PM »
If I understand you correctly, you are fleshwarping the symbiosis ability of a Tear onto a Raktavarna, so that the Raktavarna can inhabit a humanoid, giving them the abilities of a Raktavarna?

Notably, the change shape is limited to objects, not humanoids, since "unless otherwise noted" would mean that the Raktavarna change shape overrides normal Rakshasa change shape. If this wasn't the case, Raktavarna would ALSO be able to change shape to any humanoid, as they also have the subtype.

D&D 5e / Re: Fun Finds: 5e Edition
« on: October 20, 2020, 11:54:14 AM »
Screw hail, combo it with create water for a 10 gallon block of ice dropped on someone's head.

Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« on: October 13, 2020, 10:05:42 PM »
   ~~~~ ____   |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
  Y_,___|[]|      |  :banghead Work Fuckery Train  :banghead  |
//oo---OO=OO     OOO     OOO    OOO

I have worked 40 hours already this week and have 32 more to go, both of which are back to back 16 hour shifts (16 on, 8 off, 16 on). They are denying me proper overtime pay still, and my manager has her head up her ass trying to prevent any form of schedule changes, while the supervisor is scrambling to actually fix her fuckups.

Coworker (V): Hey boss, I have a sore throat so I won't be coming in for the next 3 shifts, As per protocol, I arranged for them to be covered by my coworkers.
Boss (C): Total silence for multiple days.
Supervisor (T): Hey I heard V is sick, can you cover his shifts?
Me: Yeah, I already agreed to.
T: I haven't heard anything about that and it's not in the schedule. I'll let C know so it can be updated. If it's not on the schedule you aren't supposed to work it.
Me: Sounds good, I'll keep an eye out.
*Checks schedule day of shift*
Me: Huh, I'm still not scheduled, I guess they didn't want me getting the overtime and gave it to someone else.
*Drives 20 miles towards family to go do laundry*
C: "I just got a report of an abandoned post from our government client. What the hell is going on over there?"
Me: V is sick, we reported a shift cover agreement, but it was never finalized and I was told that I have to be listed to come in.
C: "An unmanned station is unacceptable, go clock in, since you are always on-site"
Me: "I'm actually 20 miles away, going to go do my laundry"
C: "Come back as soon as possible and clock in. I'll put you on the schedule.
*Second shift*
Me: "Oh look, I'm retroactively on the schedule for yesterday, but STILL not on the schedule for today. I'm gonna clock in anyway and they can bite me."
C: "The client is upset about the shift cover, so I'm refusing all scheduling changes from now on"
*dumbfounded that C is explicitly denying the SOLUTION to spontaneous covers, and I happen to be standing next to the client, while they are on speakerphone with their superior*
Me: "Hey client, can you confirm this?"
Client: "What is she smoking? We just want the changes documented. You know, HER JOB."
Me: "Hey C, Client says they are fine with scheduling changes, you just need to document them"
C: "I spoke to the client already"
*Gnashing my teeth at the response that could either mean "and got the go ahead" or "and am pulling rank anyway"
Client later that day: "C needs to be replaced, almost every guard here is having a problem with them."
T: "Hey, can you extend your shift today from 8 to 16? Your relief called out."
Me: "You know that means I'm working 16 on, 8 off, 16 on right? C hasn't fixed the 'temporary' schedule that I was given to cover for the guy who quit, I'm still not being paid for it, and they just declared they are refusing all scheduling changes and blaming the client for it."
T: "Fuck man, I've got hours missing too, I'm gonna find someone above C to talk to. Cover this shift for me, I'll document it without her approval so you at the very least get paid normal overtime for the middle 16, and I'll get the rest of this shit sorted"
Me: "You know if V and I quit this contract is fucked right? You don't have anyone else with security clearance for a government site.
T: "Yeah, C needs to get their shit together"

Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« on: September 29, 2020, 01:11:03 PM »
did it feel like it had disks spinning?

iv seen videos of rehardwaring a drive, but it does not look Fun.

Doesn't spin up at all, which usually means it's seized or the controller is fucked and not supplying power properly. Either way it means taking it apart. How do we at this stage in our data tech not have a device you can just stick the platters on to do a single read from, writing the data to cheap drive? 20 years ago we could write from a halfway-degaussed magnetic tape drive to digital device, with no further loss of data. Now we can't even do a raw write. I get that it's much more complicated tech, but you'd think reliable data recovery would be an important factor in a ubiquitous product like hard drives.

Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« on: September 27, 2020, 02:24:05 AM »
Found an old external hard drive that I put in storage after it fell ~2 feet onto carpet and refused to spin up afterwards. Removed it from the enclosure and tried it on my PC, nothing happened. The files on it are really important to me and I have almost no visual memory so the media on it is ENTIRELY lost to me unless I recover it. I can't remember what they look like. I can barely remember how they sounded. This hurts a lot more than I was expecting. Data recovery is VERY expensive though, and I feel like I['m going to have to just swallow a bitter pill and let go of the only chance I have at recovering my memories of them.

Min/Max 3.x / Re: 3.5 Unholy water
« on: September 26, 2020, 06:25:27 AM »
As a plot point as the DM, sure. You could handwave that. As a player? That's what the curse water spell IS.

This spell imbues a flask (1 pint) of water with negative energy, turning it into unholy water. Unholy water damages good outsiders the way holy water damages undead and evil outsiders.

Off Topic Fun / Re: Celebrity Death Thread
« on: September 24, 2020, 04:25:14 AM »

[D&D 3.5] SCP, Eberron Edition / Re: OOC Discussion
« on: September 08, 2020, 03:00:45 AM »
God bless you, Nyte.  Let us know if we can help in some way.

Same bottlenecks as always, time, energy, expertise, cash.

  • 109F heatwave sucking all my energy out and making it impossible to work on anything during what little downtime I have
  • DMV not taking appointments, so I can't sort out my registration bullshit, so I'm stuck with a commercial registration I can't insure. (partner locations like AAA won't change title designations, only change owners/renew registration)
  • Family power tools burned out, so I need to buy a saw and drill of my own.
  • I need to find someone local and handy who can finish the wiring for my solar that is already wired down into the room. they just need the final stretch to connect to the charge controller/battery pack, but I'm not willing to pay someone $75+ for what amounts to a single cable splice on an easily accessible wire.
  • The walls are totally uninsulated steel that radiate heat inward during the day. It's lethal to fall asleep in there. I did once and almost didn't make it out because it got up to 130 with no ventilation and I was too weak to get out on my own. Instead I've been sleeping in there from 9:00-11:00 and then sneaking onto the worksite to sleep in a breakroom nobody uses from 11:00-15:00. 6 hours out of poor quality sleep is NOT enough to sustain 16 hour work days.
  • Between the surprise DMV fees (Registration cost $400 more than it should have because of the forced commercial registration), extra cost to smog, and the maintenance needed to meet california smog requirements, I'm approximately $4,000 in the hole (+another $9000 if I was to actually follow the law and get commercial insurance). Once I have the time/energy/assistance needed to sell the old vehicle, I can recoup some costs, but it's all just SO MUCH at once. I'd ask people for donations, but the "every little bit helps" is a huge drain on me emotionally, because my stupid brain can't treat it as anything other than debt and my meds are NOT strong enough to deal with that level of self-loathing. To be honest, I'd rather go back to sex work because at least then I'm making my own choices about how I abuse my body and living in this capitalist hellscape is just varying degrees of selling myself, but that's not a viable option during a pandemic.

[D&D 3.5] SCP, Eberron Edition / Re: OOC Discussion
« on: September 05, 2020, 12:27:57 AM »
As much as I'd like to, I don't think I can reliably do so. I'm fulltime vehicle-hobo and working 16 hour days now.  :banghead

Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« on: August 27, 2020, 07:50:28 PM »
Today on "government paperwork is bullshit":
- Look online to find where to do my registration since the DMV isn't taking appointments.
- Go to the AAA listed as a partner.
- They tell me all they do is take payments, they have no authority to do things like change information, so my registration will cost me $500+
- I ask why, they say it's because the vehicle defaults to being listed as commercial, despite being a GMC Savanna base.
- So I pay the exorbitant amount, then move to the insurance person. They say "we don't insure commercial vehicles, sorry" YOU WERE RIGHT THERE NEXT TO ME WHILE THIS WHOLE THING HAPPENED AND YOU DIDN'T WARN ME.
- So I have to do the conversion, take pictures, send THOSE to their underwriters, who make an entirely non-transparent determination about whether it's an RV or not. During this time, I need to go pay for commercial insurance. Commercial insurance is upwards of $9000 for a private owner.

Oh, and the registration isn't valid yet because no smog certificate from the last owner.

Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« on: August 18, 2020, 07:48:37 PM »
Work is pulling the "we don't have to pay you overtime for your 16 hour shifts because we can define a work day as cutting right through the middle of your shift so each half is on a different day"

While it's true that they can define a workday as any 24-hour period, there's a stack of court rulings that says "your workday can't be defined in such a way that it denies overtime to anyone working more than 8 hours in a single shift. Working more than 8 hours in one shift and working more than 8 hours in a day are entirely different issues"

Creations & Ephemera / Open playtest tournament for Pony Wars
« on: August 09, 2020, 04:57:54 AM »
Starts today, with the first group starting at approximately noon eastern time.
Winners of each group get to help design a card for the core set.

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