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Off Topic Fun / Re: Awesome stuff you have to share, V4
« on: Yesterday at 02:17:44 PM »
I started a new diet last saturday. It's going extremely well. I haven't felt this good in years, and my food costs have plummeted. I'm going to take a picture today (since the water weight is done dropping off) so I have a "Before". If all goes well there should be an awesome "After" in a few months.

"One doesn't necessarily preclude the other. We should be keeping tabs on the contacts anyway, and we can set the trigger to be them ATTEMPTING a meeting, not the meeting occuring. More importantly, we can gather possible locations for these meetings, and put a different trigger on each contact until one of them comes up valid."

Kazimir rubs his brow in annoyance.

"Of course, this wouldn't be as much trouble if we could just BE the favored contact. The highest bidder so to speak. I'm probably not the best choice because I have a semi-public affiliation with one of the knights and a reputation in the information business, but one of you probably has a low enough profile."

Kazimir nods in agreement with Viborata.

"There are countless more ways to track a politician than a Fey who doesn't want to be found. Once we find one of them, I can put a magical mark on them that will let us know if they try to meet with our target. It won't tell us where they are, only that the condition I defined is met. It comes in handy when working with more unreliable delvers who may not respect contracts. The mark lasts only a tenday though, which is a limitation I generally didn't have to deal with in a delve."

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Min/Max 3.x / Re: Fun Finds v7.0 - Now with +15% more reposts!
« on: March 18, 2019, 08:44:12 PM »
Considered official material due to being licensed, the Legacy of the Blood sourcebook for Ravenloft produced by the now defunct imprint Sword and Sorcery Studios owned by White Wolf has some fun finds; I'll share one that struck me as interesting:

Create Device, a crafting feat that allows one to duplicate magic (and presumably psionic) effects via an explicitly non-magical "device". Despite being described as a "family feat" specific to a certain bloodline (Chapter Seven for those who can find the book), the feat itself is tagged as [General] allowing anybody to take it. Accompanied by a Scientist prestige class loaded with various Weird Science™ effects, as well as new alchemical items.

It costs the same as crafting the equivalent magic/psionic item, however "power sources" must also be crafted which is an additional cost. Devices also burn out (run out of charges) at the same rate as the equivalent magic items, requiring replacement.

More interesting stuff to be found, but I'll let others excavate.

Do they work in an Antimagic field?

Kazimir listens intently to the robed official's story, then nods in agreement with Viborata. While listening, he quietly cross-references the documents with his knowledge of similar official forms used in the area for signs of deceit or fine print.

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Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« on: March 16, 2019, 07:59:23 AM »
My friend has spent more time in a mental hospital than out of it in the last few months. They have a toxic living situation and a toxic partner, and they are too broke from all the medical shit to get away from them. They haven't eaten more than a few bites of food over the last week, and can barely drink water without the stress-nausea overwhelming them.

I went into this thinking that the universe was shared and that we were just on opposite ends of the plot rails.

Fine with me.

Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« on: March 14, 2019, 03:47:02 AM »
I got fired because business was too slow to justify my employment.  :banghead

You don't seem to be packing any basic mundane gear (tools, flint and steel, torches, rope, extra dresses etc)

You've reminded me that I need to copy over mine. I keep a general user "shax's sack" type of haversack around for "adventurerer" type PCs.

It's the young adult blue dragon, CR 11, not the young blue dragon, CR 6. I know in the original post I forgot to the adult bit, but it was clarified in between. :)

Oh jesus. I amend my previous post. The young adult wrecks my shit.

Burst Healing may be good nice-to-have. You have some 7k wiggling space on leftover WBL and an empty belt slot, so maybe a Healing Belt?

My 12d6 blast can also be used as up to 24 points of healing, which is around what a healing belt will do when used on the burst setting. I can get the belt if needed, I've just got that money open just in case there's anything else. I'm planning for a stat belt in that slot asap, because my physical stats are trash and I need to bump that CON for more maximum safe spellfire.

my backstory will help attest to that. :P

My backstory paints me as an amoral scholar with a severe antisocial streak. I just recognize that socializing is a required job skill, regardless of my distaste for "petty" stuff.

Who's the party face, by the way?

I have a positive reputation with one of the Dragon Knights and Kasha in general, my diplomacy score is decent, and I'm a known figure among mercenaries with a relatively positive reputation. I'm not assuming I'm the face, I'm just putting my qualifications out there in case we don't have one already.

So far I'm providing:
- Out of combat healing
- Crowd control via solid fog/roots
- All the knowledge scores as well as some other skillmonkey stuff
- General scouting with flight/invisibility
- Surprise immunity to targeted magic to try to function as a lightning rod for some of the more nasty stuff (since spellfire is really obscure, I doubt they are going to assume the random firbolg can eat magic)
- 1/encounter 12d6 ranged touch at 400' range.
- 1/day Iajutsu trick that can clear a 60' line of mooks in one shot.
- Single Target no-check Dispels
- UN-Dispels.
- No-cost Identify
- Access to the entire Sorc/Wiz spell list 4 and under given a day to prep.

Do we need anything else from the "assorted support" role, or am I good now?

Still inferior to one presumably human maid.

I have more Maid levels than your maid.   :P

Nah, I was referring to Sakuya, AKA the Touhou character the class is based on. :lmao

Sakuya insists there's absolutely nothing supernatural about her abilites. She's a "totally normal maid" who just does the things maids do. If that violates time and/or causality, then so be it.

Meanwhile, I forgot to get minions, so now I'm just using Crawling Claws as (people wish they were)-unseen servants.

Everybody Else: Jarob22+Skyrock+Nytemare3701+Nashork(+YumeaCurtis 2nd character). Two tanks, one offense and one utility that hopefully can take care of healing too.

Also fair warning, if nobody in the not-Bonnie team picks a faction to start with, I'll pick it for you.

Can confirm, I can hand out fast healing between fights.

I will join Mexilhoeira as an independent informant for the sellsword culture and supplier of exotic meats across shipping channels for the Kasha.

-You mention you're going kinda nova and burning through resources fast, so any battles that you can win where you would lose if the enemies are doubled? Because if you're still winning over half of them then that's too stronk.
The nova aspect is the ability to chuck a 400ft ranged touch attack for 1d6 per spellfire charge expended. both my safe capacity and my maximum expenditure are equal to my CON score, but my UNSAFE capacity can go up to 5x that much. Nothing on this list dies to 12d6 spellfire, and most of them could even survive a second shot (assuming someone had the resources to overcharge me)

My only two offensive resources that survive the first few turns of a fight are my truespeak checks (so I can keep a piddly 2d6 DoT on a target for a while) and my invisibility. If I'm trapped in an arena all alone with any of these things I'd be pretty fucked in general.
-Did you take in account the dragon's blindsense? That way it would be able to detect where you are even if invisible and hit-and-run with lighting breath.
(Reversed) Seek the Sky shuts off flight and the normal version grants flight. My plan would be to root it and get out of the 60ft range before the root wears off (even with extend it's only 2 rounds  :shakefist). I have no idea how I'd actually BEAT that fight on my own.
-The vrock has at-will mirror image, you got any way to go around that and if not can you win the slugfest of you trying to hit the real vrock while removing spores and it just telekinesis stuff in your general direction hoping to make up for the 50% concealment chance?
I can't remove the spores mid-combat (recitations are full round actions that provoke), I can quicken dispel a few times before the Law of Resistance stops me, but it won't last. I definitely won't win the slugfest. My to-hit is +12, and my damage without after Iaijutsu is expended is 1d4+5. In a few levels I'd have True Seeing+Blindsight as an utterance, but that's a ways off.

Without a party, my support-oriented know-it-all skillmonkey is pretty terrible. Spellfire requires ammo so it's only good for a round or two without an enemy mage to drain, Truenaming has potential to throw around damage over time, but I chose battlefield control and support abilities instead (I have a single level 4 utterance. You bet I'm gonna use it for Solid Fog and not a blasting spell that requires 2 turns to cast). If any of these monsters were casting offensive spells at me directly or self-buffing with something other than mirror image, I'd be real good at breaking that down and letting other people take them apart.

So, my revised list:

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Across the board the winning move is to not engage alone. Anything I can actually solo is either smart enough to not let me slowly unmake them, or big enough to jack the law of resistance through the roof.

Running the encounter check for my character:

These are actually a bitch for this character, since he's much better at support. All of my strategies to solo an encounter involve reliably making quickened utterances (not trivial) and spamming invisibility after every attack.
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Being able to no-check dispel single spells, un-dispel, and maintain a readied action indefinitely to absorb incoming magic via spellfire makes me a great anti-mage (for the average NPC "dude who casts some spells" kind of mage).

EDIT: My life gets a lot easier if someone else in the party has an at-will targeted SLA, because then I can recharge spellfire between fights for more efficient healing and a backup nuke. I'd do it myself, but readied actions prevent taking any other action so I can't just Ready->Surge->SLA

EDIT2: Additional bottlenecks:
- Cunning knowledge is 1/day/skill, meaning fighting the same creature type more than once in a day reduces my attack/damage bonus from Knowledge Devotion from +5 to +3 on average.
- Arcane Dilettante forbids the preparation of more than one copy of a given spell. This means I can only DDoor or use other similar tricks 1/day. I'm researching hour/level buff spells, since I can prepare a bunch of level (max-1) as easily as mixed levels.
- I only have 6 inspiration points. I'm likely to burn through all that by turn 2 of most fights.

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