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Realms Beyond, a party-based turn-based RPG using the D&D 3.5 ruleset has a late backer program for its Kickstarter.

If they get enough money pre-launch, they'll even add Monks!  (Monks and Bards and Psions are planned to be included eventually.)

Template Classes have no LA and don't require taking levels.  In exchange, you get a weaker version of a full creature.

Savage Aasimar gives +2 CHA and the Outsider type for 0 LA.

Savage Drow gives -2 CON, +2 INT, and +2 CHA for 0 LA.

D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Re: Shadowcraft Mage Handbook
« on: April 18, 2019, 05:00:05 AM »
I would also like made clear that the Shadowcraft Mage has an adaptation section in its class entry for non-Gnomes.  It's the 'non-racist' entry as someone put it.

Handbook Discussion / Re: SorO's Enlightenment Series Discussion
« on: March 25, 2019, 02:11:46 AM »
#8 (Warforged): "Landwalker" should be "Landforged Walker" from Secrets of Xen'drik 123.

Off Topic Fun / Re: Anyone know web design?
« on: March 24, 2019, 11:20:38 PM »
+1 to WordPress or/and Wix unless he wants something notably more complicated.

I also have a certificate in web development, meaning I may be able to do it or/and offer him advice.

D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Re: Most under/over CRed monsters?
« on: March 24, 2019, 08:18:24 PM »
A CR25 Leviathan (Monster Manual II) was trivialized with one casting of reverse gravity.

Can you use Planar Shepherd to Wild Shape into another Planar Shepherd10?

What about area effects?

Greetings, all!

Thomas Orr, a church friend of mine, has a nearly-done Roguelike named Are You a Wizard.  A playable version for Windows, Mac, and Linux is downloadable via the Kickstarter page.  Extra funding goes toward upgrading the art and audio.

May you also find this game spiffy enough to financially back.


You Break it You Buy it / Re: TRIPLE 9 GISH!(TO/cheesy)
« on: March 04, 2019, 05:46:17 PM »
Could you get a 1 LA template like Divine Minion of Thoth to become an Outsider and get all martial weapon proficiencies?

Updated with more info from ENWorld.

Greetings, all!

Our small group is playing the Shackled City campaign for D&D 3.5.  All 3.5 sources are allowed including homebrew, and this campaign is meant to be 'tough, but fair.'  Our GM has generally been lenient with allowing homebrew and rules changes if we all agree we want something changed.

We are angels of Pelor (and I at least am well aware of the Burning Hate controversy) given mortal bodies to aid in Cauldron and judge whether this plane should be destroyed to remove the righteous with the wicked or spared.

Our group is ECL4ish now and near the end of the second chapter of The Shackled City, Drakthar's Way.  My in-character brother is a Half-Celestial Gith Druid3 going Planar Shepherd of a plane to be announced || Tome Monk.  (He is WIS-based.)  I am a Magic-Blooded Divine Mnion of Thoth (reflavored to be of Pelor) Cloistered Cleric3 going for a modified Hathran and Manyfold Summoner (and possibly other divine casting PrCs) || Fun, Powerful Sorcerer3 intending to go 20+ in this class.  My domains are Dragon Below and Kobold (though I intend to switch Dragon Below for Time due to it being better overall).  (I am CHA-based with Cloistered Cleric-based casting being house ruled to be CHA- instead of WIS-based.)  The GM has said that our main characters are exceptionally powerful and occasionally rule-breaking:  We are probably the only gestalt characters in this game world and we were each built on a 40 point buy.  In my character's case, he got some domains not normally part of Pelor's list/portfolio.  The GM also houseruled our level adjustments so each of us only has a total LA of 1, regardless of the default rules.

We have with us a GMPC named Kristof, a Human Cleric of Pelor3 or 4 with the Strength and Sun domains going for Radiant Servant of Pelor, Contemplative, and Divine Metamagic (Persistent buffs).  He's meant to represent the common folk and we have adopted him as our apprentice because, in and out of character, we want to have him thrive.  He was the only remaining priest in Cauldron at the start of the adventure  He was built with the equivalent of a 19 point buy.  (He has 10 STR/10 DEX/12 CON/10 INT/15 WIS/9 CHA.)  He has no traits nor flaws for feats as per GM instructions.  So far, he's been only minorly useful, occasionally hitting with his longsword (a GM-granted weapon and proficiency), occasionally buffing, sometimes summoning, and rarely healing since our team has rarely gotten hurt enough to warrant that.  I've been holding out for him to increase in levels so he can get more useful spells, including direct damage ones like searing light and crowd control ones like haboob.  Once he gets level 4 spells, lesser holy transformation changes his type to Outsider, and polymorph from my character can make him even more uber via forms like these.

This Bard4 cohort is likely to be built using Kristof as a standard once my character reaches level 6.  This means it's her job primarily to make the rest of the group awesome as the church's music director.  (I'm aware of optimizing Inspire Courage and JoshuaD's Bard Handbook.)  Her planned build is NG Silverbrow Human (with the Magic-Blooded template if allowed) Bard9/Lyric Thaumaturge1/Sublime Chord2Lyric Thaumaturge+X,  (The assumption is Lyric Thaumaturge advances Bardic Music as a full Bard.  This is our game, and even if this isn't RAW, this is how we intend to play.)

Thus, what feats, stats, skills, items, and otherwise do you most recommend for a buffing, casting-heavy Bard who intends also to melee once she's properly polymorphed considering her stats?  Should she start at middle age?


D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / What would balance Simulacrum?
« on: February 19, 2019, 04:11:34 AM »
Simulacrum is a tricky spell and not just since it's an Illusion.  This spell seemingly has no fair balance point if taken at RAW.  (Needing to have a copy of the target's toenails or body parts isn't a limiting factor when these things are available freely and infinitely in every spell component pouch.  Also, see Eschew Materials.)

The soonest a Wizard can cast this spell from spell slots is 13.  This is after the point that Genies and Solars become available to copy.  Want a wish or more every day?  Go ahead!  Remember, wish pays for the EXP and body part costs of simulacrum.

And those are just some off=the-top-of-my-head core examples.  Outside core, things can get even more extreme with using lesser planar binding to get some Mirror Mephits (Expedition to the Demonweb Pits) who have simulacrum 1/day at CL8 as a spell-like ability (which bypasses the body part and EXP requirements) to make sims of Efreet, lesser Angels, Artificers, and so on.

Baldur's Gate II treated simulacrum like a controllable, possibly equippable self-clone with fewer HD/levels than you.  I'd prefer not to change/reintrepret simulacrum to be that limiting (which can still be powerful).

What say you?


Other Games / Knights of the Chalice 2 Kickstarter Thread
« on: February 14, 2019, 05:46:37 PM »
Greetings, all!

KotC2 has a Kickstarter!  As of this writing (Feb 14, 2019) it isn't yet live, but it'll be soon enough!

The game's author kindly explained what Knights of the Chalice 2 is(n't).

The Knights of the Chalice series is a turn-based adaptation of the Open Gaming License (OGL) rules for D&D 3.5.  The first KotC stuck fairly close the the rules as written, but KotC2 seems more interested in adapting and expanding them for the sake of a better game.

I've already offered the author extensive feedback regarding many aspects of the game, some of which is slated to be in the final release.

As an aside, Knights of the Chalice is soon scheduled to arrive on Steam, GOG, and possibly other PC gaming platforms!


D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Realms Beyond: What suggestions have you?
« on: January 30, 2019, 02:56:33 AM »
Greetings, all!

As a recent backer of Realms Beyond - a turn-based open gaming license D&D 3.5 RPG due to release next year - I was curious what suggestions you have for this game.  Preferably, you'll put those on the official forums so the devs and community can read and respond to them.  I request this so the game will be the best it can be!

If you've already done this, then great!


(I wasn't sure if this post should go in the D&D 3.5 section since this is about a D&D 3.5ish video game.)

D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Re: Angels?
« on: December 15, 2018, 11:46:22 PM »
This thread might help with Planar Shepherd forms.

Off Topic Fun / Re: "Go for the eyes, Pooh! Go for the eyes!"
« on: December 13, 2018, 12:49:52 AM »
The next line?

Pooh: "Oh, bother."

(To quote Giant ITP.)

General D&D Discussion / Re: Don Quioxte, Man of La Mancha, and D&D
« on: December 13, 2018, 12:49:03 AM »
Thankee!  That was a pleasantly unexpected take on Quioxte.

General D&D Discussion / Don Quioxte, Man of La Mancha, and D&D
« on: December 08, 2018, 02:31:14 AM »
Greetings, all!

Having been reminded of Man of La Mancha, one of my favorite musicals, I realized that this is the sort of story that likely inspired D&D's earliest days.  Just listen to the aforelinked lyrics (or read them here) and consider this Don Quixote plot summary and this previous-in-the-movie exposition.

Nevermind that Don is (or at least seems to be, depending on version and interpretation) a delusional knight in an age past chivalry:  He seems very much like a D&D 3.5 Paladin with the Harmonious Knight alternative class feature for singing.

What are your thoughts?

Off Topic Fun / "Go for the eyes, Pooh! Go for the eyes!"
« on: November 21, 2018, 08:49:37 PM »
Recently, I learned Jim Cummings voiced Minsc and Pooh Bear.

"Go for the eyes, Pooh!  Go for the eyes!"

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