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D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Re: Feats that should be Free
« on: October 24, 2015, 08:41:47 PM »
But something I keep wondering about these feats is if they're so crappy, why are they feats in the first place?

Because WotC was stepping lightly when they made 3rd Edition, and feats were a great idea but they didn't want to turn off the 2E grognards who would be utterly upset that something that they don't have to pay for with already meager options (NWP) was so much better than what came before (NWP).

Mine is a general position. I don't like it when entire classes of actions can be stopped full stop without chance of error.

I guess you like your BBEGs getting scry & died, then.
I hate that CoDzilla and FriendsTM can fulfill every role and better than the specialists who are supposed to be the best at what they do. Spells allow those who have access to them to be all things for all situations. I personally do not like this or at least do not consider it ideal.

Okay, here's something you're not getting. D&D is a resource-based game. If the Druid and his animal companion devote resources to being a better Fighter than the Fighter, this is not a bad thing, because that's less resources they're using to fucking wipe the opposition off the map in a more efficient way. "Hit it with a stick", no matter how you swing it, in the editions this subforum covers, is not a valid life choice past the point where they're doing that as a matter of course if they so desire it. Your games where the "specialists" swing their sticks as a meaningful contribution to an adventure stops, or at least should, around seventh fucking level. And before that, hey, everything's fine, the game works well enough, and your complaint would cease to exist, so I can only imagine you're talking about higher levels where hitting it with a stick is the least valuable option, at which point you should stop having those characters feel like they're good enough to adventure at those levels. At the point where Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit becomes a problem, BMX Bandit needs to roll a real character, or actually devote his resources to being useful  - Shock Troop Leap Attackers and Uberchargers are semi-valid life choices because they're still removing the opposition, but only one per round. Flask Rogues are valid life choices at those levels, because TWF Sneak Attacks with Rings of Blinking do the job just as well and they have utility in the form of UMD and skills people mostly stopped caring about a few levels ago.

My complaint of spells wiping out whole classes of effects in one fell swoop is totally getting at that problem you have with the silence spell. My whole post was aimed at the bigger picture. I've never actually banned any spells at my table I just don't personally like spells that either replicates what others can do and better than what they are supposed to be good at and spells that shut down whole classes of options. At least in a theoretical sense. Call me crazy  :rolleyes

Hold up there, Suzie. I don't have a problem with the silence spell. My players get to have agency. I just don't play my opposition like dumbasses when they move into the 9+ level range. Seriously, everything the players can do, the DM can do, and often better. This is not saying "Screw your players", but rather saying play your opposition like they have a fucking brain, and most of this stops being a goddamned problem.

(1) Spells that grant casters the ability to cast more than the standard allotment of spells per turn.
I guess you dislike Quicken Spell, too. Nevermind that typically when you're casting "more than the standard allotment of spells per turn", you're blasting, and blasting needs the fucking help.
(2) Spells that wipe out in one fell swoop an entire class of effects by granting unbeatable immunity.
Oh no, the party doesn't have to roll over and take it up the ass from a DM's Finger of Death by casting Death Ward. There are so many instant death effects at high level that not rolling with some form of protection against them leads to TPKs.
(3) Spells that grant casters the ability to replicate an another class's features (often times even better than they can do them).
The Druid's animal companion is a better fighter than the Fighter. The problem there is that Fighter is a shitty class, not that there exist alternatives.

EDIT: Here's a spell that's a bigger problem than any of you have listed yet: silence. This humble 2nd level spell provides immunity to all spells with Verbal Components, gives no saving throw (when cast on an object - there's a flagstone, there's a pebble...) and shuts down the biggest Clerical fuck-you spells in existence (Blasphemy/Dictum), cuts out Bard musics, and generally destroys basically any balance when used correctly. So before you go blaming things like death ward and arcane fusion and celerity, why don't you take a step back and look at the bigger picture?

I have cousins who raise alpaca. I visit them from time to time. Every visit involves being charged at, headbutted in the groin (playfully, but the full-grown ones still cause an ache) and bitten. They (alpaca, that is) are the fucking DEVIL.

I want to play a Vow of Peace Savage Bard raised by Celestial Alpaca. Why.
Because you've yet to realize what devils alpaca really are.

Basketweavers. Basketweavers fucking everywhere. "A level 18 character whose main contribution is hitting things with a stick and has no way to Fly, teleport, or otherwise keep up with a party doing these things is totally a valid character."

I feel so bad for those kittens. :(

That's okay. You have a plush D-something (can never remember its name) as an avatar. Who knows what freaky shit you get up to, you abhuman mass of flesh and bone. :P

I'm confused because apparently his reason for leaving is the reason he wanted to take part.
Honestly, I'm not upset about not getting to play. DMs set whatever they want for their games, and if you don't like it, fuck off elsewhere. Which I did. I provided reasons for my fucking off. Jackass comes along and apparently read nothing of what I said to throw out a flippant comment that amounted to 'fuck your reasons, play anyways'. Dismissing a person's reason while quoting the same reasons and obviously not reading those reasons is exactly that.

D&D 5e / Re: D&D 5th edition Next - PHB
« on: July 19, 2014, 05:25:51 AM »
With all the ranting going on about converting old spells/classes/whatever to the new system, I should probably ask:  How easy is it to convert things?
For spells:
1: Set bullshit base damage. (Fireball, 8d6)
2: Let the in-place system scale (+1 spell level = +1d6 damage)
3: Copy descriptive text from 3.5, replace relevant bits.
4: ???
5: Profit.

Mind you, I kind of like the new spell system - but it's HIGHLY dependent on whether or not they've gotten rid of 3.5's and 4E's egregious HP bloats and allowed blasting to be viable again.

Dear 13th Age: Die in a fire.

D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Re: [3.5] Gate vs. Dispel Magic
« on: July 19, 2014, 05:14:51 AM »
Nothing happens to the creature. Calling a creature through a Gate is a Conjuration (calling) effect, the monster is real, not summoned. If it were a Conjuration (summoning) effect, dispel would work on it.

Therefore, the creature can enter an AMF, but if it has any SLA or (Su) abilities they will cease to function, as normal.

Quote from: Gate Spell
Calling Creatures

The second effect of the gate spell is to call an extraplanar creature to your aid (a calling effect).
Quote from: Conjuration (calling)

A calling spell transports a creature from another plane to the plane you are on. The spell grants the creature the one-time ability to return to its plane of origin, although the spell may limit the circumstances under which this is possible. Creatures who are called actually die when they are killed; they do not disappear and reform, as do those brought by a summoning spell (see below). The duration of a calling spell is instantaneous, which means that the called creature can’t be dispelled. Source

Immortality; a prize out of reach for all but the most determined individuals. Kept out of reach for those not born into it, and those unwilling to doom their mortal flesh to degradation and rot. But like fire being stolen from the Gods, sometimes all it takes is one man willing to dare the impossible. One man to seek the forbidden, to think thoughts mortals should not think, to challenge the divine right of birth and take it for their own.

Sometimes, it takes a gnome.

His name was Xtis Cee. A womanizing gnome of moderate sorcerous talent, specializing in illusions - and illusions that can kill. By any accounts, Xtis was a foolish sot, fond of drink and pleasurable company. A well-loved legend, even by his progeny, was that once, he won a million-gold reward for rescuing a princess from a dragon - and spent it all on creating the largest orgy the multiverse has ever seen, featuring prostitutes from all sentient species and alcohol from every possible locale. But the most-loved legend is the day he consumed the Sidhe.

Talented in illusions; but even being moderately talented is something that sets a fire in every illusionist's heart, a silent challenge issued - for there are no greater illusionists than the Sidhe, who live and breathe illusions with their glamour, mocking mortals' skills. At the height of his power, when Xtis could create illusions that could kill even the hardiest of individuals and fool even the most magically-assisted, he plane shifted into the Court Realm and issued a challenge, pitting his illusions against the whole of the realm's glamour, beginning a tournament that lasted, it's said, for ten days.

From the smallest of the Sidhe to the greatest, he cast them all down, battering aside their glamour and unleashing his killer illusions upon them, slaughtering his way through the realm of Fae. At long last, when he came upon the Lord of Light and Illusion, he was grievously wounded by the glamour, but struck a killing blow with a shadow-infused illusionary creature. with his dying breath, the Lord of Light and Illusion was made to surrender the secret of the glamour; the Glamour Stone.

Returning to his home plane, Xtis began a series of magical experiments upon his family, which was quite extensive when one included his bastards, in an attempt to parlay the Glamour Stone into immortality. Magic shaped and reshaped forms, distilled the essence of life, combined Part A with Body B utilizing Component C. Gradually, however, it came to take shape; not in Xtis himself, but in his descendents, as at long last, after almost a century of experimentation, it was done. The Glamour Stone had become, no longer a metaphysical object, but part of the extensive clan that had been formed around it; a part of their blood. And still the experimentation went on, having become part of the culture of the clan itself, warping flesh and bone and mind.

And Xtis did die, eventually; in bed, surrounded by his favored concubines, with a smile on his face at having completed his life's goal of creating immortality, a hard task to duplicate with the Glamour Stone gone. Since then, Sidhe Gnomes, as they have come to be known (and less favorably: "Freaks"), have joined the ranks of the White Gentry (Ed Note: trio of rulers, with the Black Gentry (undead), White Gentry (race/ritual immortals), and the Red Gentry (mortal nobles)), immortal and unnatural in shape. The immortality breeding true, if in unusual ways, and accompanied by a vicious wanderlust that drives them to chance their immortality on adventure and politics - those that aren't wholly consumed by the need to experiment, at least. As such, the Sidhe Gnomes' numbers are practically small, with a high number of its scions having been killed off seeking fame and glory.

It's difficult to mistake a Sidhe Gnome for anything else. Strange features, or body parts, all in the name of 'improving' are pushed upon the children of the clan - and the mania persists in many after they've first tasted the shaping magics. All too often, a Sidhe Gnome will spend years in experimentation, perfecting their body to what they want it to be, through cross-grafting traits and rituals and even entire rebirthing rituals. Perhaps it's their fae nature that ensures that none of those traits breed true, and that every new Sidhe Gnome is a perfectly ordinary member of their parent species; though that never stays true for very long.

A note: The name 'Sidhe Gnomes' is only truly in honor of the paragon of the clan, and the fact that members of the family tend to be on the shorter side. In truth, it's difficult to nail down any common race as a member of the Freaks, as they tend to come from all sorts of parentage.

EDIT: This is more or less to justify having a Spark White Dragonspawn Unseelie Strongheart Halfling.

Actually the only thing that keeps me from violently murdering is the soothing feel of a handle in hand and the resistance of a flogger striking an upraised backside, looking down upon a partner encased within a fiendish device that renders them immobile and unable to avoid the biting blows.

...If people whisper about that, fuck 'em.

Another bit of rage that only seems to matter to me on the subject of common courtesy: If a person says they don't want to do something, provide a reason, the appropriate fucking response is not to go 'Fuck your reasons, do it anyways'. And if you point this out, everyone who witnessed it jumps on you for using terms like 'Screw you' in response.

Example: Person A says they're withdrawing from a game because A: They made their intentions clear in the interest check thread, has already played the module in question and was only interested in playing a character type that is the same type as most of the big bads to explore how things might change under the DM, B: Has chosen to exit in as inoffensive a manner as possible after clarifying with the DM.

Person B says 'why don't you play a different character', quoting brief explanation made by Player A and clearly not reading any of it.

Person A points out why this is disrespectful as fuck.

DM jumps down Person A's throat.

You know what? Fuck you. It was a reasonable response to this bullshit, and I'm tired of seeing it go unchecked when otherwise amiable people are being told 'Fuck your reasons, do it anyway'. Fuck you Person B, fuck you DM for letting that shit go on, and fuck you twice DM for jumping down my fucking throat for pointing out it being an idiotic, fucking disrespectful response.

D&D 5e / Re: D&D 5th edition Next - PHB
« on: July 18, 2014, 01:41:52 PM »
Do Drow still have disadvantage on everything during the day?

Yes. Except it's less of a penalty now. Kind of.

Min/Max 3.x / Re: Mystic Theurge cheese. tiefling edition
« on: July 18, 2014, 01:39:56 PM »
Sorry, did you really just use Sean "Kay, I'm a Shitlord" Reynolds to prove a point? It kind of detracts from the point itself.
Is Sean the douche bag? I mean besides all of them, I get my authors confused.
Vow of Poverty and his response to the backlash. That's all.

Gaming Advice / Re: Where can I play D&D Online Table Top?
« on: July 18, 2014, 12:25:32 AM »
using different fonts
This annoys me to no end and I refuse to participate in the ludicrousness of bolding or coloring text for speech. Italicization is a common element to distinguish thought and that's as far as I'll go. Writing should look natural on the screen and on the page; adding in different fonts, styles, and colors just detracts from the writing.

Gaming Advice / Re: Where can I play D&D Online Table Top?
« on: July 17, 2014, 11:41:01 PM »
Well, when you deal with PbP, you have to deal with almost frustratingly slow game post rates because typically a person will post once per day. Finding a Roll20 game is also marginally difficult because the assholes don't properly tag their games, but if you find a good one you can expect once a week playtimes.

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