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Other Games / Re: Videogame Discussion III - Snake Eater
« on: Today at 01:07:16 PM »
You know there's been quite a bit of "cleaning" censorship in SRW T. Devil Burning Gundam. Amuro is the White Devil Meteor. Kamille is not comatose and got a comfy military job along Judau. Haman and the Purus could actually pass for mentally sane people. Allenby somehow masters the Berserk system. :psyduck Zagato is an high priest advisor and actually had an evacuation plan for Cephiro (which was "let's take over Earth", but hey, still some better effort than original Zagato who just went "everybody else can just die for all I care"). Eagle goes from "I shall conquer Cephiro at all costs!" to "Nevermind too much trouble I'll just join you guys" in record time.


Oh, and Landis got his own majin mecha because of course he does. Suspiciously equal to Zagato's own... You just looted it from your own big brother, didn't you Landis? Well he's already a top martial artist and top magician, may as well be a top thief that can pull the rug from even under Judau. :shakefist

Eagle meanwhile has an interesting gimmick that if I don't deploy his personal mecha he'll just take command of his battleship which is an auto-deploy. Geo is the subpilot in that case, or he'll directly command the ship if Landis is allowed out in his discount Gundam. Still for the son of a president and commander of an invasion force, Eagle lacks the actual leadership skill. As does pirate captain Harlock, although that makes a bit more sense since Harlock's all "everybody should do whatever they please".

"Stop thinking about her. If you see her again, I want you to flee. No matter what's at stake, okay? I don't want you to ever, ever fight her again."

:”Heh… What about what I want? If she’s about to hurt those I care about, do you think I can just turn my tail and flee? No matter the stakes? A planet? A system? The whole galaxy? Even if it means my death, if I can just delay her a bit more to possibly save millions, billions, trillions, or even just somebody I love, I would gladly fight her one last time. There may not even be anywhere to flee at that point.  So if you want me to do what you want… Then you need to promise me you won’t let her escape. Don’t try to reason with her, don’t try to flirt with her, promise me you’ll put her down for good when the time comes.”

"Eh, maybe keep those images to yourself, okay Aryk?"

: ”Eek, sorry for speaking out of place!”

: "It's unusual that you speak so friendly of me Arotadam when I've just recently meet everyone here. From what I can tell Hugo is an alright person, even if he is a bit odd about how he goes about things. That said, he does feel likely to be villain material... Not withstanding the fact even my own mother is villain material and I'm probably a couple of choices from it myself."

:”Oh, you’ll get tknow Katherine better in the future. Or would. ”

: "Where was I in all that? If I disappeared that probably means I was killed at some time. Or did I get stupid and attack Dark Force by myself?" she stops and looks thoughtful.
: "Was I secretly working with the Fucker of Worlds in the background But what about Teresa? Or my mother and Team Silver for that matter?"

 : “Last records we have, you all went out in some secret mission to supposedly deal with the Aether Phantom Fleet, and that was the last I heard or saw any of you, at least with those names and faces. Yet Katherine changed to me, so who knows what actually happened to you. You and your family and Team Silver are officially listed as missing in action as far as DAUGHTER’s archives tells, but then so is my previous persona. You could’ve joined Hugo, Fucker of Worlds, supporting him behind the scenes and we wouldn’t be any the wiser.”

: "Phantom fleet... ghost ships?" Amaterasu muses, looking thoughtful, then snapping her fingers, "Got it! This wouldn't be the first time something like this happened. Every now and then a destroyed or scuttled battleship will start moving. AI malfunctions are common but it's a bit more than that; all those rumours of ships coming for vengeance aren't so far from the truth.

"Anyway, to get an entire fleet of the ships with any sort of co-ordinated intelligence, you would need a massive graveyard--and some sort of equally-massive collection of AIs and computers to help it along. Like, say, the Steel Garden--at the core you have an entire fleet of scuttled but intact ships, AI that know they've been abandoned, and sufficiently out of the way and impassable that nobody would think to check before it was too late.

"Damarius, if I guide you past the gravitational and spatial anomalies, will you take us there? I think we'd be able to stop this Phantom Fleet before it gets going."

: "As expected of Ammy, both brawn and brains!”

: "And, of course, I can call Team Silver."

: “Yay I’ll get to meet the whole gang! I knew it was worth sticking with you!”

: "True, that. It did kinda feel like they just want a place to be accepted... That wouldn't be that hard to do, yeah?"

 : ”Finding a place to be accepted is hard.”

: "Just because mecha have taken the forefront doesn't mean they can't be useful in many other ways. Besides, it seems to me like all they really need is a little bit of love."

: “...That’s what you think of every girl you see, Hugozinho. I bet that Dark Force got Hugo, Fucker of Worlds by taking the shape of a cute girl.”

: "The White Company is always accepting new recruits and has no problems with battleships. Bastion always ends up in the thick of it,"

:”A veteran ship captain may have the best odds of talking things out.”

: "Probably that the Aether Phantom Fleet knows exactly where it's from as much as we do, so if they send anyone else into the past..."

:”...What are you doing standing here and calmly chatting then? HURRY UP!”

Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Dokufu(WIP)
« on: Yesterday at 07:15:28 AM »
I didn't know dragon magazine had a questionable reputation.

Yeah but i don't think they make that many eggs in d&d.

Making the swarm out of small creatures would their swarm damage reach adjacent squares?

Also how should the swarm hd scale? Should it increase by time pasted since they hatched, when the parent reaches certain levels, or just match the parents HD?

What should the swarm cap be?

If you insist on small, then I would suggest using the mob template or we'll be stuck here for quite long dealing with the details of using small sized members.

Cap control of ECL of the mobs is Dokufu's CR-2, so either multiple weaker mobs or just one really strong, can produce a full power one right away because long-term waiting time isn't really a resource that's easy to balance.

Considering the original monster doesn't stat its hatchlings or refer to any use for them beyond their chestburster quality of killing creatures they hatch from, why does the Dokufu need to be a Leadership archetype monster? Spiders are not known for their familial qualities.

Usually yes but some species do stick together, although it's usually more "mom taking care of spider babies" rather than "mom sending babies in suicidical charges" or adults cooperating. The spider swarm is a core monster, while the Monstrous spider can have organization of "colony", although interestingly enough the number of spiders per colony decreases when the spider size increases until the gargantuan and colossal are always solitary, so seems like they group while smaller and weaker with grown strong adults prefering some privacy.

Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Inugami
« on: May 22, 2019, 04:59:45 AM »
Fair enough.

Ups, seem to have missed this one. :blush

Green hag male pronoun fixed, but the Annis Hag seems to be all female.

Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Dokufu(WIP)
« on: May 22, 2019, 04:54:57 AM »
Off topic but their is a soulmeld in dragon magazine about based off broodkeeper and in one of its chakra binds give you swarm traits but now i am confused to what that means.
There's a reason why Dragon Magazine has a questionable reputation, I'm not sure what they mean by that either.

I think i will go with small dofuku swarm as i don't want to deal with 300 spawn counting, would have to up the egg amount by a lot for that to be viable.
Species of spiders that tend to enter homes are capable of laying hundreds of eggs at one time. There may be more than 200 eggs in an egg sac and some spiders may lay nine of these sacs.

Bugs are all about egg mass production.

I'll point out the monstrous spider can pump out basic spider swarms.

This is what i get for not every playing a 3.5 cleric i don't know how many domains they get.

Thanks for the help
You're welcome.

PS (haha) my d&d group says i just should have made this PrC for monsterous spider and they are saying this now after all this time....
It would've been a more viable idea if it had been thrown from the start, but I don't think you feel like discarding all your work so far now. :p


[D&D 5E] Coastal Troubles / Re: OOC Thread
« on: May 22, 2019, 01:13:31 AM »
They attacked us!

You guys threatened/blackmailed them. What else would you expect?


It's not like nicely asking them for help provided any results, so it was time for the bad cop act. :p

Also, you're all on an island with no defenses set up because you didn't go that route, and you know that the villagers won't listen to you, so good luck doing things tactically.  :P

Well there's still some buildings standing and that cave so there should be some chokepoints we can hole in, not like we need to worry about defending anybody else besides our new daughter. :plotting

"Oi, what just happened, I think I might've blacked out there for a second. Who is the girl? Did we kill them all? Hah! Alright then."

: “I’m Raposa, captain of Portimão’s border security. And no, you only killed one of the guardian beasts I worked out so hard to convert. Although against a legendary angel such as yourself, that’s not too shabby if I may say so myself.”
: ”-say so myself.”

"Those beast are a part of the city's security and they were mistaken in attack us. The one responsible for them has apologized and offered to take us into Portimão."

: “As expected of the personal doll of a cleric of Bonnie, even an unofficial one. It’s not like I’ve ever actually met an official one, though... ”
: ”-official one, though....”

"Don't do anything stupid and eventually most of those weaknesses stop being a problem,"

: “Oh, speaking from experience, milady? Something tells me you’ve been doing this for even longer than lord hector, milady. Yet you seem to keep a lower profile, milady.”
: ”-lower profile, milady.”

: “Well would love to keep chating but have work to do, absolute orders to obey, your graces. You should report to the town hall first, the bosses are there holding a meeting right now, there’s no missing it, just go straight ahead to the center of the city, your graces.”
: ”-the city, your graces.”

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[D&D 5E] Coastal Troubles / Re: Coastal Troubles (IC Thread)
« on: May 20, 2019, 07:51:07 AM »
Enar calmly starts making a last check-up of her gear.

:"Run away? In one of the local boats? With this weather?  May as well cut our own throats, trust me, we have  better odds making a stand here no matter what's inside that boat."

The paladin then shouts to anybody who may be hearing:

:"Hear me good people of this island! The undead are coming! We'll stand against them! I ask that you stand with us! Grab your weapons and raise! Raise and fight! Fight for your lives!"

She doesn't really hope that anybody will answer but worth a shot anyway.

Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Dokufu(WIP)
« on: May 20, 2019, 04:37:46 AM »
Ok i see your point, how about we keep the swarm idea but let them be small using the size conversion of the next 2 smaller size and assume 18 small dofuku spawn make up 4 swarm squares(as 300 tiny creatures make up 4 swarm squares and 5000 diminutive creatures make up 4 spawn squares), well remove the slashing damage reduction so it will just take half damage from piercing damage.
Well the usual swarm subtype isn't supposed to work with small sized creatures and those are baby newborn dokufus so  I don't see much of an issue with them starting tiny while the "normal" dokufu starts small (plus there's aflaw for a medium monster class to starting tiny in the feats section), but if you really insist in small sized baby dokufus then 18 per swarm and everything else sounds reasonable.

Since the swarm does swarm damage i guess they don't need the bite and i can remove it from the dokufu, does the swarm still get venom?
Thing is, after re-checking the original entry I strongly believe the poison was a bug, not a feature (pun intended). Basically the author must've went "Ok, I'll make the dokufu spit babies, but I'm too lazy to make up new stats for that so just say to use monstrous spider", completely forgeting that monstrous spiders had poison and the dokufu didn't, so the swarms shouldn't really either.

Where can i find this scaling swarm damage and dc?
There's the table for damage scaling in the right and the distraction DC a bit below.

My friends say i should lower the ammount of domains it has access to from 3 to 2, i told them if i did that i would like to increase their options of domains- whats your opinion on this?
Hmmm, 2 domains from a list sounds like a solid idea and closer to regular cleric.

Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Dokufu(WIP)
« on: May 19, 2019, 12:35:44 AM »
Considering it's only mentioned as a fluff detail, it's precisely the kind of thing that should be changed.

Case in point you're already adding spellcasting and making it a spawn specialist too, so it's not like you're really sticking 100% to the original monster's abilities in the first place. :p

Hugo moves to embrace Nei, one hand going behind her head to scratch her head to calm her down.

"Nei, NEI! Easy girl. That picture is from something that hasn't happened... yet. It could very well be something that never comes to pass for you or anyone else. Deep breaths. Deep breaths."

In reaction, Nei hugs Hugo, and by “hugs”, it means she almost crushes his ribs while sinking her nails through his clothes and skin, drawing a bit of blood before she finally seems to relax a bit, stops trying to kill him and purrs a little.

: “But it almost happened already. I won that fight. She can’t be alive! But... I didn’t properly dispose of the body. Didn’t really make sure she was no longer living. And I heard rumors. That she recovered and is still out there. I got better after all too, hahaha… So she’s hunting me. Gave me a chance, was holding back just because I was younger. I thought they were just silly stories. But that image… It’s exactly what I heard she promised she would do to me if she ever found me again.”

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Kuromaiken, although joking and RPing in the rolling thread is fine, you should still properly tag what exactly you're rolling, because I have no idea what your last rolls were.

After you fill and deliver your applications for tonight’s Band Battle, you follow the leads you heard about to Metal Pesado’s place.

You’re soon in the more industrial part of Beja, with plenty of activity all around as smiths and assorted artisans work at increased pace to keep up with the festival’s demands-and also to make sure they’ll be finished with everything in time to view the Band Battles themselves. Wagons with assorted supplies crowd the streets, while above there’s some smaller elemental airships loading and unloading crates and even some fairies seem to have been hired to deliver packages through the aerial routes.

The place you’re lead to at first seems like a sealed abandoned workshop in some back alley, windows and doors shut, but as you approach you start hearing the clear signs of work from inside too, which were drowned out while you were in the main street from the louder sounds of activity.

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[D&D 5E] Coastal Troubles / Re: OOC Thread
« on: May 18, 2019, 10:47:21 PM »
Enar will totally suggest and support relaxing at the Goat Temple, best place in the island!

"I lost my virginity to an angel back during the five devil lords celestial war."

Ah, so that's how it works (well, the disguise ranks thing was just misreading). Not sure how usable the extra saves ever will be in that case simply because of the limitation of both targeting an enemy and then needing enemies to cross multiple chains, but at least it's clearer.
Anything can be an enemy, it's a purely personal perspective (whereas an ally is a two-way road).

If someone moves from a square occupied by one chain into a square occupied by the same chain, do they need to make multiple saves as normal? e.g. it works as a very effective charge deterrent.
Yes, there would be a save per square.

Also reminder for you and YuweaCurtis to roll senses.

[D&D 5E] Coastal Troubles / Re: OOC Thread
« on: May 15, 2019, 11:11:12 PM »
Bring on the Night King and his undead dragon!

Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Dokufu(WIP)
« on: May 15, 2019, 08:48:57 AM »
Swarm Traits.

More relevant bits:
-A swarm made up of Tiny creatures takes half damage from slashing and piercing weapons. A swarm composed of Fine or Diminutive creatures is immune to all weapon damage. Probably best to go with tiny.
-Swarm have an automatic damage progression based in their HD. That progression isn't very fast so it should be fine if they have something like HD-2 compared to the Dokufu. They also have a scaling DC for distraction.
-Movement can remain the same as Dokufu.
-No natural armor, just Dex and size bonus to AC (swarms use the size bonus from the component creature).

They can start coming online when the Dokufu is large or something, first only one at a time, but up to four, and you can spice them up with extra abilities like making them count as difficult terrain against enemies as well as making anybody inside more vulnerable to the Dokufu itself or the Dokufu can cast spells from their positions. No actual activated abilities in the swarms so they're easier to run (also they're not very smart being newborns), they just move around to wherever ordered and use their basic swarm attack+distraction.

Remember that a swarm of non-flying tiny creatures is a whooping 300 baby dokufus so with 4 swarms around you can brag about having over a thousand of them at a time.

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