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Yeah, didn't have time for that during the week. The assumption is that you start near the left edge of the map I posted way back, which I'll go ahead and edit into the latest IC post and also reproduce here, like in the leftmost and second-leftmost row of squares. Except for Pieron, who was moving towards the stream when you all heard the goblins, and would probably be on its left embankment.
So, if you want to rush the goblins instead of shielding the other party members, it's conceivably possible for you to get to the edge of the thickets and shoot at the goblins without them getting the benefit of cover. Only one character out of Heylian, Zuzie, and Kovoir could do that by my count, though, if we're talking making a move and also taking your action.

There's also one more option I overlooked: If you move right up to the thickets, they provide only half cover for +2 AC instead of +5 (you all are also getting this cover against the goblins, but the faster one rolled high enough to hit Heylian anyway). They can also be moved through, costing double movement. So you could also move closer instead of around and mitigate the cover.

If you want to do either of those things, you can keep your rolls and say you hit the goblin (which puts it at 3 hp).

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[D&D 5E] The Lost Mine of Phandelver / Re: Goblin Arrows (IC Thread)
« on: March 08, 2018, 02:47:52 AM »
The bolt flits between leaf and branch to narrowly miss one of the would-be ambushers, drawing another scream. The goblin is on the ball, now, and retaliates with a black-feathered arrow from the bush, which strikes Heylian in the arm!
Following that, the bushes rustle as this goblin repositions to hide in the vegetation.

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[D&D 5E] The Lost Mine of Phandelver / Re: Dice rolls
« on: March 08, 2018, 02:26:57 AM »
Rolled 1d20+4 : 15 + 4, total 19
Rolled 1d20+6 : 7 + 6, total 13

Does the cover provide any benefit against spells, aside from ranged attack ones?
The bonus also applies to Dexterity saves (in general, not just from spells) you can still see them if you squint, now that you know they're there, so spells that only need you to see a target work fine.
Wow. +5 to AC in 5E is... HUGE.  :twitch Must be like one of the few instances where you don't just get disadvantage or something.
That it is. Of course, you can circumvent cover by walking around it.

[D&D 5E] The Lost Mine of Phandelver / Re: Goblin Arrows (IC Thread)
« on: March 07, 2018, 12:23:01 PM »
Maybe it's Heylian's casual insult. Maybe you were talking too loudly. Either way, your approach doesn't go unnoticed. Just as Pieron steps up to the stream, he hears the hurried rustling of a pair of goblins scrambling to get ready for combat behind the bushes on the other side, sentries who must have been slacking off. Now, they bark back and forth in a panic and get ready to attack!

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[D&D 5E] The Lost Mine of Phandelver / Re: Dice rolls
« on: March 07, 2018, 12:22:16 PM »
Rolled 1d20+2 : 19 + 2, total 21
Rolled 1d20+2 : 9 + 2, total 11

[D&D 5E] The Lost Mine of Phandelver / Re: Dice rolls
« on: March 07, 2018, 11:27:35 AM »
Rolled 1d20 : 20, total 20
Rolled 1d20 : 6, total 6

I must say you have an impeccable sense of timing.
You all started posting again the exact week I started my internship, when I had my head too full of adjusting to working eight hours a day on a real schedule to do much of anything. Now that I've stabilized and gotten used to it, I should be able to keep up again. Probably not with fancy round by round encounter maps, though.
I'll aim to update tomorrow.

[D&D 5E] The Lost Mine of Phandelver / Re: Goblin Arrows (IC Thread)
« on: January 12, 2018, 12:33:01 PM »
Alert and experienced at navigating the wilderness, Pieron leads the way down the path. The group treks some ten minutes northward in the light of the setting sun before he stops the party. He has spotted a hidden snare right on the road. of the sort a trapper might set to catch rabbits, only sized for humans or dwarves. Not a particularly deadly trap, but certainly an embarrassing one to be caught in until a goblin band comes along to capture the victim.

And it's just as well that Pieron almost walked into it, because it has him looking carefully for any further traps on the trail, and his caution pays off when he finds a significantly better hidden covered pit right on the trail by the goblin footsteps tracking around it rather than over. Whoever falls into it would be in for quite a concussion.

The rest of the journey is uneventful, and finally, you come across a large cave in a hillside five miles from the scene of the ambush. A shallow stream flows out of the cave mouth, which is screened by dense briar thickets. A narrow dry path leads into the cave on the right-hand side of the stream. The path ends here, and the cave seems an attractive spot for the goblin bandits if it's deep enough. How do you approach?

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[D&D 5E] The Lost Mine of Phandelver / Re: Dice rolls
« on: January 12, 2018, 12:11:48 PM »
Rolled 1d20+3 : 4 + 3, total 7
Rolled 1d20+3 : 20 + 3, total 23
Rolled 1d20+2 : 12 + 2, total 14

You have to time to do it, so unless you use your time running around instead of sitting down and getting a breather, you get the short rest. There's not a specific short rest button you need to hit or anything.

[D&D 5E] The Lost Mine of Phandelver / Re: Goblin Arrows (IC Thread)
« on: December 31, 2017, 08:36:09 AM »
With the proceeding from here on determined, Heylian runs to the Lionshield Coster to procure a weapon while the rest make final preparations to depart. The Coster's master is a sharp-tongued human woman of thirty-five named Linene Graywind. As Barthen predicted, Heylian finds her unwilling to budge on the price of her wares, but she reveals that bandits have also attacked Lionshield caravans in the past, and offers to give the winning half-elf a crossbow and a quiver of bolts on credit if he can recover the goods the bandits stole from her. He can then buy the weapon off out of the reward money.

The sun has started setting by the time you return back to the site of the ambush at the fastest pace you can make. The horses are still where you left them, rotting to the side of the road. After a search of the area, Pieron finds a narrow trail hidden behind thickets to the north of the road, roughly in the direction the last surviving goblin attempted to flee when the tide turned. It leads northwest into the forest. Based on the tracks and markings, Pieron guesses that about a dozen goblins may use the track in total, and there is evidence of two human-sized bodies being hauled away from the ambush site.

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Also, think we're ready to move out.
Right. If Heylian wants to buy that crossbow, he's free to do so, the Coster has one in stock and bolts to spare. If you want to negotiate a discount based on present circumstances, roll a Charisma (Persuasion) check in the roll thread, and I'll resolve in the next narration post when I move you to looking for the goblin bandits.

[D&D 5E] The Lost Mine of Phandelver / Re: Goblin Arrows (IC Thread)
« on: December 17, 2017, 04:40:33 PM »
Barthen strokes his beard pensively. "I'm afraid I don't carry weapons or armor, only supplies. The Lionshield Coster further down the road sells weapons, but they're a trade company with no connection to Gundren and have lost money to the bandits as well, so I doubt Miss Graywind would be willing to negotiate on prices."

And that is Kuroimaken's cue to join us. Late but still.

[D&D 5E] The Lost Mine of Phandelver / Re: Goblin Arrows (IC Thread)
« on: December 06, 2017, 05:11:02 AM »
"Absolutely. I have someone in mind." Barthen leans out the door and shouts for one of the apprentices, "Ander! Run to the inn and fetch Heylian! Say it's about Gundren Rockseeker. Thistle, finish carrying the small items and then take a break until he comes back." The named clerk takes off down the road and Barthen nods. "Heylian Espershard was hired by Gundren much like you were, only for a different purpose. He'll be as invested in his fate as you are. You're welcome to rations and camping supplies as you figure you'll need them."

Not too long after, Ander returns with a newcomer in tow.

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Excellent. Barthen can send one of his apprentices to fetch Heylian and meet up with the party. For convenience's sake, please put the link to the sheet in the character creation and sheets thread so I can reference everything easily.

Today's post has a bunch of background story. Make sure to check the spoiler block - I'm assuming you're all interested in finding Gundren Rockseeker, as that was the point of asking everyone to have some prior connection with the NPC, but the ball of how to approach it is in your court.

[D&D 5E] The Lost Mine of Phandelver / Re: Goblin Arrows (IC Thread)
« on: November 28, 2017, 08:09:26 AM »
Barthen backs away as far as the cramped space allows, holding his hands up. "Believe me, sir, I wholeheartedly agree. I consider Gundren a personal friend, though I know dwarves are slow to reciprocate. I was excited when he said he and his brothers had a lead for rediscovering the mine of the Phandelver's Pact."

The Phandelver's Pact is a story known to Kovoir: More than five hundred years ago, clans of dwarves and gnomes made an agreement, known as the Phandelver's Pact, to share a mine rich in both material wealth and magical power in a wondrous cavern known as Wave Echo Cave. Humans allied themselves with the dwarves and gnomes as well, building the prosperous city of Phandalin, whose ruins are now the foundation of the small miner's town Phandalin. But disaster struck when a horde of orcs swept in from the North and attacked Wave Echo Cave to seize it. Mercenary wizards supporting the orcs and mages of the Pact clashed over it, and the location of Wave Echo Cavern was lost in the destruction and cave-ins that followed and decimated both sides.

In the present, Barthen goes on to describe the situation in Phandalin: "There is basically no authority or lord here to chase off the brigands - it's a very free place, but one without protection. And ever since the Redbrands moved in, most of the townsfolk are preoccupied with the town itself. They're bullies and extortionists, and openly flout the townmaster's authority." He shakes his head. "If you're of a mind to find Gundren, I will support you to the best of my ability. I have here anything an expedition might need, short of weapons or sorcery. And I shall introduce you to another fellow Gundren hired. He should be able and willing to help."

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Sheet checks out. Initiative should be +2 (it's a Dexterity check, but no skills apply, so you generally don't add a proficiency bonus) and Strength 8 by my count.

In the events so far, the group has been hired by Gundren Rockseeker to escort a wagonload of supplies to Phandalin while he rode ahead to prepare things. They got ambushed by a band of goblins on the way, but made it to town alive and dropped off their supplies where they belonged. However, Gundren and his bodyguard have yet to arrive in Phandalin, and their horses were found on the road, killed by the same goblins a day or so back - implying they may have been captured or worse.

Phandalin is essentially inspired by wild west frontier mining towns. I'd like all characters to have some tie to Rockseeker, so perhaps he hired you to come to Phandalin a couple days ahead and keep your ear to the ground, make friends, act as a sort of PR? Then Barthen, who runs the general store and is Gundren's primary liaison, could hook you and the others up quickly for consulting on the disappearance of your employer.

Play By Post / Re: D&D 5e: Starter Set. An Introduction
« on: November 25, 2017, 05:35:40 AM »
For this game, I would like to stay grounded and within the bounds of the PHB. In another game I might be more open to wacky stuff, but here I'd like the silliness to stay at "gnome clown" and below.

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