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chatted with the DM, template will cause some issues and he looked over Verdant Lord again, so I guess I can go that route but the question of which class to start.
Mystic Ranger and get in after 6th, Spirit shaman/Druid after 7th or using the Apprentice feat to get survival for Archivist after 7th.

Talk about choice of evils......

Oh we looked at that, but overall it doesn't give much compared to similar Prestige Classes. that being said, if I did a overhaul of it, It might save the DM some work.

DM asked what I wanted out of that and it was the capstone. but other than that there was not much I was going to be able to use.

He did say he was going to work on a custom template for me that added up to a +2 LA.

okay, did some research on Spirit shaman, overall good class. while the abilities are nice, might not be used a lot. Class feats are very few, even tracked down the ones in Dragon.

Lots of spells per day is a good thing, but the spells retrieved is a pain, 3 spells at most per spell level. That is going to hurt if out of 8 people there is only myself and maybe one other person running a caster.

Oh and the DM has a plan for Summons, I think he is going with a percentile chance the Summon will not listen to me.

Also, we got 2 more people coming, 8 man party, Thankfully our group has been between 5-6 people for quite awhile so he has plenty of practice.

With a party that large, summons are going to be of no use. too many bodies on the table, that and one joked about a turn timer,

Overall concept is a Green Mage; I want the Druid spell list but don't care too much for being in Wild Shape, since if I want to go Wild Shape a lot, then I would build to maximize that aspect.

Hmm, Sidhe Scholar might help but that is leaning toward Fey, then if I wanted that type it is either Tree-friend (5 levels no casting) or Rimefire Witch (10 levels casting)

yeah, Woodling is the easier version of the template I was aiming for. Kin'O' the Green from Bastion Press's Alchemy and Herbalist.  that template has 3 stages and at the end the character is a treant.

I like totemist and know the system well enough to do well. Mystic Ranger sounds interesting though.

Hello, long time lurker. Bit of a dilemma.  Soon in a upcoming us-as-ourselves campaign I will be playing my character which will start as a human then get the Woodling template. the DM is yanking the mind-affecting immunity to drop the LA to +2 and make it more tolerable with our group. The party is large 6 people, no idea on there characters.

I only know one is going Vassal of Bahamut.

So with a +2 LA do I go with Druid (Plant themed) Plant companion from Dragon Magazine going later into Holt Warden.

Or should I run a totemist?

Oh and the game is 3.5 and D&D rulebook along with Dragon Magazine.

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