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The PBMC Metacompendium / Weapon Statistic Reverse Engineering
« on: March 22, 2018, 08:40:23 PM »
"I love how 3.5 lays bare many of the rules and says "here, customize it as you wish.' I'm trying to deduce the weapon creation guidelines used for based off damage categories and all other stats that influence it. Though I don't expect them all to line up perfectly (plus or minus 1 category is good enough), I do hope for guidelines similar to how magic items are priced. What I have so far:

Categories: Ranged Projectile with ammunition, Ranged Thrown, Simple Melee, Martial Melee, or Exotic (which usually require a feat tax). Otherwise its improvised (-4hit, damage of comparable size, worst crit, threat and range increment) which basically doesn't count as much of a weapon.

Damage Type: Bludgeoning, Piercing or Slashing.

Threat Range: (the "/" means on a roll of) 19-20/ or 18-20/ for a x2 multiplier, otherwise /20. Increasing this eat step counts as a damage increase.

Critical Multiplier: x2, x3, x4. Increasing this each step counts as a damage increase.

Handedness (not chirality): light, one or two-handed. Each one causes one die bump in damage per the same size (see short sword -> long sword -> great sword) and double the weight. Many ranged weapons require two hands and therefore have a built-in damage bump.

Sized: The default sized weapon is medium. Each bump in size causes a damage bump and a change in weight of double if going up or half if going down. Weapons cease to be lethal below 1d1. Depending on the original size the progression is usually 1->1d2->1d3->1d4->1d6->1d8->2d6->3d6 and then double the previous entry (so ->4d6->6d6->8d6, etc). Weapons may start at 1d12 or 2d4 but then progress normally after that. Weapons may start at 1d10 and progress to 2d8 and 3d8 and aside from the d8's they continue normally.

Damage: Each bump above increases the points alotted by one except Two handed and exotic seem to give an additional 1 to the range. Simply light 5-6bumps/points, simply 1handed 6-7bumps/points, simply 2handed 7-9bumps/points, martial light 6-7bumps/points, martial 1handed 7-8bumps/points, martial 2handed 8-10bumps/points, exotic light 6-8bumps/points, exotic 1handed 7-9bumps/points, exotic 2handed 9-11bumps/points. I have no idea about ranged weapons baseline damage. They seem to have a correlation between loading, thrown and range increment. Anyone care to throw some statistics at it for me?

Weight: Anywhere from .5lb to 15lb (? there are probably heavier than the Naginata). Seems to have little effect but might be a tie-breaker for an on-the-fence case.

Cost: Anywhere from 0gp (club) to 400gp (are there handleable weapons more expensive than a heavy repeating crossbow?). Seems to have little effect.

Lastly, Ranged Weapons have a Range Increment: anywhere in multiples of 5 from 10' to 120'. See the end of the damage remarks.

Common Boolean Values, most of which are added in lieu of a damage increase:
Is it Finesseable?
Is it a Double Weapon? This seems to often only cost damage on one side.
Is it a Special Monk Weapon?
Does it deal nonlethal damage without penalty?
Is it Reach? If so, can it Attack Adjacent enemies?
Can you Trip with it? If so, can you be tripped? If so, can you drop the weapon to avoid it?

Example (Popular) Weapon of Kurari-gama:
1 for 1d6/1d4 as a double weapon
5 for the larger 1d6 damage
1.5 Has Reach but can strike Adjacent enemies
1 can Trip with it and can drop to avoid being tripped
1 Finessable
= 9 which fits the 9 to 12 points for a exotic 2handed weapon.

So what else am I missing that is a special feature present in more than one weapon? Are special features that are present in only one weapon 'line' (like lances) worth mentioning? What about apparently unique effect like shurikens counting as ammunition for enchanting (unless there is another instance of this in another weapon when not improvised)?

Edit: I've gone through all of the PHB weapons and they all line up except whip, halberd, great club and light hammer. Only the halberd is better than it should be."

"I was reading an article a while back where one of the 3.x designers basically broke down the weapon "template":

For starters, each weapon is allotted a # of points based on size and proficiency category:
 - size -- light = 1 ; 1-handed = 2 ; 2-handed = 3
 - proficiency -- simple = 1 ; martial = 2 ; exotic = 3
so, all weapons will have 2-6 points.
This assumes that you are building a weapon for a medium-sized creature.
the base "weapon" starts as 1d3, 20/x2
Then you purchase upgrades, each upgrade costs 1 point:
 - each die-size increase
 - each increase in critical threat range
 - each increase in crit multiplier
 - special qualities
sometimes the special qualities are shoehorned in via "eyeballing it" ..... just like everything else in the game.

but that's just for melee wpns .... I'm not exactly sure how range wpns are run." - Wotmaniac

"Your numbers seem right. Though the whole system seems to have exceptions... so it seems to be "use this as a base and play it by ear."

Also, much like the magic item creation rules you will want to clarify that the DM has final say. Note the difference between a spiked chain and a warmace... I mean damn." - bobthe6th

Ohh that's niice, especially if you can find that link.
I really wish I could ... I've been looking for that thing for years.
@wotmaniac: That seems isomorphic to the system I'm describing.
Then it would appear that you are on the right track  ;)

The PBMC Metacompendium / Planar Time Traits
« on: March 22, 2018, 08:35:49 PM »
Either all planes with the Flowing time trait instead have the Erratic time trait, or magic refreshes according to the rate of time on the Prime. Either way it is no longer the case that "you'll be back completely refreshed before your foes even know you're gone." [MotP10]

The PBMC Metacompendium / Swarmfighting & Aid Another
« on: March 22, 2018, 08:32:47 PM »
Should not stack. Otherwise piles of fine-sized leadership followers rule.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Retroactive Int
« on: March 22, 2018, 08:29:39 PM »
The original idea it was not allowed was because it complicates in-play added int. But this is far simpler than build planning without retroactive int, so it should be allowed. It's a moot point because of the Alternate Skill System Variant

The PBMC Metacompendium / PrC Tier Squeezing
« on: March 22, 2018, 08:09:20 PM »
Drop full casting at level 1 for all casting PrCs

Big Six:
Planar Shephard: Planar shephards have no extra Ex, Su or SLAs on wildshape. The only plane traits given are elemental and energy traits, alignment traits, and magic traits
Tainted Scholar: Remove Blooded/Tainted metamagic.
Beholder Mage: Don't allow PrC's to advance its casting.
ShadowCraft Mage: remove the cookies and any range-boosting of spells that use its abilities.
Ur-priest: Don't allow PrC's to advance its casting.

Not broken +2's:
Champion of G something = Barb trying to be a pally? Prestige paladin and rage mage. Now you don't have a crappy list!

Emissary of B something = any humanoid (all other types are safe) that fails an enchantment (bad) compulsion (really bad) language dependent (plug your ears?) mind-affecting (who isn't immune to this?) will save seven times deserves to have its alignment dicked with at will

Sentinel of B (b for bear) = seriously bear cavalry? You have to eat them when they die too. I seriously think this is all a joke. Nothing cleric 20 can't do better.

Disciple of D = Think long and hard about how 3.0 used to have crit stacking compared to 3.5. Then update the material accordingly and get back to me. Hint: iron power does nothing.

Soul Eater =  vs something immune to level drain or with high AC = SOL. The +2 saves is the nicest thing besides the obvious level drain because wight's aren't great.

Thrall of J  =   Alter self/polymorph is what casters have been doing forever. This isn't worth the levels.

Soulbow: If you are threatened by soulknives, you shouldn't read any further.

Warshaper: It allows noncasters to do something casters already do! Must be broken! No fix needed.

War Hulk: Str is the worst stat. +2? Meh its basically +dam = class level. Not broken.

Walker in the Wastes: without black sand or high optimization early entry its worth the caster progression loss. Probably the only non-broken unedited +2 single progressing casting-based PrC. Besides the DM could always be a stickler about the vagueness of the capstone.

Legendary Captain: This is DnD. Naval combat is NEVER required. You have a fly speed right?

Anima Mage: +1 highest spell slot, +2ini, and action abuse but requires caster level lose is fine. If you aren't actually progressing your soulbinding (entry via feat), remove the full casting. Low prereq's aren't the problem everyone thinks.

Telflammar Shadowdancer: See shadow pouncing nerf

Runescarred Beserker: Normal up to 5th level progression. No spell completion. Mediocre abilities.

Troublesome PrCs (we won't even talk about font of power):
IotSV + AMF override = +1

Sublime Chord = Don't allow PrC's to advance PrC casting. Once its has to take up x9/SC9/y2 to get ninth level spells, SC becomes reasonable.

Dweomerkeeper =   Supernatural Spell needs "any one spell" replaced with "one chosen spell". Remove "does not require any components,"

Rainbow Servant = Remember the no 9ths.

Sacred Excorsist = fine without full casting

Void Disciple = 2 dead levels and 5 casting loses. Assuming the epic transparency is set correctly... +1

Anarchic Initiate: no full manifesting. Remember that the Wild surge it gives you don't stack with overchannel... Also the action lose and delay for maybe messing up opponents with wild magic is suboptimal

Hulking Hurler: Broken because of that tiny damage rule. Either fix it or add a cap.

Incantrix: Remove Cooperative Metamagic. Remove Instant Metamagic's 2/day entry. All class abilities shift one level sooner except Snatch Spell and the Improved Metamagic (and level one's entries). Add "arcane" before "persistent spell effect" in Metamagic Effect. Remove "+ her Int modifier" in the second to last sentence.
   OR sub the 3.0 version here:

Thrallherd = remove the 1st level entry in the thrallherd ability's table. Now you max at 28 thralls, not 163. Remove the 24 hour replacement. Make this the number gotten in a year.

Dreadmaster: no full casting.

Moonspeaker: high prereqs. Niche. Not that powerful after no full casting

Halruaan Elder: After the heighten shenanigans of circle magic are fixed, no full casting.

Initiate of the Seven Fold Veil: Remember, the layers do NOT act "as if" a prismatic wall. They only emulate some of the layers. Remember that AMF takes down the walls and therefore makes its own LoE (even without the LoE buff to it). Remove Warding 2/day, 3/day and 4/day. IotSV only gains 2 class abilities per level: Unimpeachable Veil is gained at 2nd level,  not first. Unanswerable Strike +2 is gained at 3rd level, not 2nd. Unanswerable Strike +2 is gained at 5th level, not 6th.

Runecaster = Permanent runes only affect the runecaster that created them. Thus, no NPC runecasters creating cheap permanent buffs of every non-persistable spell ever for PCs. Of course its a standard action to gain activate any of these runes (except trap versions), but even the handbook says "DM's Objection: No Permanent runes. It's too powerful" and "DM's Objection: This class is just too unbalanced."

Spelldancer: Remove the word "safely" and replace the word "rounds" with "times" from Spelldance (Su) so it ends: "A spelldancer can spelldance a number of times per day equal to her constitution modifier plus her spelldancer class level." Remove all text after that.

Crappy Six:
1 Forsaker: Make the item destruction optional...
2 Blighter: no loss of original druid casting. Now it has 2 casting progressions.
3 Apostle of Peace (allow its subtle break of VoP)
4 Reaping Mauler: Make FoM counters FoM (1 creatures with FoM can pin another with FoM)

5 Lifedrinker: (vampires are not liches. Though there is no casting progression, wotc thought spells were integral to this class. We'll fix that)
free, stacking evolved undead template AT EACH LEVEL. Why? You're a vampire. You could use some free LA. Also it fits the fluff perfectly.
No temporary insanity on an empty lifewell unless you want to add the option for (stacking) benefits from the savage vampire template.
Invigorate does not use up lifewell points. It should be an undead HD of hp for every unspent lifewell point at the start of the adventuring 'day' instead. These don't stack but are refreshed daily so you can use them up then spend the lifewell points without taking damage.
The spell Boost (Heighten) should only be useable for non-spell 'effect level'-based abilities. Otherwise we have early entry shenanigans. This subsumes the missing ability on the table.
Special Attack Boost (Empower) should cost 1 lifewell point. Remember the chart-text conflict
Blood servant should cost 6 lifewell points, 3 for a blood elemental
Boost Defenses should cost 4 lifewell points. Make it DR 20/adamantine.
Special Attack Boost (Maximize) costs three and happens at level 6 since there is no Spell Boost version.
Greater invigorate corresponds to how much is in the pool at the start of the adventuring 'day.' If 20 or more then add +10dex enhancement as well. The boosts last even if the pool is depleted later that day.
Blood Revel is a good way to kill yourself (teleported coffin? Poof). Add profane +4 dex and remove the coffin nerfs if the vampire was immune to the vampiric weaknesses anyways. The DR is stacking 25/- and Fast Healing 10 stacks with all other sources.

6 Dragon Ascendant: change the half-dragon prereq to "before this class." Make it half the levels (so you gain the abilities twice as fast).

Not -2:
Waverider = Realize that a special mount is a special mount is a special mount.

The following only need the above's full casting/manifesting/whatever except at level 1:
Talon of Tiamat
Eye of Lolth
Acolyte of the skin
Green Star Adept
Insidious Corruptor
Arcane Archer
Bonded Summoner
True Necromancer: Necromantic Prowess is broken but doesn't need changed. Should be permanent CL boost, not EClerL. Yes the casting boost applies to both sides.
Witchborn Binder
Brimstone Speaker
Wonderworker: definitely not meant for psionics and obviously not arcane either. Great at the end of Cleric17
Fochlucan Lyrist = enterable via ring of evasion. Don't be such a literalist. New players don't know that evasion is a class ability. They might look for a spell or character option (like sovereign archetypes). Also no multiclass penalties (at all) is cool.
Ollam: make add “Bardic” to lore. See the casting bump.
Evangelist: Inspire dread and hope need to be non-mind affecting. Keep in mind you can combine this with bardic music... Makes a good diplomancer and the fire shield is nice.
Master of the unseen hand: Ex flight? Sure the capstone is bad but on a ghost this class is awesome.
Mindspy: Make Anticipate uncapped by level. Make the telepathy abilities a free action once per round. Make the capstone all creatures within 100' not just 4
Duelist: uncap Canny defense. Make it stack for SA. Remove the precision strike one weapon restriction. Add good Fort saves
Forrest Master: Whoa! Somebody forgot to check a control plants spell's level. Remove that.
Dirgesinger: Make dirgesong stack for progressing all bardic music qualities. Make song of grief not compulsion or mind-affecting. This capstone is off the chain. Raise that BBEG under your command and make it have all its abilities except (Ex) ones!
Incarnum Blade: Make the blademeld benefits apply to any weapon you hold and allow others to benefit. Now you can mildly power up the whole party!
Necrocarnate: Remove the spellcraft 10 prereq.
   Make the chasis d8, good fort (and will), 4+int and medium BAB
Defiant: Make sure that SR always stacks. I had a thread about this... Make the capstone folded into the first level ability. Capstone should make the SR apply to arcane magic too.
Solar Channeler: No loss of spellcasting, class features, or items while making use of this class's abilities.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Monster Difficulty
« on: March 22, 2018, 07:59:33 PM »
Assumption: All encounters should be "overpowering." If there isn't a significant risk in a game with a heavy amount of time invested in created characters, DnD becomes a WoW grind at 10% speed.

Solution, or How to Quick and Dirty make Printed Adventures not Incredibly Easy
1. half the starting ECL and xp gain (so ECL 3 ending around 10)
2. double all monster numbers and statics values: (HD, HP, initiative, speed, AC, Grapple, damage, reach, special qualities' numbers, saves, stats discluding their ripple effects, skills, spell DCs, spells slots, etc) except where it would cause difficulty for the DM (space, spell known, highest level cast, inventory, feats, etc)
3. Monsters will have useless feats swapped for useful ones, if you have the time.
4. Monsters will always add 20 in leui of rolling a d20 on their saves.
(click to show/hide)

This way you can on-the-fly read monsters character sheets without having to go through and rewrite everything.

The PBMC Metacompendium / LA for LA-- Templates
« on: March 22, 2018, 07:58:17 PM »
I maintain that the designers were just too scared to assign reasonable LA to many of the LA: -- templates. It haunts their dreams along with casters in heavy armor and other over powered munchkinry.

I'd like to remedy this. Here is a list of most (but not all) of the templates without LA. There will be none of those "But the PC has limited actions!" or "This only applies to animals!" or "Then PC can't move!" or "The PC will be enslaved!" or "The PC will be mindless!" objections. There are already ways to do this, so let's not worry about such little things.

Template starting list:
Bone Creature (BoVD 184)
Corpse Creature (BoVD 185)
Corrupted Creature (BoVD 186)
Effigy Creature (CAr 152)
Pseudonatural Creature (CAr 160)
Spellstiched (CAr 161)
Living Zombie (CR 128)
Arachnoid Creature (CSQ 124)
Half-Dragon Faerunian (CSQ 126)
Revenant (CSQ 127)
Silveraith (CSW 127)
Mob (DMG2 59)
Skeletal Dragon (Dr 192)
Husk Vermin (DrU 126)

Acidborn Monster (Du 111)
Dungeonbred Monster (Du 112)
Guardian Monster (Du 113)
Sentry Ooze (Du 114)
Hivenest Monster (Du 115)
Horrid Animal (ECS 287)
Living Spell (ECS 293)
Magebred Animal (ECS 295)
Corrupted by the Abyss (EDP 190)
Paragon Creature (ELH 208)
Pseudonatural Creature (ELH 212)
Worm That Walks (ELH 228)
Yellow Musk Zombie (FF 191)
Huecuva (FF 94)
Madborn (FN 125)
Zin-Carla (FP 184)
Chosen of Bane (FP 213)
Shade (FRCS 314)
Bonesinger (Gh 158)
Monstrous Vampire (Gh 166)
Mumia (Gh 167)
Yuan-ti (Gh 173)
Tainted Minion (HH 153)
Tainted Raver (HH 154)
Dread Warrior (LE 169)
Necromental (LM 112)
Revived Fossil (LM 118)
Swarm– Shifter (LM 123)
Umbral Creature (LM 128)
Elder Eidolon (LoM 146)
Pseudonatural Creature (LoM 161)
Crypt Spawn (Mag 184)
The Magister (Mag 185)
Spectral Mage (Mag 189)
Skeleton (MM 225)
Captured One (MM2 204)
Chimeric Creature (MM2 206)
Half-Golem (MM2 209)
Spellstitched (MM2 215)
Titanic Creature (MM2 217)
Warbeast (MM2 219)
Living Spell (MM3 91)
Web Mummy (MM4 165)
Thoon-Thrall (MM5 111)
Phantom (MM5 130)
Xorvintaal Dragon (MM5 43)
Beast of Xvim (Mon 85)
Curst (Mon 87)
Lich, Good (Mon 90)
Revenant (Mon 93)
Petitioner (MP 199)
Pennaggolan (OA 189)
Half-Elemental (RT 160)
Bone Naga (SK 73)
Quorbound Creature (SoS 150)
Quorbred Creature (Sos 151)
Gelatinous Creature (SS 116)
Gravewight (StS 31)
Warforged, Quorcraft (SX 84)
Blightspawned (Una 59)
Dread Warrior (Una 62)
JuJu Zombie (Una 66)
Arachnoid Creature (Und 80)
Half-Illithid (Und 89)

If you want to critique an LA, please do! But can you do one book's templates? Pretty please? Who wants to do Dungeonscape?

Templates with assigned LA and ability summary:
(click to show/hide)

The PBMC Metacompendium / Generic Classes Mixing
« on: March 22, 2018, 07:56:03 PM »
"If you use these generic classes, you shouldn't also use the standard character classes (or variants of those classes). You can still include prestige classes, if you wish to add that level of complexity to your game, but you may have to tweak some prestige class prerequisites that include class features not available to these classes." ... "the game master probably shouldn't apply an XP penalty for characters who multiclass."

Whoa whoa. So the hundreds of PrCs, many of which will not fully function or be enterable are okay, but the few base classes are incompatible? And you expect the DM to tweak things? And the only thing the PCs get out of this restriction is sloppier leveling allowances if they want full XP? Nonsense.

Do not tweak PrCs. Enforce XP penalties for higher tier PCs. Players will find they will want to multiclass. This is a good thing.

Allow all base classes and ACFs along with generic classes. This means those familiar substitution wizard levels for specialists can work with generic arcane casters (provided they dump their bonus feat for a familiar).

The only thing this system did do right is the "treat any race whose favored class is barbarian, fighter, monk, or paladin as having warrior as its favored class. A race whose favored class is bard, ranger, or rogue has expert as its favored class. A race that has cleric or druid as its favored class treats divine spellcaster as favored, while a race with a favored class of sorcerer or wizard treats arcane spellcaster as its favored class," bit.

What this now allows:
+2d6 SA at level one so +1d6 overall. Good for noncaster DPSers
More feats and more customizable skill lists. Good for skillmonkeys and meeting prereqs
Getting around arbitrary ACF restrictions. Good for everyone
Getting around arcane/divine restrictions for the big 3 core lists without blowing a feat but only for spontaneous casters. Good for the spontaneous vs prepared divide
More turning pools faster (+1 in the end considering 2 levels sunk for 2 pools) for DMM. Very niche but probably helps the various DMMing classes evenly.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Feats that Should Be Free
« on: March 22, 2018, 07:53:54 PM »
These feats only apply to physical weapons, not spells or spell effects and only to builds that achieve the highest level of BAB (12).

The BAB here must be from class chassis. Divine power or skillful weapons don't help:

Organized by Prerequisites (the BAB here must be from class chassis. Divine power or skillful weapons don't help)



Combat Experience (@-2, Deadly Defense [CS76] is already free)
Improved Bullrush

Improved Grapple
Improved Trip

Improved Shield bash
Improved Sunder
Improved Disarm

Improved Feint
Improved Unarmed Strike
Improved Overrun

Blind Fight
Power Attack

Whirlwind Attack
Deft Opportunist [CAdv]
Heavy Armor Optimization

Shield Specialization
Weapon Focus
Parrying Shield
Improved Buckler Defense
Point Blank Shot

Expert Tactician [CAdv109]
Monkey Grip [CW103]
Power Critical [CW103]
Ranged Disarm [CW103]
Prone Attack [CW103]

Ranged Pin [CW103]
Ranged Sunder [CW103]
Sharp Shooting [CW105]
Throw Anything [CW105]
Prone Attack [CW103]

Weapon Finesse
Improved Combat Expertise [CW100]
Precise Shot
Flick of the Wrist [CW99]
DareDevil Athlete [CS76]

Rapid Shot
Eyes in the Back of your Head [CW98]
Improved Toughness [CW101]
Improved Rapid Shot [CW101]
Karmic Strike [CW102]

Organized by Alphabetically

Blind Fight
Combat Experience
DareDevil Athlete [CS76]
Deft Opportunist [CAdv]
Expert Tactician [CAdv109]
Eyes in the Back of your Head [CW98]
Flick of the Wrist [CW99]
Heavy Armor Optimization
Improved Buckler Defense
Improved Bullrush
Improved Combat Expertise [CW100]
Improved Disarm
Improved Feint
Improved Grapple
Improved Overrun
Improved Rapid Shot [CW101]
Improved Shield bash
Improved Sunder
Improved Toughness [CW101]
Improved Trip
Improved Unarmed Strike
Karmic Strike [CW102]
Monkey Grip [CW103]
Parrying Shield
Point Blank Shot (weapon only, not spells)
Power Attack
Power Critical [CW103]
Prone Attack [CW103]
Ranged Pin [CW103]
Ranged Disarm [CW103]
Ranged Sunder [CW103]
Sharp Shooting [CW105]
Shield Specialization
Throw Anything [CW105]
Weapon Finesse
Whirlwind Attack

The PBMC Metacompendium / Fair PC LA for DMG2 'NPC' Templates
« on: March 22, 2018, 07:43:19 PM »
The line "Because these abilities are not balanced for PC use, these level adjustments are quite liberal" literally means that the LA is too high. One might argue RAI, what this is trying to say is that the change to ECL is simply wrong.

This is supported by the LA+12 for single dominated monster at a time. Warlock 6 / Mindbender 7 does this 6 more times a week at the same ECL and is a viable character all the while. Compare that to a LA12 / x 1 character which has no saves or hp...

So we know the LA is inflated, but by how much? We need a litmus with a listed ability that compares to an existing LA. Vestigal Twin seems comparable to LA+2 for the far superior multiheaded template after level drains. This is what makes me think the table's PC LA should be atleast halved and rounded down. The Superior Multiweapon Fighting feat/ability is swapped for the multivoice feat, but we are still out Nat+1, Con+2, Darkvision 90', vorpal semi-immunity, +2Listen,Spot&Search, and the Improved Initiative and Combat Reflexes feats.

What we should we do with the fractions? I'm not sure its worth a full LA+1 but it feels close. The template is only LA+2 and we've supposedly found 1 LA of it, maybe a bit more considering the ability is just slightly better than the feat. This makes me think we should make the LA divided by three and round. It also makes sense to be able to combine fractional LA for LA1.

Note: I'm not interested in the fail of a litmus test in SS11. -1 LA for small size? Ni infinite SR for LA1? Whatever.

Reference Chart:
(click to show/hide)

The PBMC Metacompendium / DR Stacking
« on: March 22, 2018, 07:27:07 PM »
DR Stacks with itself but the greatest piece should be noted in Parenthesis. Yes this means Barbarians at DR1, about to gain DR2 will gain a total of 3 DR. No it doesn't make them into tanks.

DR is ALL DR/-. No much hunting for odd DR types, having to lug around golf bags of different weapon types, or just bypassing it all with great magic weapon. DR/magic critters rejoice!

The PBMC Metacompendium / Damage Cap
« on: March 22, 2018, 07:26:26 PM »
10*ECL of attacker per instance.

Mundane instances separate weapon damage (plus enhancements) and str bonus (and all other modifiers like SA, etc.)

For instance if you have a level 1 rogue sneak attacking with a masterwork d12 weapon and a str of 30 deals (1d12+1)+(10+1d6) = 13 to 28 -> (2 to 10) + (10 to 10)= 12 to 20

A spell count counts as one instance even if it has multiple rolls. Hence there is little reason to maximize rather than empower a CL20 disintegrate.

Thus a level 10 caster is only going to deal 100 damage/spell and a fighter 20 is only going to deal 200damage/iterative.

The PBMC Metacompendium / A Finite Cosmology
« on: March 22, 2018, 07:22:56 PM »
The Faerun and Ebberon cosmologies do not work with standard D&D cosmology. If they don't want to play nicely with the rest of D&D, we don't have to play nicely

with them. They are all ignored as if the material was never printed. The same goes with their "gods" (see complete iconoclasm for why they too can be ignored).

Anyone able to homogenize them with standard D&D is welcome to PM me.

"In the Myriad Planes cosmology, every plane is finite." [MotP214] Nothing about the Planes are actually infinite in any direction: its just too large for people to

count easily. The RAW is purposely vague about anything being infinite because the truth is nothing in the planes actually is. In fact, most of it is quiet small.

Consider carcari with little planets: "and its possible that the number of orblike planets on each layers is infinite." That wiggle room is always there

somewhere in any geograpic discussion. So much so its rather fishy. Despite 10k years worth of history, knowledge of the planes is actually rather limited. There

have been no formal surveys of it for instance largely due to several factors:

A) It's extremely dangerous. Anyone with the power to do so comfortably often has higher concerns than what might be seen as simple maps. Those who would see it as

worth while often can't.
B) It's very resource intensive. It requires a large amount of high level magic and a very large amount of time.
C) People give up. Even knowledge-hoarding liches get bored of probing yet another direction on what they think could be an infinite area.
D) People think it's hopeless. Oddly, since no one has gone all 13th floor and found the limits of an expectedly infinite plane, layers with large enough size are

assumed to not be fully explorable.

Q) Why do you keep talking about planes as finite when I see the word "infinite" all the time in various books?
A) Because D&D uses a lot of ancient measuring schemes. In the ancient world the idea of the infinite was simply that which was too big to count. It was unusualy

for numbering systems to go above a thousand and certainly not much above a million. This is reflected today in the million/billion nomenclature divide. So when the

materials say 'infinite' what they are really saying is 'too big for us to list here.' Obviously that's wildly different. So how big is too big to count? We'll

assume its about the same amount for all planar layers that are called 'infinite.' The reason is that people tend to give up count at around the same scale. Let's

take a random, but well-known example.
    In the layers of the Abyss ("thought to be infinite" [FCIp112] "Conventional wisdom places the number of layers of the Abyss at 666" [MotP99]), the River

Styx flows into various lower planes. "Travel from one Lower Plane to another takes 1d20 hours." [FCIp111] The variable time is because sometimes the river fights

your progress and sometimes it doesn't. This is using traditional sailboating methods. The world record sailboat record is 75MpH, and in 20 hours you could travel

roughly the smaller length of australia. Thus, the length between these "infinite" planes is at most that of a small continent. Generally the space in between

places is far greater than the space at them, but even assuming a near homogenous mix of equal distances in these categories, the lower planes are at most about

continent in size. I picked the lower planes because they are collectively the "biggest". The non-abyss layers are only about 7.7% of the total outer planes. All

the other outer plane layers are all in the plane of the abyss.
    Australia only covers 1.5% (or a 66th) of the planet. So the non-abyss outer planes would take up an earth's worth of surface if they were all called

(two if you include the spaces between them). You've got another 12 for the abyss (22 with the spaces between them), again at a maximum of all of them

being too spacious to count.
    Speaking of planets let's compare this to the prime. If you go by the "must be fleshed out" rule of requiring places to be specifically named and detailed

rather than just casually mentioned, there are maybe going to be a dozen systems/planets even if you include every officially detailed campaign setting as a

separate planet. Assuming earth-sized planets, this puts the area of interest for the prime at about equal to that of the planes. Finally the prime seems to be

special for an objective reason.

For reference the outer planes are as follows:
          LG (Celestia)
    (Arcadia) /  \ (Bytopia)
      (Mechanus) LN   NG (Elysium)
       (Acheron) /   \ (Beastlands)
(The Nine Hells)LE  Ou   CG (Arborea)
   (Gehenna)\   / (Ysgard)
     (Hades) NE  CN (Limbo)
    (Carceri) \  / (Pandemonium)
          CE (Abyss)

The PBMC Metacompendium / Calculating & Comparing Racial ECL
« on: March 22, 2018, 07:08:58 PM »
I wondered if anyone had any schemes to independently calculate (presumably with a point system) what a race's LA should be. I have an example system based off the worth of a feat.

By looking at similar features of LA+0 races and assigning points you could get a point range for an LA0, LA1, LA2 race, etc without relying on CR or the listed LA.

The System:

Lets make a 10 deep point-buy system for an LA. So 1-10 points -> LA+0 (because lets face it ECL0 races still give benefits), 11-20 ->LA+1, 21-30-> LA+2, etc.

The points are evaluated as follows:
1 point = a set feat that is dead except maybe as prereqs. Examples are dodge or toughness
2 points = a unique feat. Perhaps it achieves a strange effect. Or perhaps it just plain rocks. Examples would be Otherworldly or Nymph's kiss.
3 points = a chosable feat. Because this way you get to customize any of those feats you feel you need.

Some examples with PHB races:

0: Medium
0: 30'
2.5: ANY feat at FIRST LEVEL!
2: +4/+1 skill points like that 1 exalted feat but with no alignment restrictions
2: any favored class like that 1 races of destiny feat
.5: any languages (int high humans can be polyglots easily, especially if your DM is wary of telepathy because of mindsight)
.5: human subtype (for prestiges and feats, etc)
8 -> LA+0


1.5:+2Con, -2Cha (+2 without -2cha; I'd rather have a feat, but not all the time)
1:same speed medium or heavy load (unique tooth ability, +2 without only 20' movement)
.5:60' darkvision (everyone and his mother has this, except its not useful like flight)
1:stonecunning is uber trapfinding (the intuiting and no need to active search are cool) and +2search
1: no need for exotic weapon feat for 2 weapons
1: stability
1: +2saves for poison and spells and SLAs
.5: +1attack orcs and goblins (depending on campaign)
1: uber dodge feat but only on giants
1: +2 appraise and craft on stone or metal
0: language list (its pretty normal)
0: favored fighter is as normal as it gets
.5: dwarf subtype (lots of PrC's and items, etc)
10 -> LA+0 [this makes sense since some maintain that dwarves are on the LA+0 and LA+1 fence]

Now for a humanish example with LA and racial HD.

2:+3natural armor (most of these bonuses DO NOT STACK and 3 is actually kinda low. It feels like str bonuses to me. But oh wait those stack ...)
4:+8str (str is as common as dirt, but 8 is nice to have)
8:+4con&dex (these are worth their weight in gold)
-2:-2int (unfortunately so is this)
1:+2wis (would be 1.5 if this were for a caster like cleric, but that's not a real option for a centuar as we will see)
1:size (being the long type sucks. Stairs are you enemy. The rating would be double this if you were tall not long)
.5:50' move is nice (being over 30 is mostly all you need to outrun most creatures)
.5:60' darkvision (everyone and his mother has this, except its not useful like flight)
0:language selection is small but so is a centaur's int :(
0: favored class is roughly according to fluff (scout would be better IMO)
.5=2 hoof attacks. These are pretty worthless. Especially by the time centaurs are 'supposed to be in play' with a class level at ECL8. I don't even roll the dice (they never hit and the damage isn't worth the hassle)
.5:quadrapedal stature. Even though it doesn't give stability like most others (huh...) it does let you have the 'always mounted' affect for yourself (usually a non-issue) or carry 1 smaller (instead of 2 for humanoids) this only matters for 'iconic' lance-wielding centaurs.
0:monstrous humanoid type. This type is actually really bad since it is hard to qualify for cool templates. But since it gives another good save I'll set this at 0 instead of -1 (see the saves part below)
0: I forgot about the weapon proficiencies. Even commoners can use simple weapons. If you actually use a longsword or longbow you will get it from your class. No these aren't feats.
16 without Racial HD which are worse than ANY class level (fighters would be proud)

Without racial HD pulling down your ECL this still outside the 20-30 range for LA+2. But what about those flabby racial HD? How much would it pain us to give them for free?

1.5:a d8 HD is normal. The full casters with this or a d4 really don't need more HP (they are smart enough to not have to melee). The hard-core melee types either succeed because they are a barbarian at a d12 (who doesn't really need much more HP) or fail at life like the monk or ranger. Essentially the people who think "Ooo! I could use that!" aren't competitive anyways. I'll put it at 1.5 because it feels close to toughness (3hp~4.5hp).

.5:2+int is crap. Remember that the int is low but a static low level bonus might have been useful if it weren't for the fact that its only for FOUR pathetic skills and must obey your skill level cap.

.5:a BAB is nice but aside from prereq - which can be circumvented more easily than CL! - they only give a melee bonus (yay...) and the chance at 1 more iterative which is still capped at 4 (shucks). Would you give a feat up for a pre-req useless BAB? Probably not.

.5:reflex save post first level progression. Look above for where the will save went. This part is only the +1 per 2 levels above 1.
2:for the 'multiclass' initial good reflex and will saves. This is DIRECTLY comparable to feats.

if you get the racial HD for free then we arrive at 16+14=30 -> LA+2 [this also makes sense since Faerun initially had centuars as LA+3]

Now for a dwarf-ish example with both HD and LA:

5:+6nat! now we are talking
1:extraplanar (banishment is rare and will probably make you happy, but not needing to eat or sleep is damn cool)
1.5:fire subtype means you need ice immunity or you will get +50% cold damage. But fire immunity is nice.
0:30' movement
1:martial, light&medium armor, and shield proficiency are nice if you for some reason are missing those in your class.
1:+1 fire damage is a big whoop. But whatever.
2:SR of 13+levels. That 13 is wierd. This doesn't count the LA or the racial HD :(
0:the languages are normal, if elemental and outsider-ish
0:fighter favored class.
2:outsider type (like that otherworldly feat but obviously you can't be another race)
21.5 without racial LA existing.

racial LA:
1.5:a d8 HD
2.5:8+int is great and its for eight mediocre skills.
1.5:save progression after the first racial level.
.5:a BAB
3:for the 'multiclass' initial good saves
for a total of 21.5+14.5=36

This one, even with free LA doesn't meet the 40 mark for LA+4.

And now lets try for a giant, but one thats a challenge:
*Ogre Mage*

.5:darkvision 60'
.5:lowlight (A touchstone feat actually gives this)
1:martial weapon proficiencies, light armor and shields
2:SR19. That 19 is wierd...
5:change shape to be small to large human or giant. Awesome.
3:40'(good) Su free action flight, also 40'(perfect) while gaseous (neat)
9:regen 5(fire&acid), 1 minute reattachment, 10 head or vital organ window
4:at will darkness&invisibility SLAs (CL9)
5:1/day charm person (DC14), cone of cold(DC18), gaseous form & sleep (DC14) SLAs (CL9)
0:favored sorcerer (fits the name!)
59.5 without racial LA existing.

racial LA:
1.5:per d8 HD
1:2+int is eh for four decent skills.skills.
.5:save progression after the first racial level.
.5:a BAB
1:for the 'multiclass' initial good saves
18.5 for a total of 78 which checks out perfectly

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The PBMC Metacompendium / Base Class Tier Squeezes
« on: March 22, 2018, 07:06:48 PM »
I'm not going to bother any tentative "ranking" as I've already done for the RAW classes. I'm not going to repeat the "Dead Level options". These are in addition to those, which although a boost, don't adjust tier. Much of this is already present in the statted C8 class pages. I'm not going to point out what is repeated, although that and this can both be used together.

Common t3 or t4 adjustments (ranger's animal companion, warlock invocation/EB progression, etc) aren't in the purview here. One exception are the two (usual rogue-like) class stacking series of feats. All feats that require you to trade precision damage [ambush feats, etc] are free if you meet the prereq precision damage via class levels. All class level stacking feats are free if you have class levels in both classes [daring outlaw, etc]

Tier 6 NPCs should stay that way. I don't suggest throwing them at players and expecting them to be balanced, but if you must, try gestalting the t6s. It feels t4 for a dip: highest starting gold, full BAB, good fort & will, d8, 4+int skills, all non-exotic proficiencies, Appraise+Bluff+Climb+Craft+Diplomacy+Disguise+Forgery+Gather Information+Handle Animal+Intimidate+Jump+Knowledges(all)+Listen+Perform+Profession+Ride+Sense Motive+Speak Language+Spot+Survival+Swim+Use Rope. Gestalting the t5s should result in a t4 as well (medium BAB, any additional 10 skills). Adepts are fine already t4.
Truenamer (No Law of Sequence + utterance changes which are mostly duration buffs. The other law can be 15+1*(HD/CR/CL) if desired)

Gestalt Samurai [CW9] (free Imperious Command [DotU50] feat level 6) with old Samurai [OA20] (acenstral Daisho, bonus feats @2,4 & every 3 after, 4+int, climb, iajitsu focus, jump, perform, profession, swim)

Battledancer (good fort, dance of reckless bravery is always on, Remove the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and last sentences of Dancer's Strike, double AC bonus numbers and allow with shields)
Divine Mind with Web Enhancements (double aura range, double pp and powers known)
Eidolon (good fort saves, d10 hd, 4+int skills, move silently skil, bonus feats also include fighter feats but without an effective fighter level)
Healer (gain all spells that heal HP or status effects, gain all healing descriptor spells)
Knight (the code is optional, all knights' challenge abilities are free actions, gain tower shield proficiency, good fort saves, gain spot & listen skills)
Lurk (all lurk augments apply for 1 turn rather than 1 attack, lurk augments are a free action to activate, reach attack = +5' reach)
Mariner (dirty strike doesn't require an action, double back to back bonii & those adjacent gain the ability too, gain search skill)
Monk (proficient with unarmed strikes, flurry as a standard attack, full BAB which boosts flurry, abundant step doesn't cause action loss, Quivering Palm works on anything touched, allow AC buff with shields)
Ninja (full BAB, ki power has full level uses rather than half, evasion at 4 & improved at 12, ghost step+ki dodge+ghost strike are all free actions, ki dodge lasts 1 hour, ghost strike "affects attacks made before the end of her next turn.", add wis mod to the ghost mind DC)
Noble (favor bonii apply to any roll, favor is usable per day rather than per week, remove the last paragraph for Favor, 4 bonus instead of dead levels)
Paladin (spot & listen class skills, tower shield proficiency, no multiclass restriction, aura works while unconscious, turn undead is at full effective cleric level, no 30day wait on dead summon mount, Gain mounts' Paladin level specials while mounted, remove disease is per day rather than per week)
Soulborn (access to all soulmeld class lists, all good saves, spot & listen class skills, heart chakra at 20)
Soulknife (full BAB, creating a mindblade is a non-action that can be used in between iteratives, psychic strike works on mindless or immune to mind-affecting, knife to soul makes the dice damage into mental damage without minimizing the die roll to 1, Multiple Throw allows 3 full attacks if the mind blade is thrown)
Swashbuckler (good will saves, grace & insightful strike have no armor restrictions, insightful strike isn't precision damage, double the numbers for grace & dodge bonus)

*Some People prefer Tier 3 for all PCs. If that's you, here's some small buffs to t4 that bring the lower t4 right around totemist/jester/savant:
Barbarian (rage's +2will saves should be circumstance)
Dragon Shaman (The +5 appraise and Search is unnamed rather than competance, a 1d6 BW at level 2, good reflex saves)
Dragonfire Adept (3/4 BAB, good reflex saves, Dragonkin is unnamed +4diplomacy for all, double the least invocations known. See Warlock below)
Fighter [Dungeon Crasher variant] (feats at non-1 odd levels 3rd, 5th, 7th, etc would make sense but not change much)
Hexblade (4+int skill points, include SU's in arcane resistance)
Marshal (Even aura progressions)
Master (Bonus feats are from any list, all boni are no longer competance boni, -2 from all skill rank prereqs)
Montebank (full BAB, Beguiling stare isn't [M-A], no HD limit on mass beguile either, sudden strike = deceptive strike @level 15, monk capstone instead)
Nightstalker (Spiritual Resistence & Whispers of the dead are unnamed rather than morale/insight, d8 HD)
Rogue (full BAB)
Scout (full BAB, battle fortitude is an unnamed bonus, flawless stride works on magical terrain, 10x distance for blindsense & blindsight so you can scout with it)
Sohei (no -2 on attacks during frenzy, full BAB, 4+int skill points)
Warlock (The fast heal, DR and resistances stack with all others, double the least invocations known since Sorcerers end up with huge numbers of 0th and 1st level spells.)
Warmage (Warmage edge isn't limited to once per casting, advanced learning can add universal spells)

Binder (Zeryll's summon alien is a calling rather than summoning ability but requires you to use the ability again or lose the called creature after BL rounds. You can call as many creatures as you can support in this manner, but a lost called creature lowers the number that you may call by one for the day) [Astoroth's Master Craftsman still requires spells cast normally, unlike warlocks or artificers, so its a specialized Chameleon feat.]

Death Master (prepared caster nerf)
Favored Soul (Split lists)
Mystic (Split lists)
Psion (split lists)Sha'ir (prepared caster nerf),
Shaman (prepared caster nerf)
Sorcerer (Split lists)
Spirit Shaman (split lists)
Wu Jen (prepared caster nerf)
"Erudite" variant Psion (with Spell to Power ACF banned. DMs should make linked power count for a 2 power uses. Split lists is optional.)

Archivist (Prepared caster nerf, split lists)
Artificer (Banned broken infusions, strict WBL, no XP as a river)
Cleric (Prepared caster nerf, split lists)
Druid (Prepared caster nerf, split lists)
Wizard (Prepared caster nerf, split lists)

The PBMC Metacompendium / Action Points are Banned
« on: March 22, 2018, 06:25:04 PM »
References to them are ignored.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Voidmind Savage Progression
« on: March 22, 2018, 06:23:42 PM »
Voidmind Savage Progression Level 1:
-1,-2   Mind-Flayer Hosts (Su)
-3   Cha-2
-2,-1   Con+4
0   Nat +2
1   Sentient Tentacle (Ex) from inside head
2   Immunity to Ability Drain
3   Spell Resistance 10+HD
4   Combat Reflexes feat
5   Greater Fortitude feat
6   Alertness

Voidmind Savage Progression Level 2:
1,2   Str+4
3   Nat +2
4   1d6 Tentacle attack @+5 reach
5   Immunity to Energy Drain
6   Immunity to Ability Damage
7   +4Bluff, Escape Artist, & intimidate

Voidmind Savage Progression Level 3:
1,2   Int+2, Dex+2
3   Improved Grab (Ex) with tentacle
4   1d6 constrict with tentacle
5   Cone of Slime (Su) 1/day 30' Refl DC=.5HD+con HDd6 & Fort or -2Will & stunned 1d4+1
6   Immunity to Acid
7   Immunity to mind-affects
8   DR5/magic (Ex)

Quote from: Savage Species page 115
Templates often apply to monsters that cannot, or should not, be characters (for instance, because their Intelligence is too low). Level adjustments for such templates only apply if the resulting templated monster can be a character. In cases when a template makes an otherwise unplayable creature into a viable character (such as the incarnate construct template), this book gives level adjustments for the templated version of the creature.

"Savage Species also contains an entire chapter on estimating LA. And while the designated outcome (such as paragon = 12) is houserules, the required usage of them to define unspecified values for Players wanting to use them is not."

This means you have to use their guidelines for missing LA templates, and any variant assigning of LA (which a DM can say no to) must conform to those rules to be legal.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Kaorti Thrall
« on: March 22, 2018, 06:20:10 PM »
"A victim transformed into a kaorti thrall gains the fiendish creature template, except that instead of
gaining the smite good special attack, it gains the ability to cast true strike on itself once per day." [FF109]

The Fiendish creature savage progression looks like:
(click to show/hide)

That would mean that the 2% of sentient Kaorti Thralls would have a savage progression like this:
1st LA: type change, extraplanar subtype, Darkvision 60 ft., minimum Intelligence, resistances (cold 5, fire 5), true strike 1/day

2nd LA: Spell resistance, Resistances (cold 10, fire 10), Damage reduction 5/magic -> Damage reduction 10/magic

The point of this thread is to see what a regular kaorti would have for its savage progression if we fill in the blanks with its similar abilities. Unfortunately the Fiendish template is pretty much the weakest, most laughable LA+2 template in existence, so we should expect a few more abilities for a normally powered template. The main problem is adjudicating whether an ability should go in the first LA or the second.

The legend is as follows: Red are penalties, [Groupings are in brackets], italicized is basically worthless, blue are benefits that take up one known slot (mentioned earlier), and green are flexible benefits. I would appreciate feedback on the green, though there isn't much room for change without A) assigning higher level abilities before lower level ones or B) making the LA more uneven / non-symetrical. Enjoy:

1st LA: Outsider (Evil, Extraplanar), 1d6 bite, [Vile Transformation, Material Vulnerability,] Intelligence +4, [Strength -4, Dexterity +4,] Natural Armor +2, SLAs 1/day (Reduce Person, Spider Climb), EWP (Ribbon Weapon)

2nd LA: Poison Immunity, Heal +8, Charisma +6, SLAs 1/day (Color Spray, Ray of Enfeeblement, Alter Self, Fireball)

A few loose ends:
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The PBMC Metacompendium / Shadowcaster
« on: March 22, 2018, 06:15:43 PM »
1) Charisma determines the DC to save against your mysteries. Intelligence determines the highest level mystery you can cast.

2) Grant bonus mysteries per day based on Charisma. These would work just like bonus spells. For instance, if your Cha is 14, you can cast one extra mystery of 1st-level equivalent and one of 2nd-level equivalent per day. (Note that each mystery does give an equivalent level, even though you don't learn them by level.)

3) Eliminate the rule that says you have to take mysteries in a given Path in order. If you want to jump around, so as to broaden your versatility, you can.

4) Within a category—Apprentice, Initiate, Master—you must have at least two mysteries of any given level before you can take any mysteries of the next higher level. For instance, you must have two 1st-level mysteries before you can take any 2nds, and at least two 2nds before you can take any 3rds.

5) Eliminate the rule that says you get a bonus feat equal to half the number of paths you have access to. Instead, you get a bonus feat equal to the total number of Paths you complete. Thus, while you are no longer required to take the entirety of a given Path, there's still encouragement to do so.

6) You may “swap out” mysteries, just as a sorcerer does spells known. If you “un-complete” a Path in this way, however, you lose access to the bonus feat you gained from completing that Path. (You can regain access by re-completing the Path, completing a different Path and choosing that feat as your new bonus, or selecting that feat as a normal feat at your next opportunity.)

7) Once your Apprentice Mysteries become supernatural abilities, change the save DC from 10 + equivalent spell level + Cha to 10 + 1/2 caster level + Cha. This makes them useful even against high-HD opponents, and follows the pattern for other supernatural abilities.

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