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The PBMC Metacompendium / Invisible Blade
« on: March 22, 2018, 06:15:13 PM »
Invisible Blade

"I just posted this explanation in another thread, but I thought it might be better served here, as per the title of this thread.

The 5-level invisible blade that first appeared in Dragon (and then recently in The Complete Warrior) was edited down from my original 10-level progression. The abilities and text are the same, but there were some additional dagger throwing abilities built into the prestige class (to round it out).

The editors at Dragon had asked me to change the invisible blade prerequisites to reflect their ranged-based abilities, but when they later changed the invisible blade into a 5-level prestige class (and removed the dagger throwing abilities), they likely forgot to change the prerequisites as well.

To use the printed version of the invisible blade as is, simply change the prerequisites feats to:

Weapon Focus (dagger, kukri, or punching dagger) and Weapon Finesse.

I hope that helps." - Sonofapreacherman

The PBMC Metacompendium / Hexblade
« on: March 22, 2018, 06:14:33 PM »

Good Fort saves
Curse ability usable an extra Cha mod/day
Failed Curses not counting as used if the target makes the save
Ability to cast in light or medium armor and while carrying a light shield or buckler
At 6th level, the hexblade can cast one hexblade spell per day as a swift action, as long as its original casting time is a standard action or faster. He gains an additional use of this power at levels 8, 11, 14, and 18.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Aberrant Paragon
« on: March 22, 2018, 06:14:02 PM »
Keith Baker posted in the Piazo boards that the HD is d8.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Epic Spells Pre-Epic
« on: March 22, 2018, 06:12:35 PM »
0a. 10th level and up spell slots granted via the Improved Spell Capacity feat aren't epic spell casting per se
0b. The Epic Spellcasting feat allows you to "develop and cast epic spells" but, for now, to keep the discussion simple, let's assume the feat wasn't necessary and that no epic feats existed. We can tackle the feats later. We're just talking about epic casting itself right now.

1. You can "cast epic spells [...] a number of open epic spell slots per day equal to one-tenth his or her ranks in the Knowledge skill appropriate to the spell and the caster’s class." They are Knowledge (aracana), Knowledge (religion) and Knowledge (nature). The above feat mentions that these stack, but DMs are likely to require fully progressed multiclassing before the second knowledge skill gives additional slots. Normally that would be hard for a Wizard 17 / x 3 character, although specialized builds like an ur-priest / blighter could manage 4 rather than 2 slots. If you want to be rule-lawyery to gain the 5th and 6th slots, remember that by throwing out (or giving for free) the epic spellcasting feat, a monk could also gain epic spells.

2. "Metamagic feats and other epic feats that manipulate normal spells cannot be used with epic spells." If epic feats can't even modify epic casting, regular feats surely can't. You'll notice the x2 for extending spells rather than being able to apply a wimpy extend spell feat to a powerful epic spell. Suddenly all of your old, high level casting tricks don't work anymore. It reminds me of people glossing over the fact that artificers aren't spellcasters. A lot of the power actually comes from those old patterns that don't just work now.

3a. Custom Epic spells should have no "guesswork and rules stretching" and should always have the "worst of all worlds" rather than the caster just choosing whatever is best. This means that all epic spells, rather than just some, have all the spell schools associated with the seeds.
3b. The Range, Targets, Area, and Effects lines all chose the worst value, additively. Nothing is stopping you from changing the target and area line before combining each seed so that they still make sense. It just costs more spellcraft.
3c. Similar to SR, saving throws are all added separately, allowing multiple instances of one save or even many instances of multiple different saves.
3d. Seeds still require a save if it deals damage, in addition to requiring a successful attack roll.
3e. Touch or ranged attack seeds still require an attack roll if it deals damage as a targeted seed, in addition to requiring a saving throw.

4. There is no recording of epic spells. You will always pay to learn/develop both existing and custom epic spells.

5. There is no additional participant mitigating factor. You can't chain gate solars for circle magic on crack.

6. Dirty-trick fix the seeds: the Armor, Conjure, Fortify, Reflect, Summon, Transfer, and Ward seeds have certain effects removed (see below). This is either to prevent TO things like loops, or because they replicate an effect already banned in any serious, balanced game. Specially they are, in order,:

Item Alteration [ECS113],
"attack of the clones,"
item alteration again and rules consistency,
pure balance so your monk ally doesn't feel even more useless when you say to the DM "I don't need delay death, I'm just immune to all attacks,"
no summoning Asmodeus,
no becoming Asmodeus,
and similar to the immunity to attacks but also with a "no coming near and no save."

The Epic spell factors you will want:

+20DC for a 1-action casting time on in-combat spells.
+25DC Contingent on specific trigger.
+4DC No verbal or somatic component for in-combat spells.
+2DC Increase duration by 100% for buffs.
+2DC Range Increase range by 100%
+10DC Change from target to area (pick area option below)
+4DC Change from touch or ranged touch attack to target
+2DC Increase spell’s saving throw DC by +1
+2DC Gain +1 bonus on caster level check to overcome target’s spell resistance
+2DC Gain +1 on caster level check to beat foe’s dispel effect
+10DC Increase damage die by one step (d20 maximum)

Custom mitigation factors that are worth it:
Code: [Select]
Everyone is going to select +20DC on in-combat custom epic spells since feats & MM don't apply to epic spells.
Everyone is going to select +10min casting time for -20 DC on buffs
Everyone is going to select 2*HD d6 backlash for -2*HD DC on instantaneous spells. Share pain/vigor is assumed.

Quick Notes on the Seeds:

I'm ignoring effects that require 200+ spellcraft checks. See costs below for why.

Afflict = [M-A] lame bestow curse

Animate = Objects

Animate Dead = 20+3HD/+2DC allows ghosts, vampires, etc

Armor = 24hr 4+1armor/+2DC or +1defl,divine,insight/+10DC. ALLOW ONLY defl, divine, or insight. NOTHING ELSE

Banish = DC27 will, SR, 75' 14+2HD/+DC. Non-outsiders +20DC

Compel = [M-A] 20hr suggestion

Conceal = 3hr greater invis except CL check to see if true seeing works.


contact = telepathic bond or sending

Delude = 12,000' range full illusion. Programmable, etc

Destroy = 12,000' range disintegrate. Fort save for half damage

Dispel = 300' DC19+dispel boni. Uses d20+10+ 1/+DC vs DC11+CL. Dispels anything or supresses for 1d4 rounds

Energy = energy damage

Forsee = CoP @90%

Fortify = DC47,DC215 (23+4*6)x5-20 permanent +5inh to stat, save, nat or DC115 for permanent SR25 or DC32+2x for 1+x DR/epic. ALLOW ONLY enhancement & inherent BONI. DO NOT ALLOW BONI TO STATS YOU DON'T HAVE

Heal = 100% hp heal+restoration or fort or 1d4hp currently via negative/positive energy

Life = ressurection or awaken anmial/plant

Reflect = spell turning (linkens' sphere). REMOVE THE MELEE AND RANGED ATTACK REFLECTION OPTIONS.

Reveal = scrying w/ true seeing

Slay = [Death] fort for 23-38damage or enervation +4DC / +d4 negative levels

Summon = 20round gate w/o dominate. REMOVE THE INDIVIDUALS OPTION

Transform = permanent metamorph w/ gas&incorp. REMOVE THE INDIVIDUALS OPTION

Transport = teleport+plane shift or time stop

Ward = 24hr 18+2*x DC 5+x DR or an energy res or a spell immunity. REMOVE THE HEDGING AND NULLIFY OPTIONS

On specific spells and seeds:

Not that it matters, but I can't see Time Duplicate being usable due to time paradoxes: cast the spell, and then quicken kill yourself. Did the spell text lie? Did you just break the game and the metagame simultaneously?

Animate dead can get you ANY type of undead. It RAW forces x kind of undead to appear before you. Although its not exceedingly powerful, I can't think of any other effect that does this. Therefore it's balanced and could be useful.
Dispel = 300' d20 (+any other dispel boni) to see if its less than CL. Can 1d4 supress ANYTHING. Free @11min
Armor = 48hr +6armor for free 11 minute cast
Ward = 48hr DR5 for free 11 minute cast


Ironically the above seeds should be used without any other seeds that would make the spellcraft checks higher. If you take a DC20 epic spell with a -20DC modifier, you can learn the spells for free. Spending any more is a waste. Otherwise you would spend 9,000gp of per extra spellcraft DC. That quickly adds up, especially when you remember that the archetypal full caster has invested in some serious crafting reductions in order to stretch his WBL. But since none of your tricks work on epic spellcasting, you have to shell out the gold the old fashion way. Remember that with lazy amounts of crafting modifiers, your WBL is about 10x the number listed on the DMG. So without those, the epic development costs basically have a 10x price tag on them. A +1DC isn't comparable to a 90k non-epic item.

Basically unless you have huge piles of gold laying around, which you shouldn't if you are using your WBL wisely, it seems to me that you are better off putting those resources into non-epic areas where you will get higher return on investment. I am interested to see if someone pulls together a custom spell with the above restrictions that's worth spending a third of your ECL20 WBL on.

The PBMC Metacompendium / PrCs in C8
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:29:05 PM »
All class levels progress at 2.5x (as normal in C8) rate except casting and manifesting progressions.

PrC levels that do not advance casting follow the 2.5 rule.
Unlike Base classes, this can allow PrCs to bunch up when their is no advanced progressions.
As usual, those that do progress casting follow a x1 progression.
If this makes certain class features unaccessible, you have to use legacy champion (which is itself now not squished) to get up to those levels.

Example 1: Carn the mundane decides to take Exotic Weapon Master. He takes the first level which gives all class features of the non-squished progression at once.
Example 2: Brie the wizard takes Initiate of the Seven Fold Veil. Its full casting progression does not squeeze down any and therefore the class feature progression is unchanged.
Example 3: Candy the sorcerer takes Acolyte of the Skin its 50% casting progression squeezes down until it bumps into other caster-progressing levels. This makes the PrC 5 levels deep.
Example 4: Bob the bard goes into sublime chord. But since it grants a casting progression, it is full length.
Example 5: Cully the cleric vampire takes the Lifedrinker PrC. Since it doesn't advance his casting, it is only a 4 level PrC. Cully is very happy the PrC abilities "bunch up" despite never having a dead level.

Metagame: This encourages casters to lose out on caster levels for the more flavorful PrCs. Now those wizards don't just shrug and say, take Master Specialist because its there and full casting.
Non-progressioned base class abilities for casters do get squished, though. This again encourages casters to single class more.
Mundane's progressions can be gained all at once at its initial level if it isn't correctly divisible and it isn't the class's main progression. See the first as an example.

The PBMC Metacompendium / C8 (8 level Chassis)
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:27:19 PM »
This E6. Now imagine classes have their abilities get compressed from 20 to 8 levels. Spellcasting doesn't get compressed (this makes bards literally 3/4 casters rather than 2/3). Level-based feats have level-triggered effects and prereqs cut by 2.5 so they are easier to qualify for and more powerful. Therefore bloodline psuedo levels are after class levels 1, 2, and 4.

Base class abilities do not "bunch up" at the beginning; they are already front-loaded. Instead only the non-full, later (often dead) levels roll down to the lower levels.

Non-Spells/power ability progressions can progress at a maximum of one "bump" per level. This may leave certain C8 classes with a slightly weaker "main ability" at level 8 than a non C8, ECL 20, single-classed build.

Mundane classes with an (Ex) ability concerning mundane acts may strip that restriction from that one ability in order to make it "work." For instance monks with shields, or barbarians that want to have stacking (non-enhancement bonus) fast movement with haste. See your DM about such a change. Common requests include: "I'll never use an action to activate this ability. Can it be a free action so I'll actually use my class feature?"

Bad Saves are 1/2 rather than 1/3 and good saves give the initial progression at every level. This reduces the need to multiclass in order to maintain high saves.

All non-tier 1 classes recieve one bump in either their skill points or HD. We are remedying the fact that classes are actually a small source of power for these statistics over buffs, items, templates and races (in contrast to what WotC expected). It is still doable for a psion to have more HP than an equally optimized raging barbarian, its just not as likely.

"Bumps" in the saves, BAB, skill points, and HD stats may be transferable as suits flavor. Each bump in skill points adds two flavorful class skills. Lower tier classes may substitute one unflavorful class skill for a flavorful one and may conglomerate a flavorful sub-skill.

These few C8 changes can still be used in an ECL20 game to make class ability-driven mundanes more competitive with full casters. Both casters and mundanes will PrC/multi-class into other classes anyway, so it isn't really that imbalancing. After all the HP, skillpoints, iterations (BAB) and saves for a C8 goblin Fighter8/Monk8/Rogue4 with bad score rolls is about equal to a Fighter 20 // Monk 20 // Rogue 10 with an optimized race and good rolls. Both generic builds are probably still tier 4. Such a PC could still be adventuring with a t1 Wizard master specialist archmage or a t2 Anarchic Initiate Psion or a t3 Bard Sublime chord or ... And that's just assuming other straight class 'lazy' builds. This isn't even counting the big guns like t1+ Druid Planar shepard or t0 Ur-Priest or (TO) tainted sorcerer or ...

(click to show/hide)

The PBMC Metacompendium / Skill quickstep
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:14:19 PM »
Add a small "check" to the max skill point determination so that if your temporary HD go away, the old skillpoint max is no re-enforced and feats - whether they have been turned into something else by psychic reformation or not - also disappear.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Save Crystals
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:13:44 PM »

The operative sentence is "When this effect is used, everyone and everything is reset to the state they were in at when the subject's turn began." and "The only exception to this is that any power points spent to manifest forced dream are not recovered."

This seems to mean that the target and all other creates will not remember the use of the restart, except to count the loss of PP. This seems to mean that unless the manifestor is willing to A) write out a list of exactly what actions are going to be taken [perhaps to the point there is no real room for improvisation] and B) stick to that list without deviation [because on the same try, the same choices would be made], this power is not useful...

Unless the player metagames worse than taking the DM's notes and monster entries. After all with trial and error while metagaming to allow a PC to remember these things, both of those are achievable.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Regen slash X with X immunity
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:13:14 PM »
Said immunity still converts to nonlethal damage.

If immune to nonlethal damage, it still accrues a number which can get too high.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Proficiencies
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:11:09 PM »
do not count as feats. This prevents feat-trading things from inflating huge numbers of feats.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Powerful Storms
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:09:53 PM »

Powerful storms do not block all listen checks, they instead impose a -8. Otherwise the DM (or a caster with 7th level spells) can make any mundane look-outs useless before an ambush.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Phasm's alter self
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:08:54 PM »
make it have the alter self's 5HD restriction.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Kobold Age Categories
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:08:07 PM »
HD-advancing age categories (like dragons) are first and foremost brought on by HD and not age. After all its assumed that  dragons get bigger and tougher as they age because they are eating properly, adventuring, etc, not simply because they age. This prevents aging spells from advancing true dragons, as well.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Festering Anger disease
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:03:25 PM »
Festering anger needs to only give the positive effect if you experience the negative effect. Furthermore it needs to be ability burn rather than ability damage so that restoration doesn't give you infinite strength. Also when defining ability burn, the phrase " It returns only through natural healing." has a grammatical error. It means to say "the stats return only through natural healing."

The PBMC Metacompendium / Factotum's Cunning Surge
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:02:33 PM »
is only usable 1/round.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Canabilistic ability eaters
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:02:10 PM »
do not stack with themselves. This prevents Illithid savant silliness, along with similar cheese like dusk giants.

The PBMC Metacompendium / 1 Shadowpounce per Round
« on: March 22, 2018, 04:58:31 PM »
I'd like to make this into a general shadowpouncing resource. It showcases why the 1/round limit is needed.

Quote from: Alastar
Cleric 3/Swordsage 1/Crusader 1/Crinti Shadow Marauder 5/Swashbuckler 1/Ruby Knight Vindicator 7/Swordsage +2

Race: Human
Alignment: True Neutral

Ability scores:

18 [12+6 enhancement]
32 [16+6 enhancement +5 inherent +5 level]
16 [10+6 enhancement]
16 [10+6 enhancement]
18 [12 +6 enhancement]
22 [16 +6 enhancement )

Belt of Magnificience and battle +6 218, 000 gp
Cloak of resistance +5 , 25 000 gp
Ring of protection +5, 50 000 gp
Bracers of armor +8, 64 000 gp
2 +5 Shadow hand Deadly precision Short swords, 196 000 gp
Tome of quickness in action +5, 137 500 gp
Boots of Speed, 12 000 gp
Nightstick, 7200 gp

739 700 gp total.

Hit Points: 154
Move Speed: 30 feet.
AC: 37 10 [10 base, 8 armor, 5 deflection, 11 dex, +4 wisdom, -1 flaw]
Full attack Action: + 35/+30/+25/+20 [main hand] +35/+30/+25/+20 [off hand]
Damage: [assuming assassin's stance] 1d6 + 23 [main hand] 1d6 +21 [off hand] (+4d6 +20 if sneak attacking)
Flaws: -1 to AC, -2 to ranged attacks
Domains: Undeath, Magic
Turn attempts: 29
BAB: 16
Saves: Fort +19 Ref +26 Will +21
Crusader Initiator Level: 13
Swordsage Initiator Level: 15
Initiative: +12(+17 with sign)

Feat Progression:
1-Cleric 1: Extra turning (domain), Two weapon Fighting, Mounted combat (Human), Stealthy (flaw), extra turning (flaw)
2-Cleric 2
3-Cleric 3: Extra turning
4-Crusader 1
5-Swordsage 1: Weapon Focus (Shortsword)
6-CSM1: Shadow Blade
8-CSM3: Ride-By Attack (bonus)
9-CSM4: Improved two Weapon Fighting
11-SWB1: Weapon finesse (bonus)
12-RKV1: Greater Two Weapon Fighting
15-RKV4: Craven
18-RKV7: Extra Turning
19-Swordsage 2
20- Swordsage 3

1-Cleric 1 IL1
2-Cleric 2
3-Cleric 3
4-Crusader 1: : Stance: Martial Spirit Maneuver's: Crusader's strike, Minotaur's Charge, Stone bones, Vanguard strike, Dousing the flames
5-Swordsage 1: : Stance: Island of Blades Maneuver's: Burning blade, Burning Brand, Shadow Jaunt, Cloak of deception, Flashing sun, Clinging shadow strike
12-RKV1:Stance: Assassin's Stance (to swordsage)
13-RKV2: Maneuver: Divine Surge (to crusader)
15-RKV4: Maneuver: Shadow Stride (to swordsage)
17-RKV6:Stance: Aura of Chaos (to crusader), Greater Divine Surge (to crusader)
19-Swordsage 2: Stance: Fiery assault Maneuver: Inferno Blade
20- Swordsage 3: Maneuver: Shadow Blink

Round starts: You win initiative (highly probable)
Free Action: Activate boots of speed
Swift Action: Initiate Inferno Blade
Standard Action: Shadow Jaunt, you gain a full attack action
Divine Impetus, gain a swift action: Activate Belt of battle, another full attack action
Move action: Shadow stride Full attack Action
Divine Impetus, Gain a swift action: Shadow Blink, Full attack action

We are now down to 27 Turn undead attempts.

We will perform the following actions 9 times
Divine impetus: Gain a swift action
Divine Recovery: Use swift action to recover shadow blink
Divine Impetus: Gain swift action, use shadow blink

For a total of only 13 Full attack actions. BUT, my attack actions have 8 attacks in them, and deal more damage. Each attack that connects deals 8d6 +58 (assuming the creature is not immune to fire).
1d6 Shortsword, 3d6 inferno blade, 4d6 sudden strike/sneak attack
+8 sword, +15 inferno blade, +20 craven, +4 strenght, +11 dexterity

So i have 66 main hand attacks at 8d6 +58
and 39 off hand attacks at 8d6 +56

Quote from: Gilfanon
Arcane Shadowpouncer
Race: Desert Kobold, Venerable Age, White Dragonspawn Template (+1 LA)
Alternate Class Features/Rituals: Loredrake, Greater Draconic Rite of Passage
Stat Priority: Cha>Con>Int>Else
Build Stub: Kobold Paragon 3/Sorceror 2/Incantatrix 10/Crinti Shadow Marauder 5

1.  Kobold Paragon 1: Dragonwrought, (Mounted Combat), (Iron Will), [Shaky], [Inattentive]
2.  Sorcerer 1:
3.  Sorcerer 2: Extend Spell
4.  Kobold Paragon 2:
5.  Kobold Paragon 3:
6.  Incantatrix 1: Draconic Reservoir, (Persistent Spell)
7.  Incantatrix 2:
8.  Incantatrix 3:
9.  Incantatrix 4: Arcane Strike, (Repeat Spell)
10.  Incantatrix 5:
11.  Incantatrix 6:
12.  Incantatrix 7: Stealthy, (Twin Spell)
13.  Incantatrix 8:
14.  Incantatrix 9:
15.  Incantatrix 10: Node Spellcasting, (Metanode Spell)
16.  Crinti Shadow Marauder 1:
17.  Crinti Shadow Marauder 2:
18.  Crinti Shadow Marauder 3: Power Attack, (Ride-by Attack)
19.  Crinti Shadow Marauder 4:
20.  Crinti Shadow Marauder 5:

Required Spells:
2: Wraithstrike, Dimension Leap
3: Dimension Step
4: Celerity, Polymorph
5: Arcane Fusion
7: Arcane Spellsurge, Limited Wish, Greater Teleport
8: Greater Arcane Fusion
9: Astral Projection

Equipment of Note: Hand of Glory, Ring of Wizardry I, Ring of Wizardry II, Ring of Wizardry IV, Cloak of Charisma +6, Tome of Leadership and Influence +5

Requirement Tricks: We use Dragonborn to eliminate the penalty to physical stats and to qualify for Loredrake; we use the +2 to effective sorcerer levels from Loredrake, the +1 to effective sorcerer level from White Dragonspawn, and the +1 to effective sorcerer level from the Greater Draconic Rite of Passage to gain early entry to Incantatrix.

Base Statistics: At twentieth level, you have a BAB of +12, base saves of +5/+10/+14, and average base hit points of 75.  You cast as an eighteenth level sorcerer, and given a reasonable point buy, should have 17 (base) +3 (age) +2 (Kobold Paragon) +5 (levels) +5 (tome) +6 (cloak) = 38 charisma. 

Strategy:  The main power of the build, other than the obvious (ninth level spells, incantatrix, shadowpouncing), comes from the feat Metanode Spell, found in Champions of Ruin:

“When casting a spell improved by a metamagic feat, you can deduct the class of the node layer in which you currently stand from the increased spell level. The class of the layer does not equal the class of the node unless you are standing in the innermost portion of it. For example, if you use Maximize Spell to augment the 5th-level spell ?ame strike in the innermost (+1) layer of a Class 1 node, you cast the spell as if it were only two levels higher than normal, not three, because the node pays one spell level’s worth of the metamagic cost… If you use this feat to reduce the cost of preparing a metamagic spell and then leave the node, the spell you prepared is unavailable until you return to a node layer of at least the same class as the one in which the spell was prepared.”

Two key points: first, Metanode Spell does not specify a minimum level adjustment, unlike every single other metamagic reducer, meaning that, as written, we can have metamagic that lowers the slot of the spell it is applied to; and second, we can use astral projection to gain the metamagic reduction of Metanode Spell outside of our node.

Our character lives in a Class 4 node; he takes every precaution to make it as impenetrable as possible.  The two metamagics of note are Repeat Spell and Twin Spell, which are normally +3 and +4 slot adjustments, respectively.  The improved metamagic class feature of Incantatrix lowers those costs to +2 and +3, respectively, which Metanode Spell further lowers to -2 and -1 adjustment, respectively.  As such, a twinned fireball occupies a level two slot, a repeated fireball a level one slot, and a twinned repeated fireball a cantrip slot. 

The action nova begins by casting astral projection.  After casting astral projection, you polymorph into an Overseer, gaining 11 natural attacks and believable appendages for your rings, amulet, and cloak.  You persist polymorph with a DC 30 spellcraft check, which is trivial for a twentieth level incantatrix.  You then hunt down whatever it is you would like to die. 

Once found, you begin combat by using your swift action to cast arcane spellsurge.  You sacrifice a ninth level spell slot for Arcane Strike, gaining +9 to hit and +9d4 damage to all of your attacks in the round.  You then use your standard action to cast a twinned repeated greater arcane fusion, which uses a fifth level slot, to gain two seventh and two fourth level spells.  One of the seventh level spells is used to cast limited wish to emulate Favor of the Martyr, giving you immunity to daze.  You use your other seventh level spell to cast another twinned repeated greater arcane fusion, which uses a fifth level slot, and your two fourth level spells to case two twinned repeated arcane fusion, which occupy a second level spell slot.  This gives you two seventh, six fourth, and four first level spells.  Use one of those fourth level or lower spells to cast wraithstrike. 

From here, the nova should be obvious: we can use that original twinned repeating greater arcane fusion to cast another twinned repeating greater arcane fusion, etc., until we cast every spell we know of seventh level or lower in a single round.  Except as noted above, every cantrip slot will be used to cast a twinned repeated dimension step; every first level slot will be used to cast twinned dimension leap; every second level slot will be used to cast twinned repeated arcane fusion; every third level slot will be used to cast twinned celerity; every fourth level slot will be used to cast twinned repeated greater teleport; every fifth level slot will be used to cast twinned repeated arcane fusion; every sixth level slot will be used to cast twinned greater teleport; and your seventh level spells slots split between twinned greater arcane fusion and greater teleport.

The result? 104 full attacks, and sixteen leftover standard actions.  Use four of those standard action are used to cast twinned repeated dimension step, and one to cast a twinned greater teleport.  You have eleven standard actions left over, having used up every 0th to 7th level spell slot you have.  You can use ten of those eleven remaining standard actions to unload all seven remaining eighth level spells and all three remaining ninth level spells, but really, that is just overkill.

The Final Tally: 114 full attacks, 7 eighth level spells, and 3 ninth level spells in a single round; as an Overseer buffed with wraithstrike, that translates to 1,254 touch attacks in the first round of combat.  To give a simplified assessment of damage, 912 of your attacks will do 1d6 (base damage) +6 (strength bonus) +9d4 (arcane strike), for an average of 32 damage per strike; the remaining 342 attacks do 1d8 (base) +3 (strength) +9d4 (arcane strike), for an average of 31 damage per strike.  Total average damage for the round, not counting what you do with your eighth and ninth level spells, is 39,957.  If you can justify a ring and cloak wearing twelve-headed cryohydra, damage is even more obscene: you are making 1,368 touch attacks per round, each doing an average of 48.5 damage, for a one round output of 66,348 damage.  Every point of BAB used for power attack nets you damage equal to your number of attacks per round, as does every other point of damage added by your equipment.  An amulet of mighty fists is particularly nice, adding damage to each of your attacks.

Weaknesses: Only one round/day, crappy fortitude saves.  It is probably best if you don’t use this build in any game.

Single move + Single attack = stupid NPCs

Swift action teleportation/movement + full attack = lazy PCs with an anklet of translocation. Often found in Skirmish builds

Double move + standard action for Full attack = better pouncing PCs

Standard attack for Full attack = normal shadowpouncers. Does not include positioning of enemies which would result in up to DDoor's range/10 in full attacks for one proc! That's 120 full attacks if the enemies lined up nicely for you.

Swift action for Full attack + Full attack option = best ratio found in gishes/casters considering the thread's nerf. Its basically above n+1

Turning Charge (split double moves) for multi-charging = highest optimization considering the thread's nerf and depends on number of targets and dexterity. Even if the enemies line up nicely reaching double digit full attacks for the full round action is difficult. Has many restrictions and difficult to pull off in a normal battle. Extremely niche.

Lazy psionic shadowpouncers = 3 full attacks without action abuse. No restrictions and nearly impossible to stop, especially for non-full casters.

The above two posts however are not being lazy. Multipouncers start optimizing where multi-chargers finish.

The PBMC Metacompendium / White Raven Tactics is banned
« on: March 22, 2018, 04:57:40 PM »
Martial Study opens it up for non-martial NPCs, etc.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Aura of Chaos maneuver
« on: March 22, 2018, 04:54:38 PM »
Can only run 10 times total.

The PBMC Metacompendium / Pawn in the Great Game
« on: March 22, 2018, 04:54:15 PM »
[DragMag354p56] does not work if you are immune to str or con drain

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