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Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« Last post by Nytemare3701 on Today at 09:35:18 PM »
I had my mechanic friend do basic maintenance and when the brakes wouldn't bleed properly I brought it in to be inspected. They found that the master cylinder had a leak and needed to be replaced, so I paid out of pocket for that. They signed off on it but said that the brake error light had tripped because my proportioning valve had stuck, but was assured that it may unstick itself if I drive it as normal. I did so and the brakes gave out, then locked up. My mechanic friend examined it, found both rear cylinders were stuck pressurized and replaced them both. The new ones immediately repressurized as well. We gave up and sent it back to the shop where they said "yeah, the proportioning valve balances pressure between front and back brakes, we told you it was stuck". Note that they told me to drive on it anyway, and neglected to tell me the function of the valve other than "it trips the error light". Cue them refusing to source the part because it is too old, and me having to provide an unwarrantied part and pay them $500 to install it.
Handbook Discussion / Re: X Stat to Y Bonus Discussion Thread
« Last post by Nanshork on Today at 08:29:50 PM »
found the Saliharion while browsing unslotted items

If Sarenrae is the owner’s patron, the owner may instead choose to gain a sacred bonus equal to her Wisdom or Charisma modifier on <Heal checks and Knowledge skill checks to identify the abilities and weaknesses of monsters> instead of the normal +2 bonus.

lets you get Wisdom twice on Heal checks

That was in Power's list so has been added (it's in Variable/Other since you get to pick one of two stats).

I haven't had time to do the feats he posted yet.
[Pathfinder] Goblins! / Re: Behaving Like Goblins - IC
« Last post by Nanshork on Today at 08:27:46 PM »
Chuffy misses!

(click to show/hide)
D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Re: New mechanical bits in PFS scenarios
« Last post by Nanashi on Today at 08:21:46 PM »
Went and checked all modules, knowing I won't remember which one anything came from anyways.

Thornkeep sanctioning document

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 10th
Slot none; Price 2,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.
This glass flask looks similar to the alembics used by alchemists to distill various liquids, but this one is
framed in a delicate silver brace and the glass is etched with various arcane runes. The arcanolembic can be
used to hold one potion. When a creature consumes a potion from the arcanolembic, the potion is treated
as if its caster level were 2 higher than the usual minimum for a potion of its level. Placing a potion into the
arcanolembic is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity.
Requirements Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Item, 5 ranks in Craft (alchemy); Cost 1,000 gp

bloodstone of Gultariix (200 gp; when this dark crystal is dissolved into a potion, the potion is enhanced as
if by the Extend Spell metamagic feat)
(Is this reusable with Alchemical Allocation? Makes a great spell even better if so.)

Tomb of the Iron Medusa
Adella map collection (200 gp; grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge [geography] checks between Katheer and Oppara, from the Inner Sea to the World’s Edge Mountains.)
tomes of Taldan history (400 gp; grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge [history] checks regarding Taldor)


Blood of the City
Dampening ring of Laurdin Iket (1,000 gp, limit 1; on a successful melee touch attack targeting a construct, this small, ring-like device attaches to the target, forcing the construct to make a DC 16 Will save of be unable to move or take any actions [as if paralyzed]. At the end of each round during which it is unable to act, the construct may attempt a new Will save to end the condition with a cumulative +1 bonus on the saving throw for each round it suffers the dampening ring’s effects. After an affected construct is destroyed or saves against the effect, the ring is destroyed.)

Scrysphere (6,000 gp; once per day you may command this black, glassy marble from any distance to cast spherescry [CL 5th, Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Classic Treasures Revisited 45], allowing you to observe events within a 20-foot radius of the scrysphere. The scrysphere functions only for you.)

Plague of Shadows
Ring of Shadow Walking ( 26,400 gp; once per day the bearer of this ring can cast shadow walk at caster level 11)

Prince of Wolves
Corpselight Rapier (21,320 gp; this +2 undead-bane rapier is ornate and covered with thousands of tiny spirals of Pharasma, with the tail of a single large spiral stretching half the length of the blade. Designed for hunting and dispatching the undead, the unsheathed blade glows when and undead are within a 6o-ft. radius. Unfortunately, its antipathy with undead also acts as a beacon, and undead within 1 mile of the blade can sense its presence and direction, even when the sword is sheathed.)

Winter Witch
Laughing Eric’s Sword (18,315 gp; with a guard resembling a golden dragon, this +1 throwing returning longsword’s namesake was as famous for his martial prowess as for his constant laughter in battle. This laughter unlocks the sword’s ability to fly across the battlefield, slicing down foes before returning to its owner’s hand).

D&D 5e / Re: Can You Create a Demiplane?
« Last post by awaken_D_M_golem on Today at 05:07:07 PM »
6 possible answers

#1 ... by strict r.a.w. no
#2 ... but maybe someday

#3 ... by r.a.i. Wish can do : an Off-list 8 , with shortened casting time , with no cost expensive M , and no Conc check.  So it's really an inside the DM's mind debate ... (you know I love that stuff) ... whether Wish could do it straightforward, or as a ritual, or trigger the harsh rest requirement, or the ultra-penalty.
#4 ... same with the Cleric 20 ability, and/or possibly better DMfiat

#5 ... Eberron (iirc) has that 10% chance per level to trade 1 HD for an Epic ability (of course you try to do this anyway). Totals a 55% chance to happen.  Randomly one of them might help out the Wish or Cle20.

#6 ... oh wait, were you actually hinting/talking about Psionic Genesis ?!
Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« Last post by Kuroimaken on Today at 04:31:55 PM »
From the smell of it, you've looked into it already. My sister's gone through a similar issue with a motorcycle she bought, brand new, and the transmission failed her -twice- when she was in the middle of traffic, which could have gotten her killed. Currently the damn thing is the object of a lawsuit, and they're arguing anything from 'unforeseeable circumstances' to her being a bad driver.
Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« Last post by Nytemare3701 on Today at 03:56:27 PM »
I smell State-assisted lawsuit.

Mechanics in the US are liable for the quality of the exact work they perform, not the repercussions of that work on related parts. Unless the specific part they replaced fails, it's not their problem, even if they should have noticed an eminent danger when they fixed it. They refused to source the part so there is no warranty on the part either, just the work. They can also strongarm you when your vehicle is broken by charging you for every day the vehicle remains in the shop as a "storage" fee, so unless you pay to tow it elsewhere ASAP you are pressured to accept whatever they demand. Also, quotes aren't exact values, only an estimate of time, so they can charge upwards of 3x the quote without any recourse.
Gaming Advice / Re: Pronounce: Alokkair
« Last post by Keldar on Today at 03:56:06 PM »
We had been going with something like Aloe-kar.
If you want to go full Tolkien, pronounce it that way for modern characters and have the ancient liches and the like pronounce each k separately.  Aloek-kar.
Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« Last post by Kuroimaken on Today at 01:15:57 PM »
I smell State-assisted lawsuit.
Gaming Advice / Re: Pronounce: Alokkair
« Last post by Nanashi on Today at 12:55:53 PM »
Alo as in "aloe" (vera)
kka as ッカ vodka with a bit more emphasis/length on the k
ir as something close to ear

All said with some kind of faux middle eastern inflection.
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