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Super Robot Wars d20 / Re: Super Pilot and Super Robots
« Last post by Izzarra on Today at 01:50:05 AM »
And if you don't mind me asking, are you making a SRW d20 character since you seem to have registered just to post that this question? If yes, mind sharing any details about your campaign? Extra feedback is always welcome.

I am applying to a play by post game on the Giant in the Playground forums that will be using SRW d20. We are still in recruitment and have not quite settled on the fine details of the setting. I have some more game mechanic notes that I will start posting around here where appropriate.

Dynamic: Choose one of your in-built weapons. It gains the Hybrid property and the new stats are equal to the original except it changes from ranged to melee and the other way around. If it was melee, its ranged version has a base range of 50 mu, or 100 mu if Heavy. Each extra time you pick this, it applies to another of your in-built weapons.

Take a look at dynamic, you might want to rephrase or adjust it.

When I read it my understanding is that if you apply dynamic to a 1d10 melee weapon it gains the ability to change to a ranged weapon that still does 1d10 and has a range of 50 mu. This clearly outclasses the default ranged weapons that you can start with, or get with Extra, in both damage and range. This bonus get even better for heavy weapons, makes me want to assemble my mecha's built-in sniper rifle starting with the bayonet.

However if your start with a 1d8 30 mu range weapon and apply dynamic it still does 1d8 damage in melee. A downgrade from the default built-in weapons, better to pick up a new 1d10 melee weapon with Extra for the same upgrade cost.

One solution might be to have the Dynamic upgrade the base damage and range on any weapon it is applied to one set standard so that it is not advantageous to always start with a melee weapon before applying Dynamic.

Other random ideas:
- Allow a pair of twin linked melee weapons on the beast transform so that something like a cat transformation can attack with the claws on both front legs.
- Spend upgrade points for another hardpoint, this upgrade can only be taken once or twice.
- Option for Cutting plasma field to have a cost reduction by adding ammo, also cost reduction of Progressive Edge using energy.
D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Re: Most under/over CRed monsters?
« Last post by magic9mushroom on Today at 01:24:42 AM »
The scorpion has a mistake in its DR.

What's wrong with 15/-?
Gaming Advice / Re: Crowdsourcing my Fluff
« Last post by Hayessrael on Today at 12:53:07 AM »
Je ne sais pas dans quelle mesure vous pouvez m'aider à obtenir cette information, car je veux accéder à beaucoup d'informations, je ne sais pas comment m'aider?
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello.
« Last post by Hayessrael on Today at 12:52:35 AM »
Ce site est considéré comme extrêmement bien informé, mais j'aimerais savoir si ces données sont supprimées et pourquoi.
[D&D 3.5] Arhosa / Re: Beholden of Amserwch [OOC]
« Last post by Stratovarius on Yesterday at 11:26:35 PM »
I just told you what skill to use for your check.  :P
[D&D 3.5] Arhosa / Re: Beholden of Amserwch [OOC]
« Last post by Nanshork on Yesterday at 08:33:51 PM »
Perception/Search for Traps

But what if I'm not looking for traps?  The search skill has uses beyond traps or secret doors, the SRD even has the DC for searching for a specific item in a chest full of junk.
[D&D 3.5] Arhosa / Re: Beholden of Amserwch [OOC]
« Last post by Stratovarius on Yesterday at 07:30:56 PM »
Perception/Search for Traps
[D&D 3.5] Arhosa / Re: Beholden of Amserwch [OOC]
« Last post by Nanshork on Yesterday at 06:15:05 PM »
Hopefully you didn't do it on purpose.   :lmao

So...I just realized that the skills in Arhosa don't allow you to search for anything that isn't Traps or Secret Doors.  I was going to search for clues and realized that that general searching isn't listed as an option.
[D&D 3.5] Arhosa / Re: Beholden of Amserwch [OOC]
« Last post by Stratovarius on Yesterday at 01:15:55 PM »
In general, just don't get rear-ended if you want life to continue normally...  :banghead
[D&D 3.5] Arhosa / Re: Depths of Arhosa
« Last post by Stratovarius on Yesterday at 01:15:13 PM »
It took the better part of a week and more than a few missteps for the three companions to find their way to the location indicated on the parchment. Days spent traversing empty, lightless tunnels, filled with nothing more than the trickle of water down cavern walls, and the rare scuttle of something that preferred prey of an easier sort.

There was such a stark contrast between life inside the walls and life outside. Even here, along what was supposedly a trading route, there had been nothing to indicate any special importance to the tunnel other than disturbances of the dust, and a slight polish to the stone of the floor. No sconces marked the walls, no way signs or welcoming outposts had greeted their passage.

The battle site was little different than what they had seen before, if one discounted the dark stains that carved riverine paths through the dust, the chipped rock walls where weapons had sparked from them, and the broken detritus that lay scattered on the floor. Here, the tunnel was mostly straight, curving gently downward in a way that would slow but not otherwise impede uphill travel, and other than the slope, unremarkable from the passageways that they had travelled through themselves. No dark portals broached the solid walls, nor the ceiling, nor the floor. By whatever means the ambush had been sprung, it was not visible.

A thin breeze moved the air, carrying the rank smell of dried blood, but of corpses there were none. The Tokunnir had taken theirs, and whatever attacked had left none behind. While no fleshy remains existed, those of a more durable kind lay scattered about. Broken weapons, chips of wood and stone, the glimmer of a broken mail link, all easily visible wherever one turned. Some were painted crimson, clearly damaged on impact. Others looked pristine, breakage aside, the clean workmanship of the stonecrafters visible in every geometric design.

Whatever story the battlefield was to tell, it did not speak its knowledge upon first glance.
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