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Super Robot Wars d20 / Re: Great General Discussion and Suggestions II-Z
« Last post by Nanshork on Yesterday at 09:32:21 PM »
I'll do Arcane and Divine pilots next.

Arcane Pilot and Divine Pilot

Super vs Real dichotomy, fair enough.

Divine Pilot needs Sense Motive on the skills list.

I'm not going to go through the spells lists.  I barely ever play casters (remember how I never used spells when playing Jeremy 2.0 in the Nintendo game?) and since they both get bonus spells anything missing can be grabbed.  Divine Pilot gets a hell of a lot more extra spells though.

I feel like if the Arcane Pilot is going to (potentially) have a lot of familiars in combat pods then they might want to have a pass on familiar death XP penalties.

I think all of the custom spells are okay.

Well that was quicker than expected.  I'll just go down the list alphabetically now, otherwise I'll probably lose track of what I've done.

Einst Queen

Yay, a crazy complicated one.....

I feel like you care about this one more because it has pretty formatting.  And the skills are in alphabetical order!

I see that Swim isn't on the skill list.  It isn't needed, but Queen's get all the other movement skills so I noticed it not being there (and Super Pilot's get Swim so I know you aren't against swim in principle).  If you don't add it that's fine, I don't know if Queen's actually swim.

Okay, drones get a bioframe and an instinct.  No HD, that's interesting.

I'm getting a pretty well reviewed vibe out of this one.  Not that I'm complaining.

The Adaptive Queen's mutation Hunger should probably have the word permanent removed.  The phrasing isn't bad, it just isn't actually "permanent" in my opinion.  I can see an argument for leaving it in (permanent until removed).  Do whatever, I won't complain.

The Aquatic mutation grants Drones the ability to breathe underwater.  Do Drones breathe?

In Spore Spreader - trough should be through.  This one popped out at me because that was the first misspelling in this post.

How does an Einst Queen/Ship Captain's Officers/Crew work?  Also, togheter should be together in that multiclass spoiler.

Your multiclass math feels off.

"For determining Pilot level for other abilities, count full class level  plus half the other levels for purposes of that class. So for example an Einst Queen 8/Ship Captain 4 would count as having PL 10 for other Einst Queen ability purposes and PL 6 for other Ship Captain ability purposes."

Should it be PL 8 for other Ship Captain ability purposes?

I take it Queen's Will is the only way to have a "party friendly" Queen?  Oh look, Guardian instinct.  I missed that on first read.

Do Drones have to spend energy to fly like normal mecha?  (I'm assuming yes.)

Can a Queen absorb a drone or would it just eat the drone normally?  I'm thinking of mecha vs. non-mecha scale switching (as a player where you won't have a billion drones).

Bioweapon minimum damage as small.  Fair enough.  I'm not an arsenal expert so I can't tell if the bioweapons are good, but given the great formatting I'll assume they've been looked at.   :p
Homebrew and House Rules (D&D) / Dungeon Lord Base Class?
« Last post by Stratovarius on Yesterday at 09:21:45 PM »
Would anyone want to see me try and stretch the Dungeon Lord into a base class? Somehow I think it would be rather fun, on the whole. I'd probably use my Commander class as the other material to work from.
Off Topic Fun / Re: The Small Rants Thread XII: The Folly of Life
« Last post by bhu on Yesterday at 08:51:01 PM »
Right after I arrive an ambulance is on scene. ... There is blood literally running down his arm onto the floor. I point this out to him and his response is "Oh! Okay, thank you." And then he goes back to chatting to the tow motor driver.
Well maybe he had already been seen by the crew but he was just too busy for them too?

My bad, my writing was poor.  The ambulance was gone already.  This guy seemed ok when I met him and 2 minutes later he's bleeding like hell.
September 1776 / Re: Chapter 1: A New Beginning
« Last post by bhu on Yesterday at 08:48:47 PM »
The acid doesn't dissolve it, but it miht have weakened enough to break it off more easily.
Jester's Realm / Campaign Thread IX: Can Gelatinous Cubes Get Drunk?
« Last post by bhu on Yesterday at 08:46:03 PM »
"Kobolds?  Kobolds still exist?"
D&D 5e / Nimblewright in W:DH
« Last post by awaken_D_M_golem on Yesterday at 04:37:04 PM »
W:DH for Waterdeep: Dragon Heist.

In general I like the book on skimming.

The Nimblewright on p.212 is quite tasty.
The fluff + adventure back in the 40s and 50s,
provide some details.  Lantan Wizard dude
crafted it, and left it (?) with a cleric org. 
It's able to craft another one of itself.

I'll guesstimate it's a Rare magic item.
This back implies some interesting things about crafting itself.

I want one.
I want one more than I want some Fighters or Barbs, or most Rangers.
It's worth exactly one half of 2 Caelic Commandments.

(click to show/hide)

Except for when if very obviously doesn't.  Like 4e.

5e is more opaque but you can see it with the full, half and third casters
and hints from rogue's sneak of fighters 3rd attack.
Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Half-Golem
« Last post by Raineh Daze on Yesterday at 07:42:25 AM »
If I take an option that grants me an additional slam attack, then take Dragonbone as a material via Fusion Golem, do both my slam attacks become wing attacks? And do effects that activate based on slam attacks still work based on this wing attack?

Similarly, if I gain two slam attacks and "Ruby"-Ruby Half-Golem, do I only apply the enhancement bonus to one slam attack, or can I split it between multiple?
Great, imma have to keep her incapacitated, but in a way she can hear me... Given how "fresh" she is, is there a chance I can talk to the queen down?
From what Stephanie has seen and knows, not very likely, at least not without some heavy physical restraints first.
Super Robot Wars d20 / Re: Great General Discussion and Suggestions II-Z
« Last post by ketaro on Yesterday at 12:24:28 AM »
Mecha weapons count as doing [Force] damage except where DR comes up, but do they count as Magical for bypassing DR/Magic?

Infiltrator Einst Queen can grant a maneuver or Stance to a Drone it spawns. Einst ACF for Ship Captain lets their drone merge with their Battleship. With myself also being Integrated with the Battleship, could a Stance known by the Drone and a Stance known by myself be active simultaneously and be benefiting both/all of us?

Also, Drones auto die if critted, I read that right, right? Would a Drone that was merged with a Battleship that got critted also die and thus no longer be merged with the ship? If so, how would that interact with how crits usually work with damage going through to the pilot if the crit is kind of being taken by the Drone in that instance? Or would it be possible to choose whether the fused Drone takes the crit or you do so as to save the Drone and keep it fused?
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