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Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Inugami
« Last post by Doxkid on Yesterday at 08:31:27 PM »
Fixed as per your suggestion.
Question: Should I rework the Greater Barghest Feat to allow for slow Plane traversing?
D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Re: Most under/over CRed monsters?
« Last post by Endarire on Yesterday at 08:18:24 PM »
A CR25 Leviathan (Monster Manual II) was trivialized with one casting of reverse gravity.
[D&D 3.5] Arhosa / Re: Beholden of Amserwch [OOC]
« Last post by Stratovarius on Yesterday at 08:04:16 PM »
Club meaning 1d6 simple weapon etc? Counts as drawn when used to play music?
Handbooks / Re: SorO's Enlightenment Series
« Last post by Endarire on Yesterday at 07:50:21 PM »
#8 (Warforged): "Landwalker" should be "Landforged Walker" from Secrets of Xen'drik 123.
Can you use Planar Shepherd to Wild Shape into another Planar Shepherd10?
D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder / Re: How do you beat Greater Concealing Amorpha?
« Last post by Endarire on Yesterday at 06:34:24 PM »
What about area effects?
Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Leprechaun
« Last post by Skyrock on Yesterday at 06:04:46 PM »
Have added proficiencies and replaced non-SRD spells with original abilities.
OK, does this attack ignore the Invincible or does it indeed get reduced to 1 HP?
Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Inugami
« Last post by ~Corvus~ on Yesterday at 04:55:57 PM »
I just realized that Kodokou Curse would benefit from some clarity:
" An Inugami may activate Marks of the Damned within Long Range as swift action, removing a number of Marks from a target to curse that Mark bearer with the Kodokou Curse for an equal number of rounds."
(addition emphasized)
This way, we're clear about what curse may be applied...However, if any curse may be applied then that, too, should be stated.
Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes / Re: Child of Zoretha (Zorethian)
« Last post by TC X0 Lt 0X on Yesterday at 04:35:50 PM »
Thats probably enough Placeholder

Making a Monster class based on the Hulks of Zoretha (in the hypothetical scenario where the Hulks actually did manageto Murder-Fuck a world)

The monster will be split into 2 classes, 1 for the males and 1 for the females (the female will also be split into 4 subclasses, for each of the energy types associated with the four female Hulks).

I think it should be pretty straight forward overall to build, but not sure how I should incorporate the Elder Evil traits in.  I can probably break them up and spread them around. Well at least the less impactful ones like the nondetection effect and the like. The traits such as Dark Visiting which effects Divine Casters within 100 miles will need a serious nerfing and rework for sure.
Basing a decent amount of the progression off of the Anaxim Monster classes ability progression of similar effect, as abominations and Elder Evils share a large number of traits, even by the admission of the Elder Evil supplement itself.

Any suggests are welcome of course!
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