Author Topic: A Player's Guide to Dragonmarks  (Read 37612 times)

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Re: A Player's Guide to Dragonmarks
« Reply #20 on: November 24, 2011, 06:33:51 PM »
And with that, this handbook is finished (except for online articles, which I don't want to sift through because you can't search them easily the way you can an OCR PDF).

my archive contains all the online articles, use an indexer and you have it all in an easy to search format. that is the purpose of the archive, after all. ^^ link in sig, click on the "bundle torrent" link, not the download now link.  The best dice roller on the planet, bar none. Read the FAQ to see why.  The Official Complete Psionic Errata. The Archive.

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Re: A Player's Guide to Dragonmarks
« Reply #21 on: December 15, 2011, 08:52:03 AM »
Suggestions for stuff to be included into handbook:

dragonmarks can be identified with a spellcraft check, DC 15 to 30

discussion about caster level and saving throw
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explorer's handbook   windwright captain (storm)

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Unpublished Feats from Eberron Designer:
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Build stubs
« Reply #22 on: December 18, 2011, 12:09:33 PM »
For a caster, dragonmarks are unimpressive feat sink. For mundane characters, they grants them some extra tricks in their sleeves. BSFs sacrifice one point of BAB and a feat or 2 to enter the prestige classes, they receive great saves and new abilities in return. These builds are pretty viable at mid levels; later casters' versatility overshadows them.

Aberrant rager
barb 4/child 4
1 aberrant dragonmark
3 aberrant dragonmark vigor
6 dragonmark rage
9 aberrant reach (lords of madness)
4 x shield (rod extended 18 minutes, 500 gp)
2 x vampiric touch (4d6)
2 x enervation
* fast healing 3 while raging
* as immediate action, sac DM to get 8 temp hp
* If all aberrant DM feats are treated as [Aberrant], this character can get nice benefits from further [Aberrant] feats (Lords of Madness).

Fiery Blaster
any 4/child 4CL11
1 aberrant dragonmark
3 quicken dragonmark
6 quicken dragonmark
4x quickened burning hands
3x quickened empowered scorching ray
1x flamestrike
gear: dragonmark focus +2 CL (3k), empower channeling rod lesser (4,5k)
note: does not work RAW, some feats/items are for true dm only

Halfling Healbot
any 4/heir 5CL15
1 favored
3 least dragonmark
6 dragonmark mastery
9 dragonmark visionary
CLW 4x
CSW 3x
heal 3x
panacea 2x
* spend action point to use dragonmark as an immediate action
* gear: dragonmark rod (healing) 55k (with party contribution); altar of resurrection 13k

Halfelf perceptor
any 4/heir 4
detect magic 5x, see invis 3x, true seeing 1x
diadem of sharpened senses 10k: least at will, lesser extra use, skill bonuses

Mobile mundane
any 4/heir 4 (CL14)
dimension leap 4x, ddoor OR phantom steed 3x, overland flight or teleport 1x
least channeling rod, quickening, 6k - can quicken dimension leap 3xday
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Re: A Player's Guide to Dragonmarks
« Reply #23 on: December 26, 2011, 05:34:19 PM »
You might want to mention the interaction between spellthief and dragonmarks. 

Getting unlimited uses per day (even with a longer activation time) makes the feats pretty decent.

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Re: A Player's Guide to Dragonmarks
« Reply #24 on: October 16, 2017, 12:43:22 AM »
Prestige Classes

Child of Khyber

Entry Requirements: Any nongood, 7 ranks in two different skills, Abberant Dragonmark.
Progression: d8 HD, medium BAB, three good saves, 4+Int skill points with a decent skill list.
Ability Overview: This is basically the counterpart to Dragonmarked Heir, with one major exception: Aberrant Burst. The ability is decent for anyone using Aberrant marks, as it raises the CL and DC by 3 each.

The only problem is that the PrC doesn't mention any other CL increases for your Aberrant marks, meaning you have to get the DM to extrapolate from the feats themselves. That said, several Aberrant Dragonmark SLAs are very powerful and, more importantly, useful. Consider this if you are using one.
Just want to point out: Aberrant Dragonmarks auto-advance the caster level of their SLAs, so it's not necessary for Child of Khyber to compensate caster level in the way that Dragonmark Heir does. IMHO this is significant enough that it bears mention in the guide, since Aberrant Dragonmarks don't require class-levels to perform at higher levels in the same way that true Dragonmarks do.

Least Aberrant Dragonmark SLA caster level is one-half your HD (presumably with a minimum of 1 but that's not stated).

Lesser Aberrant Dragonmark SLA caster level is (3 + half your HD); starts at 6 and goes up to 13.

Greater Aberrant Dragonmark SLA caster level is (5 + half your HD); starts at 9 and goes up to 15.