Author Topic: [Eberron, AoW] Rescue a city overrun by undead  (Read 717 times)

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[Eberron, AoW] Rescue a city overrun by undead
« on: July 23, 2013, 03:28:10 AM »
I am looking for some ideas how to put together quest objectives.

For those familiar with Age of Worms campaign - I am looking for ways to reverse the players failure of Champions games adventure.
For the rest: Powerful dark ritual took place in Sharn, during gladiator games. A new champion was "sacrificed" to powerful undead ulgurstasta, summoned in a ritual using artefakt-like Apostolic scrolls. Negative energy explosion followed, energy-draining all the 10s of thousands spectators, turning them into wraiths. This plaque quickly spread all over the city. The arena director, cooperating with a dark priest, has been turned into death knight as a reward and his way to immortality.

So we have Sharn overrun by cca 150000 wraiths. Some cool ideas about using this for quests would be very appreciated.

My stuff so far:
I think reversing this situation can be done by using a similar kind of ritual - with positive energy. Silver flame should be probably involved. As should be killing the death knight and ulgurstasta.
The party will be accompanied by a cleric/paladin of Silver flame, who will channel the positive energy.
It will need some focus/amplifier lens - things that need to be fetched from the house Cannith creation forge first. So, some d'Cannith will go with the party as well.
As this is huge Breland issue, it is the Citadel who is organizing and backing it all up. So another NPC coming along would be a Citadel operative, more or less commander of the operation.
And, of course, this event resonates deeply in other nations as well - so maybe the paladin's squire could be replaced by Aundairian changeling spy, who will try sabotage the whole operation from within.
In my mind, at the end, I see epic battle like "protect the paladin channeling energy in the middle of arena into the Apostolic scrolls, while the wraiths flock from all sides, at the same time fighting the death knight and making sure the energy flow through the focusing lens is stable". Or something.

Well, any comments and ideas are very welcome :)