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Welcome to the Playground!
« on: January 28, 2014, 12:37:34 AM »
Greetings, prospective playtesters!  This PbP subforum is dedicated to the refinement of my work and products-to-be!  Unlike other Currant Games, mine are designed less for whole campaigns and stories than for ironing out game mechanics first and foremost.  At least, until I start writing adventures.

Due to the rules-heavy and grid-based system of Pathfinder, I plan on coordinating efforts on Roll20, which I've heard many good things about and signed up for already.

My Roll20 Profile.

I may be the GM for some games, but that is by no means universal.  I welcome any potential playtester, player or GM, to take my ideas and stretch them to the breaking point!  I might have the mods create new subforums on this basis in the future, if necessary.

If you help out in the playtest effort, then you will be listed under the "playtesters" section of credit in my work.  You can choose either to be listed as your username or real name (if you don't specify, I'll do username).
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