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Threshold Feats
« on: October 15, 2015, 07:10:22 AM »

General Feats

Threshold Feats

Doubled Energy [Threshold]
Prerequisites: Able to use 3rd level thresholds
Benefit: When applying the effects of an increase, you may apply the increase a second time. If you do, double the benefits the increase grants.
Normal: You cannot apply the benefits from an increase more than once.

Reality Twist [Threshold]
Prerequisites: Able to use 2nd level thresholds
Benefit: When you create a threshold, all creatures within a 5 ft radius have their reality halved or reduced by 25%, whichever is less (creatures and objects are normally at 100% reality). You can target your space (it does not affect you), adjacent to you, or in the space of or adjacent to your target (if any). The effect lasts for 1 round. The reality twist takes effect in conjunction with the threshold taking effect (not before or after). Any creature you summon with the threshold is immune to the effect.

Racial Feats

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