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Mission Log
« on: April 18, 2015, 09:29:58 AM »
Find Darga the Hutt

Darga may hold the key to finding out more information on what the Sarlaac Project is. Admiral Gilder Varth indicated that the Empire was trading resources through various Corporate and Underworld sectors. The one lead he has is Darga, who has since operated his criminal organization in hiding after a defeat during the Clone War.

You have been tasked with finding the Star Worm, Darga's Lucre Hulk Class starship and flagship, during his Clone Wars involvement. The wreckage may contain clues to where the Hutt may be now.

Taste of the Tasteless
Switch provided you with coordinates to some wreckage he believes may be the Star Worm. Upon making a deal he also indicated he would like you to see if the wreckage contained a prototype droid taste simulation unit.

Darga's fleet acted as priveteer's for the CIS during the Clone War and near his fall, raided a corporate world that had a droid research facility. Both plundering it and enslaving the researchers. The prototype may be stored aboard the wreckage and Switch wants it.

Who's Behind the Curtain?

Someone sliced Crash to install a homing beacon on the Banshee. The beacon's trail led to Rakatan scientist named Nirrat Dar, a former associate from Kel's mercenary days. The corporation was taken over hostilely and Nirrat was moved off world with signs pointing to Felucia. Czerka was overtly involved but you found that Republic Security (now merged into Imperial Intelligence) was linked and the woman leading the take over was strikingly similar to one that you saw working in Senator Organa's Palace. Where is Nirrat Dar now? Who was that woman working for? Is the Senator in danger?

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