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Adaptations Handbook Discussion
« on: October 27, 2015, 02:38:02 PM »
This handbook is a great idea. I think 'adaptations' should be standard parts of each PrC, just as ACFs should be standard for base classes.

On to the unanswered parts !
Arcane Swordsage: This is is obviously the big one. Maneuver spells count as both. They turn off in an AMF but can be identified by that crappy knowledge skill as a maneuver. No an arcane swordsage uses spells instead of swordsage maneuvers. It doesn't matter if they have their own spell list, they pull from every arcane spell of the correct school. Think of them as school-limited arcane chameleons. I have a full conversion as close to RAW as I could tell in case you have any other questions.

Shifter Bloodclaw Master: I see no harm in allowing the Razorclaw Shifter trait benefits. Shifters are all show and no power.

Non-Air Skypledged: the divine spellpool blows. You lose the empty slot and then lose it again later. Ew.

Battlesmith: any other race that loves smithing works. A gnome artificer would work.
Elven Non-Mountainous (noncragtop) Archer: depending on the fluff several skills could work like ride or swim or balance or tumble. Firing down works for the ride-based on. Firing up works for the rest. A suitable prereq feat isn't hard to sub either. Tons of swimming or riding feats are out there.
Earth Dreamer: air elementals would have communication abilities instead of earth dream. Fire could still have something divination-based. Air would have scent, water would have that one creature's fluid sense, fire would have ... um a hostility detection like that one item? The earth gliding is self-explanatory except fire would have fire-hopping a la dimension door.
Iron Mind: the last 3 abilities should be replaced with extra SR, and two new SLAs. Thoughts?
Stonespeaker Gaurdian: you have the right of it. Care to fill in this on your own?

Dragonheart Heritage Mage: For 3-tiered abilities to give to races that desire a racial ascension, this works. I'm surprised that the adaptation is so powerful, but many of them are. I rarely say this: Go nuts.

War Weaver: HoB is easy, but this one deserves a mention. BARDS CAN CAST HEAL ALSO. So really, the book is saying "in combat healing really sucks. But if you use this class, now the healer will see how he's been doing it all wrong this whole time. Please don't expose the flaws in our system. The answer is of course to say "screw you" and let the poor t5 class finally do healing right.

Kalashtar Avenger: yes, there's no need in adding a racial restriction without removing the similar restriction. I'm not sure what your second question is.
Fochlucan Lyrist: I'd like to help with this one, but I need citations. It sounds like a double-divine progressing class!

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Re: Adaptions Handbook Discussion
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2015, 02:42:26 PM »
Is there an original thread or is this just an idea? Do you mean Adaptations?

Edit: These?
Adaptations Handbook

Compiling an Adaptations Handbook
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