Author Topic: Specific Magic Weapons/Armor worth using (3.5+PF)?  (Read 596 times)

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Re: Specific Magic Weapons/Armor worth using (3.5+PF)?
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Re: Specific Magic Weapons/Armor worth using (3.5+PF)?
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Fabricate is too high level for it.

Nothing however says the scrolls exclude spells with expensive material components. No 0-3 spells with particularly expensive components (Anything 100 or less is pointless since False Focus could dupe those) I'm aware of beyond Sepia Snake Sigil and Symbol of Exsanguination (500).

I see no level restriction.

This caster's shield always has one arcane scroll and knows the same arcane spells as the wielder. When the spell on the scroll is cast, another scroll of a spell the wielder knows randomly manifests to replace it. The shield has no arcane spell failure. The shield can also read magic. It will often debate with its wielder for the most devastating course of action, but does what the wielder commands.

Quote from: Caster's Shield
This +1 light wooden shield has a leather strip on the back on which a spellcaster can scribe a single spell as on a scroll. A spell so scribed requires half the normal cost in raw materials. The strip cannot accommodate spells of higher than 3rd level. The strip is reusable.

We are looking at two different items then. The  Shield of the Mage has no references to the strip's limitations.

I see what happened. One reference used them interchangably, but they are entirely different items.

Caster's Shield lets you hold a scroll in it.
Shield of the mage is a caster's shield that regenerates scrolls from your own spell list, and one could make the argument that it inherits the limitations of the much weaker base type.
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Re: Specific Magic Weapons/Armor worth using (3.5+PF)?
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No idea who you were replying to or what you said. But if we're moving on I have a cool closing note.
The phase "Forgive me father, for I have sinned" says the same thing as "Liberate me Daddy, I've been naughty".

Also I think a certain someone might like to know about the Bow of Solars out of the A&E. It's a 100k bow but it does have a +5 Enhancement Bonus so really it's unique costs about 50k. Anyway, every arrow fired from it is a Slaying Arrow prompting a DC 20 Save or Die with each shot.

And who can forget the Manyfanged Dagger? Every attack with it deals quadruple damage and this effect costs roughly 30k.
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