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So, apparently my fortune cookie at lunch had a good idea of what my plans are for this weekend:


I have to link this.

I have to see that movie at some point.

I just did the most awesome thing I've ever done in a D&D game... and I'm probably going to die for it. :D

I'm playing a batman wizard (literally... he's a vigilante (the role, not the shitty PrC) wizard, with a ton of alchemical gadgets and "trick" spells, magic items, etc). He's currently storming the lair of a deepspawn with a bunch of NPC guards (one of which is another wizard). As they opened a door the NPC wizard had just dispelled a trap on, the dungeon area we're in began flooding with water, and mouthed tentacles began to attack the other wizard...

By the way, my guy is almost completely out of spells... but he does happen to have a Benign Transposition prepped (which he JUST recovered using a Pearl of Power), is wearing an Auran Mask, and he was standing near the stairs leading up...

So instead of just fleeing to save his own ass and sacrificing the NPCs, I yelled that the other wizard better have something good prepped to save our asses, and then swapped places with him (Benign Transposition), immediately teleported 10' straight up (Anklet of Translocation) and stood upside down on the ceiling (Slippers of Spiderclimbing...). Now I'm going to hope I survive the full attack of a deepspawn while an NPC saves my ass... but damn did I look cool doing it!  :lmao

Edit: I survived... with 5 hit points to spare! I managed to escape the encounter, also, by going totally batman and breaking a bottle of liquid smoke then dissappearing into it.

We lost the battle, but I managed to gather a lot of info on the enemies that will hopefully come in handy the next time we face them.

Easily one of the most depressing and terrifying things I've ever seen/heard in a D&D game occurred in this battle: "The deepspawn casts Heal on itself, curing all of its damage"...  :o (My character's level is in the high single digits, so he was way out of his league with this craziness...)

Google's new "google glass" might be a monocle!


--- Quote from: phaedrusxy on November 28, 2015, 11:52:58 AM ---Google's new "google glass" might be a monocle!

--- End quote ---

Sounds like every sci-fi headset I've seen in pictures.


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