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Pathfinder Optimization Blog
« on: February 06, 2016, 10:30:24 PM »
Hi all,

In an attempt to have a fully centralized resource for Pathfinder builds and class/archetype combinations, I've begun work on a website for optimized PF builds.  The tier system is front and center on the home page (and linked back to the post here), and as I go, I will be adding guides.  I also am under no delusions of being the be-all end-all PF master, and would love it if anyone here would like to contribute a post to the blog and/or engage on commentary on the posts once they go live.  Just PM me and I can send an email invite and make you an author.  There will likely be all kinds of linking to this site especially.

The blog/site will also have a Homebrew/Migration section, and I want to keep the same type of citation for anyone's works as above - e.g. TM20's PF Wizard gets linked to his guide here.  Eventually I will also setup an author section as well (especially if the blog starts getting traffic...which after FIRST MAKING IT was at almost 30 page views not counting my own).  Thanks everyone, and hope to see you there!