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Devils and possession


I understand devils can gain the fiend of possession, but I also understand that devils cannot gain souls through coercion. That being said is there any reason that a devil would be a fiend of possession?

hiding in plain sight

controlling an enemy of your cult

controlling clergy and government so sow corruption and such

i think we may understand coercion differently

devils are deal makers (LE)

iv not seen where it says they can't use other agents to encourage a deal.

A devilish FoP could use its abilities to tempt people into giving up their soul.  For example, it could use Magic Item to buff someone's equipment, or Ally or Enemy to buff their stats in exchange for performing Evil actions. 

It would not be allowed to possess a person and use Control Creature to compel someone to give up their soul, or even use Curse Item or the "Enemy" debuff of Ally or Enemy to penalize someone until they "willingly" gave up their soul. 

Devils give you things, and then threaten to take them away unless you serve them. 


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