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Badger knight! D&D 5e or 3.5e character inspiration - how would you do it?


Hello everyone. The idea is that a druid (preLv1) was cursed by a lich and got stuck during a wildshape as a badger.
Now he lost all his druidic powers and becomes a paladin of the fey/wild.

Alternatively, which I like a bit more: A celestial beeing, lets say a cel. badger got lost on the material plane. Here he starts doing what he did back home and becomes a badger-paladin.
This character would be like a noble knight, stuck in the body of a badger.

How would you build this in 3.5e or 5e ?
-In 5e a paladin of the wild would be the obvious choice, only the badger would be a bit tricky to do as the base creature is tiny and there is no celestial template that I have seen yet. The giant badger is medium and would likely be a better starting point.
-In 3.5e a badger is only small and there is a celestial template, but +2LA is not funny. You could remove a lot of the powers to get 0LA as he lost his divine connection for too long.
Or simply use a reguar race and switch some things around and call it a badger.
There is also the option of a cleric with a fitting domain.

Edit: D&d5e: Starting from an AAsimar with some flavor changes might do the trick.

Obviously this is not a power build, but one for roleplay.
Lets have some fun with it and tell me your ideas and thoughts. Homebrewing a cel badger for 5e would be fine too.


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