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Magitech Knight
« on: March 07, 2017, 11:44:47 AM »
This is an SWR-scaled adaption of my Magitech Knight mecha Class for Oslecamo's homebrew "Super Robot Wars" d20 campaign setting. In incorporates D&D Modern (a resource Osl has banned from his SRW games), my homebrew, his homebrew, and a new content designed around a Dragonstar inspired Helsiana fraction.

FYI/Disclaimer: If you are unaware, Oslecamo has been plagiarizing my Lost Technomagic content notes and discussions about it to further develop "his" mecha content. And I feel his adaptions are a little too self-inflated, they are needlessly complex and hard to understand. The rules often ambiguous and don't work while reeking of an antimage and the second D in D&D hatred. So if my stuff is going to be copied and posted over here, it might as well be done by me.

Since Oslecamo's content is more powerful than 99.9% of WotC's caster-focused materials, and his SRW is even higher than that, virtually everything had to be increased. I would never suggest using any part of this content in any game that does not fully focus on Osl's SRW design. For example, you should not create or allow a homebrew class that obtains Arsenal due to options like a 1st level character being able to use a M07 Bazooka which grants a +5 bonus to attack rolls, has a 300ft range increment, deals 2d8 bludgeoning damage, and on hit it halves the target's dexterity and dodge bonuses to AC & Reflex Saves, imposes a -4 unnamed penalty to Fortitude & Will Saves, and allows you to make a ranged Trip attempt with a +6 bonus to your opposed roll. If you would like to introduce a better balanced system for mechs in D&D, please see my original Lost Technomagic thread.

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Re: Magitech Knight
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2017, 11:45:50 AM »

Magitech Knight (SWR-table)
Hit Die: d6
LevelBABSavesClass FeaturesMagitech (spells)
1+1+2/+0/+2Heart Hybrid Core, Spirited---
2+2+3/+0/+3Bonus Feat, Spirit---
4+4+4/+1/+4Tech VI2/1
6+6/+1+5/+2/+5Corruption Armament3/2/1
8+8/+3+6/+2/+6Tech VII, Spirit3/3/2/1
10+10/+5+7/+3/+7Bonus Feat4/3/3/2/1
12+12/+7/+2+8/+4/+8Tech VIII4/4/4/3/2/1
14+14/+9/+4+9/+4/+9Bonus Feat, Spirit5/4/4/3/3/2/1
16+16/+11/+6/+1+10/+5/+10Tech IX4/4/4/4/4/3/2/1
18+18/+13/+8/+3+11/+6/+11Bonus Feat4/4/4/4/4/4/3/2/1
20+20/+15/+10/+5+12/+6/+12Code Breaker4/4/4/4/4/4/4/3/2/1
Skills: Bluff (cha), Computer Use/Decipher Script (int), Knowledge[current events/nobility,
popular culture/history, streetwise/local, technology/arcana] (int), Navigate/Survival (int),
Pilot/Ride (dex), Profession (wis), Repair/Craft (int), Sleight of Hand (dex),
Speak Language (int), Spot (wis), Tumble (dex).

Skill Points Per Level: 4 + intelligence modifier, x4 at the first level as normal.

Proficiency: Unchanged.

Heart Hybrid Gear: In SWR campaigns a mecha granted by this Heart Hybrid Core ability is treated as a super robot and all effects used by the Magitech Knight automatically adjust to using the "mu" scale instead of feet.

Hybrid Points: In SWR campaigns SWR-mechs have unlimited usage so your mech does not consume Hybrid Points each round to maintain it. This also allows you to allocate more points towards your spellcasting which obtains higher spell levels than normal. In addition, effects like entropy elemental and any other binary anti-magic effect (or caster level-like checks that exceed 11+level) are ignored by any class features, spells, and even magic items and other such things produced by this class.

Spirited (Sp): In a SRW campaign the Magitech Knight can harness their emotions. This either allows them access to the Emotional Discipline except their maneuvers always reready them selves or they can learn and use spirits as if she were an arcane pilot. This choice has to be made when this class feature is obtained. If they choose spirits the maximum number of spirit points they have is their Magitech Knight level multiplied by ten and the Magitech Knight learns one spirit at the first and second level and every three levels thereafter (see table above). The base points are slightly higher than a Super Pilots (+25%) but they do not have upgrades or arsenal that expand on or grant them regeneration. Regardless of your choice, the Magitech Knight treats any other pilot's Spirits as spell-like abilities allowing her to dispel or even suppress them.

Bonus Feat: In a SWR campaign you can instead select any Pilot Feat you meet the prerequisites too, treat your magitech knight levels as arcane pilot for prerequisites.

Magitech (spellcasting): In a SWR campaign the Magitech Knight's spellcasting continues to improve allowing her to cast 9th level spells. Since both the bard and psychic fighter lists stop at the 6th level, 7th level spells cost 14pts, 8th 16pts, and 9th 18pts.

You also automatically learn Modern's unique spells (see rule post for a list) and can cast them using Hybrid Points as if they were Bard Spells.

Tech: Unchanged through several upgrades are altered.

Corruption Armament (Su): In SWR campaigns you can also select mecha weapon properties as if they were WSA using the table to the side to determine their effective bonus.

Code Breaker (Su): In SWR campaigns this can completely block using energy which negates using mecha-maneuvers and flight. It also bypasses, and prevents, magic-like abilities such as spirit and relationship feats. The attack hits both the mech and it's pilot(s) housed within even through they normally cannot be affected from the outside. Additionally it can be used even if supernatural abilities would be disabled even by such means as anti-magic or dead magic zones.
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Re: Magitech Knight
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2017, 11:46:51 AM »

Magitech Upgrade Changes For SWR

Size & Design: Use mecha sizes for these upgrades, ie "large" is mecha-large, aka creature-colossal+.
Infrastructure: In SRW campaigns, double the DR gain and triple the energy resistance and slam damage bonuses.
Miscellaneous: In SRW campaigns, hybrid points from power packs do not have a mecha-only limit.
Personal Artificial Intelligence: Double the effectiveness of your PAI, for example weapon system can give +4 dice.

General Upgrade Changes For SWR

General: All upgrades are consider Super Robot Upgrades while weaponry based choices also count as Arsenal.
Multiclassing: Magitech Knight levels counts as a Super Pilot levels for Super's Upgrade & Arsenal access. Choose one to be the base, Magitech or Real/Super mech, and you can apply both sets of Upgrades to it.
Armor: In SRW campaigns,  the armor also grants a natural armor bonus to AC, +1 for TL1, +2 for TL2, +3 for TL3, and so on.
Mobility: In SRW campaigns use the "mu" system instead of "ft".
Sensors: In SRW campaigns Class # sensors provide an insight bonus to attack rolls, and as an insight bonus to precision damage, equal to the provided spot/listen bonus.
Defense: In SRW campaigns all shields can be readied using a move action to reduce incoming damage by 10% per point of AC provided by the upgrade. For example the Bastion Tactical Shield provides a +4 shield bonus to AC so it can prevent 40% damage. You cannot use a shield like this if you use a Full-Round Action to attack such as through Pounce or other action-granting effects. The Deflection Shield upgrade also negates mecha weapon properties such as power, rending, concussive and such of arsenal weapons (and equivalent accessing built-ins) of a level equal to or lower than your TL access. For example, if you can access TL2 then the properties from second level Arsenal weapons and lower are ignored.
Miscellaneous: You can choose the additional upgrades and learn new maneuvers, you ready and recover maneuvers as if you were a warblade of your Technomagical Class level. However for maneuvers not granted by your upgrades you are still treated as if you were a non-martial class.
Weapons - All: You can created "twinned" versions of your armaments by purchasing the same upgrade multiple times similar to Modern's ships. Two identical weapon upgrades are combined side-by-side creating a new single weapon that deals +50% damage. Those weapons can be further combined as well for a total increase of +100%. For example a PL6 "Quad" T-95 cavalcade chaingun deals (5d6 + dexmod)+100% and requires 8 upgrade points.
Weapons - Melee: Unchanged.
Weapons - Ranged: You can add your dexterity modifier to damage.
Weapons - Ballistic: Unchanged.
Weapons - Missile: Unchanged.
Weapons - Energy: Ion damage instead drains energy off SWR-mecha. Force fields (fields, barriers, walls, coats, and w/e oslecamo felt like naming them) cannot stop or reduce this damage even if they or the creature are immune to electricity, the barrier's controller still pays their associated energy cost on each hit as well.
Miscellaneous Upgrades
11Latent Talentslearn lv1 real/super's maneuver
22Hidden Talentslearn up to a lv3 real/super's maneuver
33Suppressed Talentslearn lv5 real/super's maneuver
44Innermost Talentslearn lv7 real/super's maneuver
You can select any of the disciplines available to real or super pilots.
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