Author Topic: Incantatrix (Player's Guide to Faerun) and Multiclassed Casters  (Read 717 times)

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The 3.5 Incantatrix ['Ix'] (Player's Guide to Faerun - not the Magic of Faerun version found on has this confusing line as part of its level 1 ability.  (See below for text.)

Part A
-What happens to spells a character knows from this opposed school?  For example, if a Wizard5/Incantatrix1 already has contingency in his spellbook at level 5 then opposes Evocation at Ix1, can he still cast contingency when he's able to cast level 6 Wizard spells?  The Red Wizard of Thay PrC from the 3.5 DMG has a stipulation of opposing an extra school on entry, but still keeping access to spells he knew from that opposed school before entry (including the ability to cast them).  The 3.0 Magic of Faerun version of the Ix had a similar clause under School Specialization.

Part B
-Does this opposition apply to characters who aren't Wizards?  For example, what happens to a Sorcerer6/Ix1 who opposes Enchantment at Ix1?  Can he still cast Enchantment spells he knows?

Part C
-What happens to multiclassed casters?  For example, if a Druid/Wizard enters Incantatrix then opposes Evocation, does this opposition apply to his Druid and Wizard spells?  Can a Druid/Wizard/Ix make the effect of Focused Studies apply only to his Druid spells?  If a Sorcerer/Wizard/Ultimate Magus/Incantatrix opposes a school at Ix1, then what?

Focused Studies (Ex):
At 1st level, the incantatrix gives up a school of magic so as to focus more on the remaining schools. She must choose a school of magic other than abjuration or divination as a prohibited school. This prohibited school is in addition to any others already chosen due to school specialization. Thus, a specialized wizard taking this prestige class has three prohibited schools instead of two.

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Re: Incantatrix (Player's Guide to Faerun) and Multiclassed Casters
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I've pretty much always seen it ran like the 3.0 version. For Part B, I'd say yes. For Part C, I think it only applies to the class you're advancing with Incantatrix, but I could see some mean DMs enforcing it to your other classes, also. I don't think anyone would let you apply the restriction to your druid levels if you were a wizard/druid. :p
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