Author Topic: Fun Finds Thread: Crowdsource Edition!  (Read 573 times)

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Fun Finds Thread: Crowdsource Edition!
« on: June 30, 2017, 09:36:11 PM »
I know at least one person here has been doing something with the fun finds content and I had an idea on the discord to help compile and format the info more easily. I'm gonna stick a google doc spreadsheet here that anyone can edit, and anyone can compile into bbcode format with this converter to post here or on their favorite backup board.

EditionSource (Page)TypeNameBenefit
3.5Champions of RuinSpellArrowsplitEach arrow becomes 1d4+1 arrows

Anyone can update the sheet. Anyone can compile the update into bbcode.

Please SEARCH the sheet before adding an entry!

Please SORT your entries into the table!

Google Sheet

If you have concerns about vandalism, I suggest making a mirror of this google sheet that isn't shared, so if the sheet goes horribly wrong it can be copied over with minimal effort.

I'm slowly adding the current archive in the same order it was copied over in by SorO. I'll go over it for sorting later.
Extended Sig Index

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Re: Fun Finds Thread: Crowdsource Edition!
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2017, 05:49:04 PM »
Both are missing the Mercantile Background feat mentioned here:

Dragon 315 has a number of magic items from Sigil/the Outlands that are interesting. Range from eh to interesting, some of which follow:

Spireshard (+3 equiv): A creature dealt damage by this weapon must make a DC 19 will save or be unable to cast spells or use SLAs for 1d4 rounds. A creature cannot be affected by this property if they are already under the effect (ie: you can't extend the duration until after they get their abilities back).

Wrecker  (+1 equiv, bludgeoning only): This weapon ignores hardness.

Stealer (+1 equiv): +4 bonus on opposed checks to disarm an opponent, item disarmed 'sticks' to the striking surface of the Stealer weapon, can be moved to an open hand or dropped as a free action.


Companion Guard Style (Regional, Gray Elf only): You can finesse the Longsword and/or the Longspear. You gain +2 to checks to confirm crits with any bow.

Greyhawk Method (Regional, Wizard): You add four new spells to your spellbook when you level up instead of 2. If you are a specialist, two of the new spells must be from your specialization school. You also add a bunch of things that should really already be wizard bonus feats to the wizard bonus feat list.

Lore of Ur-Flan (Regional): Add +2 to the save DCs of all necromancy spells you cast with the [Evil] descriptor. Stacks with other boosts.

Hardy Soul (Ancestor ): You gain +3 hit points. When you are dying you have a 25% chance to stabilize. Additionally, you are immune to death from massive damage.

Mercantile Background (Ancestor): You get an extra 300 gp at first level to spend on starting equipment. When you sell items (such as weapons or magic items), you get 75% of their value, not 50%. Additionally, once per month you may purchase any single item for 75% of the cost.

(Seems like a good way to get specific magic items if your DM is an asshat about magic item availability).