Author Topic: Incursion, a D&D 3.5-inspired Roguelike, Optimization Thread!  (Read 398 times)

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Greetings, all!

Here is the MinMaxBoards thread on Incursion, a spiffy D&D 3.5-inspired Roguelike.  I've been thoroughly enjoying this game and experimenting with its mechanics, but haven't beaten it yet.  (The farthest I got was character level 6 on an Orc Priest of Asherath with the War, Knowledge, and Strength domains before the game got stuck in a crash loop.)

So far, Drow and Orcs have been my favorite race.  Drow get innate spell-like abiliites of Faerie Fire (at character level 1), Globe of Shadow (L2), and Levitate (L3) and their Priests get exclusive access to the summon-heavy Spider domain.  Orcs just get +4 STR and +2 WIS for simple, effective face smashing.  CoDzilla is still in effect.  I prefer the simplicity of Clericzilla, but Druidzilla may be better.  As of this writing, I haven't played enough with it to fairly comment.

Interestingly, races without Darkvision (Humans!  Halflings!  Lizardfolk!  Possibly Elves who aren't Drow!) need light sources like torches to function properly and just can't do stealth well.  Speaking of which, stealth matters.  A lot.  Unless you're super tanky and don't need to sneak.


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