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The Dead Walk [Discipline]
« on: July 10, 2017, 08:01:50 AM »
The Dead Walk
The Dead Walk is a rather unusual martial discipline, born as it is out of the desires of necromancers to infuse their superior undead warriors with the ability to summon and command undead themselves, thus removing some of the burden of command from the necromancers. Perhaps more importantly, users of the discipline also removed themselves from danger, letting the undead they summoned and commanded stand in the way of whatever foe presented itself. Born upon the training grounds of Marleath, its existence was quickly suppressed, and is now a guarded secret known only to the Prophesied Doom, bodyguards of Ve Angau. But now, as that lich turns his dark desires towards the surface world, knowledge of the discipline may once more rise amongst the dread warriors who would lead the assault on the bright lands of Arhosa.

Discipline Access
As a closely held secret, it is unknown who holds the knowledge to learn and use The Dead Walk's maneuvers. But interested parties have been able to recreate a few of its basic aspects, using the Martial Study and Martial Stance feats.

Skill: Knowledge (Religion)
Favoured Weapons: Crushing Maul, Razor Gauntlet, Shredding Blade, Thunder Club, Vulture Blade

General Rules
Maneuvers for The Dead Walk are all supernatural in nature, due to their connection with undeath and the sources of power necromancers draw upon. Any undead born through these maneuvers are considered summoned undead. As a result, when they die (being unsummoned is not dying) they only trigger effects tied to the creature in question or to The Dead Walk maneuvers. In addition, when summoned, the undead receives a bonus on its attack rolls and additional hit points equal to your initiator level minus the maneuver level.

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Level 1 Maneuvers
  • Charge of Bones - Skeleton charges chosen foe
  • Energy Infusion - Undead gains elemental subtype
  • Iron Fist of Command - Undead servitors gain boosts
  • Sacrificial Minion - Swap position with undead creature
Level 2 Maneuvers
  • Desiccator's Breath - Undead gain cone of 1d8 damage and fatigue
  • Rotten Flesh - Summons trogolodyte zombie
  • Vengeful Victim - Rainment grapples chosen foe
Level 3 Maneuvers
  • Discipline The Lost - Undead creatures generate attacks of opportunity
  • Music of Life - Summon spectral lyricist
  • Provident Command - Chosen undead moves up to its speed
Level 4 Maneuvers
  • Carnex Bomb - Summon necrosis carnex, which then explodes
  • Distracting Burst - Undead explodes, dazing nearby enemies
  • Hematic Cloud - Undead swarm surrounds creature
Level 5 Maneuvers
  • Savaging Claws - Summoned undead gain larger natural attacks, improved critical
  • Skeleton Legion - Squad of skeletons appears around target
Level 6 Maneuvers
  • Life Drains Away - Summon slaughter wight
  • Swelling Corpse - Controlled undead increase in size
  • Unholy Perseverance - While controlling undead cannot be reduced below 1 hit point
Level 7 Maneuvers
  • Death Begets Death - Summoned a second undead
  • Thief of Eyes - Summon vitreous drinker
Level 8 Maneuvers
  • Dark of Night - Summon nightwing
  • Necrotic Frenzy - Undead gain extra standard action
Level 9 Maneuvers
  • Death Comes - Boneyard and Entropic Reaper attack creature
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