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(Pathfinder) Aegis and Graft Armor


Graft Armor power


My question is this: If I were to use Graft Armor to meld (say, leather armor) to my body, then use the Astral Armor or Astral Juggernaut suits, would I still be able to benefit from any special properties of the leather armor?

TC X0 Lt 0X:
From the reading of the power, it sounds like all it is is Mithril Armor the spell. It still is clearly armor equipped to you occupying your body slot which you can't unequip. I dont know how the Aegis' Astral suits exactly work when used while you already have armor equipped (I imagine it supersedes it), but I imagine this would follow the same rules.

keeping bonuses from both armors make sense to me in a realistic way. although you should check if the Armor bonus from these armors stack. I would rule that as a yes


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