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Thought Experiment: Character Builds

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So, while recovering from a broken back and being on Percocet, character ideas flow into the noggin.

This idea came to me while watching a friend play Telltale Games: Game of Thrones.

Rogue/Ranger: 17/3 or 15/5?

Rogue would be either Scout or Assassin. Ranger would be Gloom Stalker.

17/3 gives me more sneak attack Damage.

15/5 gives me a second attack.

So, I ask the posters here, which route do YOU prefer and why?


I mean, I can't remember much about the ranger, but surely if damage is all you care about, then go for the second attack? two attacks, each with ~8 dice of sneak attack, is surely better than one with 9. You get a ability score increase either way (16/4 would get two, but no extra attack, and would miss the 17th level ability).

The 17th level ability would be good, but not game changing. I haven't read scout, but the Assassin's death attack is a little boring. The double damage might make up for having only one attack, even if it is only 1/combat or less.

But overall, I think rogue 15/ranger 5 is better dps than the alternative. I kinda like the second level spells you get from that. A consolation prize, maybe.

It’s not just about damage. I’m lookin at other people’s opinions. It can be from a utility, overall effectiveness, or combat.

Side note: you can only apply sneak attack ONCE on your turn (not including reaction attacks)

Wait really? Huh. Need to check over the rules then.

There's not much to pick between the two builds. Your first level should be rogue, because that gets you one more skill, I think (I like skills). Second level spells are nice. The extra attack is probably still worth more damage than 1d6 sneak attack (especially if it helps avoid losing you sneak attacks due to regular misses).

I don't think your utility changes much. I am vaguely interested by 16/4 for the extra ability increase, since feats are cool. I might even do that over 17/3. Not sure.

16/4? Nice toss in.

I tend to think the second attack is beneficial because it gives you a second opportunity to apply your Sneak Attack Damage in case you miss the first one. Additionally, if you have Hunter’s Mark with a short sword, that gives you the damage you would miss from SA.

From utility/combat point of view, you do get second level spells.

What are your thoughts on going Scout over Assassin?


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