Author Topic: Archer Investigator Optimization  (Read 586 times)

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Archer Investigator Optimization
« on: November 27, 2017, 10:56:13 AM »
I'm currently playing an Investigator in a Pathfinder game and think I've already gone sub-optimal in my build, so I'm trying to rectify that. We have three front-line fighters (A Bloodrager, a Druid, and an Inquisitor), so I went with a ranged build, focusing on debuffing and archery. There are a few homebrew things going on in this campaign. First, Combat Expertise, Power Attack, and Deadly Aim are all gone as feats. They are simple combat options for anyone with a BAB of +1 of higher. Weapon Finesse is gone as a feat, anyone can simply replace Dex for attacks with "Finesse Weapons". A bunch of the "Improved" feats have been combined into "Powerful Maneuvers" and "Graceful Maneuvers", so there's no "Improved Bull Rush", "Improved Overrun", et cetera. Point Blank Shot is gone, Precise Shot stands in for it as the pre-requisite. Flurry and Greater Flurry are feats that anyone can take, which gives them more attacks per round similar to the Monk ability. Anyway, if you see anything that you don't understand, it's probably homebrew. All Pathfinder books are allowed, but no 3.5 stuff unless I can convince him. Here's the build so far:

Gold Elf
S12 D17 C10 I20 W15 Ch7
Character Options - Bonded Questioner (Bardic Magic in place of Alchemy, Familiar instead of Poison Use)

1      Investigator      +0                   Improved Initiative   
2      Investigator      +1         
3      Investigator      +2                Graceful Combat (Elven Weapons)      Comabt Trick: Weapon Group Focus (Elven Weapons) (Retrain)
4      Investigator      +3         +1 Int     
5      Investigator      +3                Precise Shot                          Quick Study
6      Investigator      +4         
7      Investigator      +5                Ranged Study                          Sickening Offense
8      Investigator      +6/1         +1 Dex     
9      Arcane Archer      +7/2                Flurry   
10      Arcane Archer      +8/3         
11      Arcane Archer      +9/4                Clustered Shots   
12      Arcane Archer      +10/5      +1 Int     
13      Arcane Archer      +11/6/1             Greater Flurry   
14      Arcane Archer      +12/7/2         
15      Arcane Archer      +13/8/3             Rapid Shot   
16      Arcane Archer      +14/9/4      +1 Int     
17      Investigator      +14/9/4             Improved Precise Shot            Combat Trick: Weapon Group Specialization (Elven Weapons)
18      Investigator      +15/10/5         
19      Investigator      +16/11/6/1          Arcane Strike                      Greater Combat Inspiration
20      Investigator      +17/12/7/2