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Pathfinder 2nd Ed Announced

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TC X0 Lt 0X:

From the looks of it, it is going to be a major departure from the 3.x ruleset that Pathfinder has been using. The few details they have given seem interesting, but given the rule changes, it won't be of much value for my group that usually plays 3.P Hybrid games.

Oh god, I'm probably going to end up reviewing it...

I'll be wondering how close to cross compatible it is with 5th edition D&D, myself, given how much overlap in changes there are. And Starfinder compatibility, as well.

I do have to call out the clear money grab, though.  Selling hardcover and paperback books that are ADVERTISED to be incomplete?  You can't possibly "complete" them later!

Well good for them.

Any hints as to who is the maths guy / previous works ?


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