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Pathfinder 2nd Ed Announced

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I predict bad omens all around.

TL;DR: *Ahem*
* Race Changes and Feats / Class Changes (didn't see that one coming!)
* Easier to Play / Simplified Actions / Streamlined Proficiencies / Clean, Modular Information-Based Design (we stole 5th's ideas of simplicity)
* Archetypes and Multiclassing / More Customization / Combat Maneuvers that Rock / 10th-Level Spells and 4 Spell Lists (we joked about the last one, still over inflated as before)
* Alchemists in Core / Rebalanced Magic Items / Innovative Initiative / Classic Monsters and Magic / Golarion-Infused (copypasta buzzwords based on copypasta)
* Goblin Player Characters (marvel at the ingenuity of making goblins playable)
* New Background System / True to Pathfinder (what we mean is PF2 is to 5th what PF was to 3.5)
* Designed for All Levels of Play (thou shall not count to twenty, five tiers and ten subtiers, no more, no less, forty sublevels is right out)
* Production Values... like Support & Pathfinder Society & that guy's name that drew like 50 MtG cards sold as their own buzzwords.
Please buy our unfinished product in August, after the forums give us five months of ideas on what to write that we'll gleam from speculation.
And completely unrelated, please check out our new massive forum dedicated to discussing this!

The GitP thread on PF 2e got locked for arguments. The skill system is apparently very 4e-like, which inspired a lot of vitriol.. Seems like it's got a shorter-than-PF1e list of basic, anybody-can-use skills, and then adds trained-only actions via skill feats. From what I gather, there's an automatic bonus that scales at half-level (increasing on the odd level?), and then proficiency scales from -2 (non-proficient) to +4-ish at high levels? (working from memory)

Anybody heard anything else of interest? I need my fix of info, man.. I'm jonesing here.

The biggest thing for me is that this inspires me to go back to the well and keep working on my own custom system. I'd been debating condensing it into a 5e reskin (akin to PF or early M&M in how it relates to the base system), but I feel like I could easily stand more on my own two feet. I'm seeing a spectrum of changes between PF 2e, 5e, and even 3.5/PF and 4e, where the choices I'm making in how I handle skills, classes, etc fit into the broad ideas of a rules-heavier D&D-style RPG but in (what seems to be?) a unique permutation. Makes me feel better, that my choices feel like a more valid approach for the kind of system I want to play than what's in 5e or PF 2e.

Waitaminute, they are selling a playtest. They even have a special edition! Of a playtest. If this actually works, it is a revelation about how the RPG market works.  :psyduck

A playtest book is guaranteed to be outdated almost immediately (as the rules are changed according to feedback from the playtesters), and they say right on the page that the rules are going to be available for free online.  Almost all of Paizo's rules are available online, so that is normal. The fact that they sell any books at all means that there are enough people who prefer books over tablets at the game table, plus collectors, to make a profit from print.

Up until this point, I thought the people who prefer books over tablets outnumber the collectors. But this run suggests that Paizo knows otherwise. When the rules are updated, the people who prefer books will still need a tablet (or lots of printouts) to play the game: thus, they have no reason to buy it. Which means that Paizo's real moneymakers are the collectors, for whom a $60 collector's edition of a playtest is fine even if the book is effectively useless. They weren't planning to use it anyway.


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