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Beam Barrage
« on: April 17, 2018, 07:19:41 AM »
Beam Barrage

Glowing and shiny, almost magic in nature, beams are a classic weapon among mechas of all sorts, heralding new ages of war and destruction.

Any pilot class may swap one of their schools for Beam Barrage.

Note: When this school refers to using a beam weapon, it means using a weapon with beam on its name.

Maneuver List:

1st level
Blue Beam: Strike- Beam inflicts electricity, fire or cold damage.
Barrier Beam: Counter-Use Beam to stop enemy attack, more effective against other beams.
Bending Beam:Boost-Beam change direction.
Body Beam:Stance–Shoot beams directly from your frame.

2nd level
Beta Beam: Strike-Beam works best as the second attack.
Bubble Beam: Strike-Beam deals bludgeoning damage and entangles.
Burrowing Beams:Boost-Beam goes through obstacles, leaving hole.
Beast Beam:Counter-Retaliate enemy attack with a beam.

3rd level
Blinding Beam:Strike-Beam blinds target and anybody nearby.
Bronze Beams:Stance-Beams hit harder when they're in third place of attack.
Bone Beam: Counter-Fully stop enemey beam attack and disable their beam weapon.
Blaster Beam: Boost- Make beam attack big and brutal.

4th level
Belly Beam: Strike-Fire mighty beam from your frame, synergy with Body Beam
Balance Beam: Counter-Failed beam attack still lowers target's statistics down to your own if better.
Breaker Beam: Boost-Beam fully ignores Hardness and DR, can disarm, bonus for destroying objects.

5th level
Better Beam: Boost-Increase the power of a beam, synergy with Blue Beam, Bubble Beam, Blinding Beam and Belly Beam.
Bureaucracy Beam: Strike-Beam inflicts negative level.
Bouncing Beam: Counter-Either reflect your own beam to re-roll missed attack or reflect enemy beam back at them.

6th level

Bayonet Beam: Boost-Use ranged beam as melee weapon, making it hit harder.
Bad Beam: Strike-Beam can cause nausea, fear and extra damage.
Baron Beam: Stance- Become immune to beams and ignore other's anti-beam measures.

7th level
Betrayal Beam: Counter–Interrupt enemy action with beam attack that also forces them to attack another.
Bass Beam: Strike-Beam deals sonic damage, deafens and dazes.
Big Beam: Boost-Beam becomes even bigger and faster.

8th level
Boss Beam: Stance-Beams consumehalf energy/ammo, add Int mod to Disarming/Downfall/Pushing/Grabbing with beams, can keep fighting at negative HP but only with beams.
Biblical Beam: Strike-Beam can't be countered and bypasses defenses, inflicts penalty to AC and 1d20 rolls.

9th level
Best Beam: Boost-Beam weapon gains extra damage, extra special properties, magic enhancements and incapacitates targets rather than killing.

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Re: Beam Barrage
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And that's all maneuvers done for this one too.