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Monado Classes
« on: April 17, 2018, 07:21:18 AM »
Half-random Thoughts:

I know I said I didn't want to do a "on foot dudes can fight mecha" years ago, but after finishing the first Xenoblade Chronicles recently I feel like doing a bunch of classes based on that. Or maybe one class with multiple paths.

They would have a "Monado Vow" or something where they can never pilot mechas, although they can ride stuff piloted by others for transportation.

The classe(s) would copycat be inspired on Xenoblade Chronicles main members.

Monado ChampionMaster-Dude with energy sword that can extend to absurd ranges, also can throw buffs while hitting enemies. Also agile fighter with some maneuvers/sneak attack, kinda jack of all trades all around.

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Monado Phalanx-Shield heavy armor dude. Super tough, specialized in taking hits meant for other. Can hit hard, but not as agile as Monado Heir.

Monado Medic-SNIPER HEALER! Can shoot people so hard it heals them and leaves them tougher than before. Divine casting with gun synergy.

Monado Ancient-Crippled veteran, worn down after years of fighting mechas but can still kick ass. Less fancy stuff but better at maneuvers.

Monado Mage-Magical girl Arcane caster that can also hit stuff hard with staves, casting elemental spells is rewarded with producing orbs that provide passive bonus to party.

Monado Maid Rebel-Was forced to become a cyborg after most of original body was destroyed by mecha. Probably gets super robot upgrades so basically miniature mecha, but smaller reactor means they can't keep going for long.
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